Hey!  Check out the birthday boy Anthony Lemke with not one but TWO birthday poudings de chomeur!  Perfectly appropriate given that we met for brunch in Old Montreal.

If Akemi and I get one of the places we’ll be checking out Monday, we’ll be a mere ten minute drive away from Anthony’s place.  I couldn’t imagine a better dog sitter for Suji and Lulu while we’re away traveling.  He acts, he debates, he expresses bladders, he drains anal glands.  He does it all!

Anthony looks forward to his birthday gifts – biscottis from mom, and ghost peppers and carolina reapers from sis’s garden.

This morning, Akemi was at it again, this time drawing the assist on mom’s Friendship Cake.

Akemi covets sis’s pitbull shoes.

Sis enjoys the capunti e ceci.

Some of the colorful culinary creations we enjoyed last night at Restaurant Damas, Montreal’s premiere Syrian restaurant.

This angelic-looking treasure has actually been a little terror on this visit, bossing the other dogs around and just being all around pain in the ass (at times, quite literally, as she’s taken to nipping some dog butts as well).  Beware!

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For sure Anthony won’t mind dog sitting and expressing glands. Happy Birthday to him!

I never noticed before how much Andria looks like your mom. 😊


Hot peppers, I’ll give them a wide berth!

Your Mom’s friendship cake and biscottis – count me in, please 👍


How can something so cute be a terror? Lol

Happy birthday Anthony!!


I couldn’t imagine a better dog sitter for Suji and Lulu while we’re away traveling. He acts, he debates, he expresses bladders, he drains anal glands. He does it all!

Hmmmmm…. Maybe best wait to see if he survives after eating that bag of Andria’s peppers before making any purchase decisions, eh? grin grin grin


Happy BIrthday Anthony.

Andria looks great!

Yeah, if Anthony expresses anal glands that is one service I don’t offer. I would do it if I knew how, but don’t have that knowledge.

Suji has such a double life. Looks so angelic, but underneath that — WATCH OUT. LOL.


So cool you met up with Anthony! I hope you guys discussed the whole Lemke/Esmer buddy cop show!

I refuse to believe Suji is being a terror. She looks like an angel in that pic!


Hope you are enjoying all your food adventures! Last night’s dinner looks…interesting. Is that Akemi wearing your sister’s shoes? Does your sister know to hide her shoes when she’s not wearing them?

Enjoying the pics! Keep posting. I’m in Nashville today. Mexican for dinner at “Cinco’s”. Some of the best salsa I’ve ever had. Lots of garlic, which I can handle! Baby shower tomorrow then a drive home through Tropical Storm Nate. Crazy weather!

Margaret Clayton

Happy Birthday to Anthony!

Suji, She who must be obeyed!


Happy birthday Three!!!!

Suji? Biting butts?? Nawwww. Surely you are mistaken. Look at that face!


Also wanted to say it is the 4-year anniversary since cherluvya ‘s passing. I miss her. She would have adored seeing Patrick Gilmore on Travelers. I guess she probably can, but we can talk about it.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Do you remember the art she used to post using : ; ) and stuff? She was talented. We’ve lost some good people. sad (Smilies and frowns are my limit)

John S
John S

October is a good month for birthdays. Mine is today! grin


Happy Birthday John S! Mine was yesterday.
October babies RULE! xo

Seriously Mike

That they do, mine was on Tuesday.


Happy birthday Anthony!
What is that purple dish? It looks weird and delicious.
Suji is the queen, and she’s taking this opportunity to ensure everyone knows it. Grr! 🐶

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Are you sure Suji’s not part sheep dog? Sounds like she’s trying to herd them. Or she’s “Queen of ALL she surveys”? How do the other dogs respond to this?

Friendship cake? Is that the one with pineapple in it? Oh my, I would love to be at your mom’s dinner table!

Very glad you’re having fun! How did the hot, hot peppers turn out?