Back in Toronto – but our return trip was not without incident.  Given the fact that we were traveling with two small dogs, you’d figure I might encounter a problem going through security, maybe on the flight, possibly even at baggage claim – but Lulu and Suji were incredibly well-behaved.  They sat snuggled down in their little sherpa carriers for much of the journey, solely poking their heads out once we’d exited the airport.  Exhausted but really relieved, Akemi and I walked over to the taxi stand to grab a cab for for the ten minutes ride home, but there were none to be had.  Oh, there were cabs there – plenty, all lined up – but none would take us because of the dogs.

October 11, 2017: No Love For The Dogs From Toronto Taxis!

October 11, 2017: No Love For The Dogs From Toronto Taxis!

Beck Taxi, Co-Op Cabs, and several others flat out refused even though the dogs were in their carrier – and it was raining.

October 11, 2017: No Love For The Dogs From Toronto Taxis!

Suji and Lulu exchange WTF? looks.

Hey, I get it.  There’s no law requiring taxis to transport dogs.

Alternately, there’s no rule requiring me to ever take another taxi in Toronto.

October 11, 2017: No Love For The Dogs From Toronto Taxis!

27 thoughts on “October 11, 2017: No love for the dogs from Toronto taxis!

  1. Small dogs in crates do not lead to problems….you’re responsible pet owners making sure that there won’t be problems. Probably no reason given right…

  2. And the taxi companies wonder why Uber is so successful.

    Uber is a vile company that exploits its employees and drivers but it provides a level of customer service that blows taxi companies out of the water.

  3. Sorry to here that, but I know Lyft has instructed their drivers that they cannot refuse a client due to their dogs. Well next time.

  4. Geez. I would expound on the evils of bureaucratic taxi oversight boards ignoring customer service, but the success Uber makes my point.

    I hope your eventual ride home was smooth sailing…and a belated Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hello Joseph! We LOVE Dark Matter! It’s SOOOO creative and beautifully executed. We love the characters, the character development, the human issues and challenges we all face. What a great reflection on humanity. Excellent special effects too! The dialog, especially in session 3, is captivating. Please add our names to the chorus of voices wishing to see Season 4!

    Apologies for not posting in the right place. Send a link.

    Doug, Janet and Adam Krueger

  6. I’ve always wondered what a WTF moment between dogs looked like…thank you! They are so precious! #%<k the taxis! We used Uber the last time we celebrated a bday in Memphis. It was the way to go. Fast, efficient and courteous.

    Have a good rest of the week! Happy Wexler Wednesday!!

  7. I was just thinking. In a earlier post the idea of a comic continuation was mentioned. But what about animation?

    Surely a kickstarter could be made to help finance a animated season 4 and 5, with the original cast as reprising their roles as the voices of the characters.

    And if that fails, why not a comic but shown as a video with the actors speaking their parts (still image comic video, not sure what to call it).

  8. Well if Toronto had a large Somali population like we have in the Twin Cities,I could understand. They being mostly Muslim and a good chunk of the airport cab drivers, they caused a fuss with their license and the controlling authority not to mention if you were a woman traveling alone, or had a bottle with alcohol.

  9. Well I never took a taxi when in YYZ, I took the train from the airport. Quite slick, easy and relaxing. Guess that was not an option.

  10. Yeah, like Debra said. Don’t they know Lulu and Suji are famous? Just being pricks for the sake of it.

    I would have picked you up, but 500 miles one way at the last minute would have been a challenge.

  11. They also make it hard to get Uber at the airport. Some councillors are firmly in bed with the cabs owners or they are owners… corrupt

  12. Well, that was completely uncalled for. Did they think that you were going to let the dogs out of their carriers and attack them? Were they afraid of some mutant dog germ being spread by taxi if they were to allow them into their cabs? My God, the horror!!!
    You are correct. Uber.
    Stupid A** taxi drivers.

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