Yes, from today until November 17ish, we’re celebrating my birthday – as is the custom.  I kicked things off this morning by hopping on twitter and personally thanking everyone who sent me birthday wishes.  About thirty minutes in, Akemi suggested I might be better off simply liking everyone’s efforts otherwise I’d be spending the better part of my birthday online.  So, I’ve tried my best to acknowledge everyone but, just in case, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday here, on twitter, Facebook, reddit, and China’s weibo.

Hey, it feels like just yesterday I was talking about the various projects I’m considering and now I’ve heard word that there will be an announcement on one of those projects tomorrow.  And it’s one that might be familiar to longtime followers of this blog (and before I set off an internet frenzy, no it isn’t Stargate or Dark Matter-related).  Anyway, it’s in the early stages, but I’m very excited about it – partly because of the source material, and partly because it will see me working again with some old friends.

I’m off to read more Dark Matter fan letters.  I leave you with a few more items up for grabs…

After Dark mugs.

Dark Matter backpacks.



And hoodies!


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Happy birthday Joe, hope it was a great day 🎂


Excited that you are excited! Looking forward to the announcement tomorrow.

Happy Birthday celebration! Have a great month. Last year was the year of the 5-0, this year was a little more lackluster. The 5-1 does not pack as much punch.


I’m very excited to hear about what that new project is! I hope it turns out.

I would love one of those posters for the home theater room I’m setting up downstairs! It all looks great though.

Your birthday eclair looks delicious. I hope today was the best birthday ever!


Happy Birthday Joe!! …and many, many more!

Susie Gaskins

Happy birthday Joe. I hope you’ve enjoyed your special day.


Oooh I can’t wait to read what the announcement is tomorrow!

And a great big Happy Birthday to you!!

baterista9 AKA gildermcc
baterista9 AKA gildermcc

¡Besitos! for your birthday.

Line Noise
Line Noise

Student Bodies: The 20 Year Reunion! I can’t wait! smile :troll:



Jon Hrubesch

I know I already said it on Twitter but Happy Birthday! I’m glad to hear that you’re receiving some positive news on one of your projects. I hope you’re able to elaborate on a future post. I, for one, will be looking forward to hearing more about it.


Happy Birthday, Joe!


It’d be so omfg worthy if the mystery announcement was Echoes. That was so long ago so it can’t be that surely.

Happy Birthday ~



And happy birthday MONTH!
But what in the world do you give someone who’s given us darn near Everything, everyday, for 9 years (that I’ve been around)??? Except for the keys to the Audi, maybe. 😁 And you’re about to give us MORE in Dark Matter and Raza Crew swag.

I guess a HUGE Thank You!!! and continued Twitter barrage for future projects will have to do. Thank you for not only including us in your blog family and TV family, but also real life family. For the friendships we have built with each other outside the blog. Truely, if I traveled in a half dozen U.S. states, a couple places in Canada, or even Australia, I would have friends to visit or could call if I needed to.

You did that for us! Love ya, Joe! Wishing you and Akemi, Lulu and Suji, and Mama and Andria great good health and every happiness.


Shane Calhoun
Shane Calhoun

If there one thing you’re good at specially with this blog is keeping us in suspense can’t wait to hear what this new project is hoping is something sci-fi btw happy birthday.


Enjoy your ‘Birthday Month’ Joe.

Wickedly cool Dark Matter merchandise 👍

>>>Anyway, it’s in the early stages, but I’m very excited about it – partly because of the source material…..

I remember this blog entry –

‘P.S. I really enjoyed the Judge Dredd movie. No, not the crap version starring Sylvester Stallone. I’m talking about Dredd, the version starring Karl Urban.

P.P.S. Why hasn’t anyone developed a Judge Dredd t.v. series? Hmmmmm. ‘

Mmm…there seems to be more articles recently discussing the developments of Judge Dredd : Mega City One

Mart Aeonian

Enjoy your birthday month!


Happy birthday Joe. Sounds like you have had a great start to your month of celebrating.


happy birthday smile

Sergio Gordillo Bellido

Happy birthday Joseph!!!! My letter is in the way to Canada from Spain smile hope you like it!!!


Happy belated birthday, Joe!

Looking forward to hearing about the new project.


Have a great birthday and many more!

Judy Arsenault
Judy Arsenault

You are actually reading them all…i’m amazed that you would do this. So you most likely already read mine since I sent it as soon as it was advertised. But being no doubt hundreds of letters, it’s probably lost in the deepest part of your memory vault. Oh well…sighing…I wrote as honestly as I could about why I love #DarkMatter. But I forgot to add one thing…my admiration/respect for you keeps growing. Thank you for all that you have done & keep doing.

Seriously Mike

Do tell. Mine seems hopelessly lost since either the Canadian Post is weird, or someone in the local postal service is a massive roaring asshole.


Happy birthday to you and to me on the eighteen


OMG. I must have a hoodie.

I’m glad to hear you have some good news about working. And I’ve already said Happy Birthday and you already said thanks, so I’m going to move on to the next post.

Richard Cullen

Hope you had a cracking day.


Happy b-day man. Mine’s this month as well. Best present would be some alternate universe in which Dark Matter would continue, but will just have to settle for some good feels (and some kickass chicken wings next weekend.) Hope you have a good one.