A little R&R – specifically “Rest” and “Reading”.  Last night, I finished Dennis Lehane’s “Gone, Baby Gone”, staying up until a little past one a.m. to blaze through the book’s final 250 pages.  A terrific read.  One of my favorites of 2017 which, at 170 titles and counting, is turning into a banner reading year for me.

And I’m putting all of this reading to good use by partnering with some production companies in a bid to secure the film & television rights to a few of the books I’ve enjoyed.  We’re in the early stages now, but we’re circling a good dozen titles that I believe have great series/miniseries potential.

In addition, I’m in early discussions to help develop another sci-fi series.  Ideally, I’d prefer to pitch and set up my original ideas, but this one, despite not being my own, is a great premise with the potential for some standout character dynamics – something I value above all else.  Just as importantly, I really like the series creator and the other people involved in this project, so I’m making this one a priority.

Also at the top of the list is a project that will see me reunite with an old friend.  This one’s in early development but you’ll be hearing about it in the coming days when the press release comes out.

I’ve already had preliminary discussions about a couple of intriguing comic book properties and, in two weeks, I’ll be in L.A. meeting and greeting.  Hopefully, these meetings will be the first step in going out with my own pilots (I’m sitting on five in all).

Although it sounds like a lot, the reality is, in this business, you need to have a good dozen things on the go in the hopes that one, maybe, will hit.  Such was the case a little over three years ago when, following numerous starts and stops and seeming dead-ends, it appeared one of my pilots was dead while the other was as good as green lit.  Then, in the course of 24 hours, everything changed and that as-good-as-green-lit pilot was dead while that dead pilot…well, that dead pilot was Dark Matter.  So, you never know…



25 thoughts on “October 15, 2017: Next up…

  1. Brutal industry. Good thing you have the resilience, chops and emotional savvy to survive it and keep creating. Good thing for us as we benefit so greatly from your work ethic, taste and eye for what works. You can go on my list of “who would you like at a dinner party, pick 12 currently living individuals”. I had a slot since Brian Aldriss died.

  2. Congratulations, Mr. Mallozzi, I’m so glad to see things are working out for you, and very excited to hear about your new series and upcoming films. I hope you’ll include my favourite actor Ben Browder in at least one of your projects! I have a question, if it’s alright: have you considered a novel (instead of a comic) to conclude Dark Matter? Or even a series of follow up novels? When Star Trek Enterprise was prematurely cancelled, they went on to write multiple novels continuing the story that was planned for seasons 5 and 6. They’re still at it, actually. As a fellow writer I can see how you could tell the story you wanted in full this way. And who knows, if the books sold well (and they would) perhaps you might end up with the novel (or novels) being filmed. Just an idea. Take care and I wish you much success.

  3. If you have some spare time Joe, please try to watch an episode of The Orville on FOX. With reboots and nostalgia kicking into high gear recently with the TV and movie industry, it’d be nice to see you create a new sci-fi show that incorporates a lot of the elements that older sci-fi shows used to have.

    Perfect example of this is how The Orville has a 60-second catchy opening theme song, how they use fade-ins and fade-outs for commercial breaks, how they display the episode titles on-screen at the beginning of the episodes themselves — you know, what you used to do back in the days of SG1 and SGA.

    I know you said you didn’t do these things in SGU or Dark Matter because you were going for a more modern sci-fi template, but Seth MacFarlane has managed to captivate us older fans of the genre by bringing back a ton of nostalgic elements in The Orville. In fact, a majority of Star Trek fans actually prefer Orville over the new Star Trek Discovery series, just because of these things. While you’d think these features are relatively minor, having something as simple and memorable as an opening theme song, for example, goes a long way towards setting the mood and tone of the show itself, getting people excited to watch the episode, and also to remember the show as the months and years pass by. Catchy jingles get stuck in your head very easily.

    All these years later, I still remember SG1 and SGA’s theme songs, because of how good they were. Just one of the many things that a lot of current sci-fi is missing out on, but that Seth got right with The Orville.

    1. I don’t want to give spoilers, so I’ll try keeping this vague. How did you like that joke they played on the ships synthetic crew member? That was a 😆 moment for me.

      1. I’m speaking of the Orville, btw. My brain is all over the place this morning. 😉

      2. It was brilliant and I loved it. I wasn’t a fan of how he got back at Malloy for it though. Still, it’s much better than Star Trek Discovery, which 2 days ago started throwing out the ‘F’ word during its 5th episode to get away from its family-friendly Trek legacy.

  4. Good luck with the pitching. At least you have a more promising run than a Chicago pitcher.

  5. Joe I think you may have read one or two of the author David Weber Honor Harrington Series . but it has been looked at for a movie but fell through do to the oil price collapse. David I believe has the rights back you might check it out.


    Look under W for weber and you can find the link to his site there as well.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  6. Would really like to read after they copy rights the summary of each potential ones and tell wich ones I think I would really want to see ..if possible.And good to see you are still active in projects

  7. Happy Birthday, Joe and may this year be another fab one for you. It sounds like it’s going to be with all these awesome projects having potential.
    As always, I look forward to hearing more 👍

  8. Happy Birthday Joe 🎂
    Hope you have a brilliant day!

    Keep those fingers in all those pies and we’ll keep our crossed! 😁

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Thanks for the book recommendations too. I finished series by Jack Campbell’s (aka John Hemry), “The Lost Stars”. Now I’m switching genres and reading John Balducci’s “Amos Decker” series.

    Is Akemi going to L. A. with you?

  10. Oh, ’tis your Birthday? Well good luck and happy wishes! I did just mail a letter to Jay, and hope it gets to the office in time. It took a bit longer than what I a lotted my self but it was a good exercise. I just wish I could have gone in depth. I am sure others had and offer you some interesting high light.

  11. Aren’t you the industrial little beaver, chewing your way through novels, scripts, and new projects? Looking forward to whatever project you are involved in! Even in your downtime, you are the busiest person I know.

  12. Best of luck with all this. I have a good feeling that something will happen for you. You deserve it. Wish that something would be a wrap up of Dark Matter but where you go I follow.

  13. I love your blog! Wish I had found it sooner! Glad Dark Matter brought me to it!!! Anyway, do you keep your book list posted. I’m always looking for a great read and I’d like to know your picks! What’s 2017 got to offer from your perspective? And what are some of your favorites over the years? Thank you!
    Oh, and I’m excited to see anything you put out. Wishing you all good things and a Dark Matter continuation!!!!!!

  14. @Scott – I agree on Orville, I’m enjoying it immensely. About a Girl, Command Performance and If The Stars Should Appear had lovely twists and moral dilemmas that I hadn’t expected. Ghosted and People of Earth are my other current faves.

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