October 21, 2017: Saturday With Fiver!

Well, well, well.  If it isn’t the angelic Jodelle Ferland, in town shooting a guest spot on a local production.

We met up, went out for a Thai lunch, hit SOMA chocolates for – what else? – chocolates, swung by the apartment so she could say hi to the dogs (both Lulu and Suji are huge fans), visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario to take in the Guillermo del Toro exhibit, went shopping (so she could pick up a Princess Mononoke t-shirt), and had dinner.  It was a Ferland Fest, start to finish, and a great time was had by all.

October 21, 2017: Saturday With Fiver!

Both Akemi and Jodelle tend to nibble their food like squirrels, and sip their Thai iced teas like chipmunks.

October 21, 2017: Saturday With Fiver!October 21, 2017: Saturday With Fiver!October 21, 2017: Saturday With Fiver!

The gals get reacquainted.

October 21, 2017: Saturday With Fiver!

My picture of Jodelle taking a picture.  I wanted Akemi to take a picture of me taking a picture of Jodelle taking a picture, but she was too busy lighting Jodelle’s waffles.

Awww, we missed FIVER.

I like to think that somewhere, in some non syfy-produced alt reality, we’re already prepping Dark Matter’s fourth season.

27 thoughts on “October 21, 2017: Saturday with Fiver!

  1. Looks like it was a great time! I hope in some future production of yours we’ll see Jodelle once again. If it’s in a Dark Matter finish up mini-series, even better!

    Yeah, can we use the blink drive to pop over to that other universe and watch a full S4 and S5?

  2. I loved that girl since I saw her on SG and on Atlantis with David Hewlett. She was special then and still hasn’t lost that “special something “. I wish her much success.

  3. Who ISN’T a fan of Jodelle, really? 🙂 Love the pics, the dogs get cuter all the time. Now can you somehow get me a blink drive so I can go to that alternate universe where dark matter season 4 is prepping, please?!? 😉

  4. Where is a blink drive when you need one? That alt reality is sounding mighty good.

  5. Please dont tease with prepping 4th season. Im gonna miss her playing Five ! Lol. Glad you still get to hang with the Rsza Crew.

  6. ชาเย็น ดีมากฯ Cold iced tea (Thai style) very good. I hope she has the opportunity to make many visits. If I can get back to work maybe I could make a stop as part of a show well wisher. But, that is future stuff. Positive thoughts on her future roles.

  7. Yes, we miss Fiver. But, hopefully we will see her again in another Mallozzi production.

  8. Awww. Look at you being so sweet, thoughtful and attentive!
    Making sure Jodelle had a wonderful full belated bday, even though you’d already been to the del toro exhibit And even remembering to give sweet Lulu love & attention while Jodelle lavished affections on cutie pie Suji.

    De-stressing has definitely been good for you. xo

    Next up – (When you get back from LA)
    Maybe? You and Akemi can plan a fun, romantic,scenic, weekend, road trip
    to somewhere neither of you have ever been.
    Perhaps a small picturesque town or ride along the coast?
    Gosh. I can barely remember the last time you two had a truly romantic
    get away date that didn’t involve family, friends, coworkers or the fur kids.
    Seems the perfect time for it. Before the busy xmas holiday and getting too deeply absorbed into your next work project.

  9. Lifetime friendship deeply forged. I have every confidence you’ll be working together again. I like to think many more times. Glad you had the visit, good for the whole family.

  10. Such cuteness.

    >>I like to think that somewhere, in some non syfy-produced alt reality, we’re already prepping Dark Matter’s fourth season.
    And we are, we just have to find which alt reality it is, how they got their Season 4 and make it happen here, a blink-drive-capable adventure?

  11. She was my favourite in the show! Feels strange to see her without the blue/green hair. And you can’t go wrong with Princess Mononoke!

    What about what Firefly did and make a movie to finish the show off?

  12. Aw looks like a fun time! I wish it was this reality that you were preparing season 4 of DarkMatter for us!

  13. I love her so much! Glad you all had fun. Can’t wait to see her guest role and I hope a role in whatever future endeavors you create!

  14. Well that will be the best think ever, to see not season 4 but 5,6,7,8,9,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we love that show that I don’t think season 4 will be enough, still can not understand how the best sci-fi show and movie producer did not find a solution to continue DARK MATTER. There are so many fans of the show that can pay to watch that show at all cost.so it must be something that we don’t know.all characters on the show are amazing but my favorite are 2 ,5 and android.

    1. I have to agree with you here. I can easily see a season 4 through 8, depending on where they want to take the Raza. If they take it into the far future…cough cough…future Five…cough cough…future Android…I see some very interesting sci-fi coming from that. Untread ground too.

  15. I don’t think there’s a better day than a Fiver day! She literally has the pups eating out of her hand. Fun free for all!!

  16. What happened to the green hair? It was awesome to see someone on TV who liked to dye their hair crazy colours too.

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