October 20, 2017: Timbit, Letters, And Answers!

Our little Timbit!

I’ve spent the past couple of days working on my pitch for the Masked series, reading, and going through the scores of letters Dark Matter fans have sent in.  Another 15 were added to the dropbox yesterday, bringing the grand total to close to 300!

Tomorrow, it’s a mini Dark Matter reunion as Akemi and I get together with Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) who is in town shooting.  It’ll be nice to see my favorite little geek again.

Hey, here are the answers to yesterday’s lyrical Akemi-isms:

I know it’s up for me
He’s still my essential!
Making sure I’m not in too deep
He’s still my essential!

Steal My Sunshine – Len


Sweet home Obama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet home Obama
Lord, I’m coming home to you

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd


Oh, are you ready girls?
Oh, are you ready now?
Ooh, yeah
Teach mahaha Give it a start
Ooh, yeah, baby Ooh, yeah
Teach mahaha Hope it never stops
Ooh, yeah, baby

Kickstart My Heart – Motley Crue


All my colors I’ve lost
In your eyes, Johnny’s bike
Save your light of this moment
Sunrise, bike, Johnny’s bike

Chinese Black – The Neon Judgement


Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’
Stay on the line, stay on the line
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stay on the line, stay on the line
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stay on the line

Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees


You’re so thin (two minutes later)
You’re so thin
You’re so thin (got your picture)
You’re so thin
Wider, baby, smile and you’ve just made a million
Fuses pumping

Girls on Film – Duran Duran


How’d you do?

17 thoughts on “October 20, 2017: Timbit, Letters, and Answers!

  1. Thanks for straighten that out for the reader. I don’t think it helped me that much. Non of the song were “Tom Sawyer” or YYZ home grown Rush. (I was at their last Toronto concert.) I did recognize Lynyrd Skynyrd. Good Luck with Jodelle’s visit. The only local Tim Horton’s near me is a new store on the second floor at the Mall of America. Such a line there I usually head over to the DQ and get a small blizzard. It’s a quarter mile walk to the Megamall.

  2. Jodelle may try to pitch some ways to get Season 4 and Season 5 off the ground. I have a feeling something is brewing. The fans want it. The actors want it. The supporting crew wants it. You want it. There’s something magical about this series and everyone can feel it!

  3. Speaking of Obama, he would have beaten Trump had the system allowed for more than two terms in office. What could have been.

  4. Nope, I’m with Akemi. I think she’s got the lyrics spot on, especially the Duran Duran song!

    A Jodelle visit – isn’t it her Birthday round about now? Another Libran in the Dark Matter family! 😁

    All those letters, not surprisingly! How ARE you guys gonna sort out who gets what?! And the cost of postage … !!
    It’s such a generous gift to your Dark Matter fans! Truly amazing!

  5. I’ve been following Suji on Instagram and the pictures are adorable. Thanks for the smiles!

    Thanks for posting the original songs. I didn’t have a clue, except for “Sweet Home Alabama”.

    Here’s a link to Bad Moon Rising by CCR. This song is notorious for misunderstood lyrics. I’m wondering what Akemi could do to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BmEGm-mraE Let’s see if she hears “There’s a bathroom on the right”. Curious minds want to know. 😉

    Say Hi to Jodelle for us please! I suspect there’s chocolate involved.

  6. This would make a terrific game show.

    Awwww! Suji is sweet as can be. I now know what Timbits are, so here is an excited little off topic ramble: We finally visited a Tim Hortons in Sidney before headed to the airport. Marvelous. I was well off my eating plan so the bacon grilled cheese sandwich and a Canadian maple were the natural choices. Holy Cats that was yummy! And everyone was so damn cheerful and smiling that MY cheeks hurt. I never go to donut chains in the US, but this was a notch above. Serious Coffee though, that was a strange and interesting pit stop. Old books and local art, and grumpy but nice proprietors. I rather liked both places for very different reasons.

  7. Hey, i just watched that new SyFy show “Superstition” …….
    They had space to put that crap in their schedule and kicked
    Dark Matter out ??? What a bunch of …… (put your own word).
    F*$% SyFy once again.

    I wanted to comment on your post but i’m so pissed off …….

  8. Well, at least I guessed 2 of them correct. Never heard of Len or The Neon Judgement and didn’t hear enough of Duran Duran or Motley Crue on the radio in earlier years to memorize any of their song lyrics.

    Hey, how’s Lulu doing?

    Have fun at lunch tomorrow with Jodelle. 🙂

  9. Only got Sweet Home Alabama. Never heard of Steal My Sunshine, Kickstart My Heart, or Chinese Black (maybe my age is showing). I can see Stayin Alive, but how on earth did she get You’re So Thin out of Girls on Film??

  10. I got the “In Your Eyes” one wrong. And I never heard that first song.

    John — We may need to do a kickstarter for something that DarkMatterFTL wants to do. BTW, the one that current on there is not related to the group in any way. But we don’t have all the details ironed out yet.

    The timbits sound delicious. We don’t have any in Texas.

    Hope you had fun with Jodelle — I’m about to find out as I go to the next blog.

  11. My true redneck shows through….Sweet Home Alabama was the only song I knew. Love me some Lynyrd! And I love Duran Duran but didn’t recognize those lyrics ☹️. Guess I’m more of a “Oceans standing still” kinda girl.

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