Once a show wraps, the production usually holds an industry sale that allows them to recoup some costs and clear the stages.  In our case, I thought it would be nice to do something different.  A little something for fandom.  I suggested to Jay Firestone, President of Prodigy Pictures, that we hold an online auction and give Dark Matter fans a chance to purchase their very own Dark Matter memorabilia.

September 28, 2017: Big Dark Matter Fan Announcement!
Prodigy Pictures President Jay Firestone has a better idea!

Well, I spoke to Jay today and he has decided to go one better.  He’s not interested in making money off this wind down.  He just wants to reward fandom.  So, rather than auction off these items, we’re going to give them away.  And if you want your very own Dark Matter something, all it’s going to cost you is a little time and a little effort.

We want you to write us a letter explaining what Dark Matter meant to you.  Make sure to include your name and address for a chance to win anything from a Dark Matter t-shirt or cap to a costume, prop, or a part of the set.

I wanted a name for this mass giveaway, a tag that perfectly summed up what it was all about – thanking fandom for their incredible support and rewarding them for putting in that extra effort.  And I thought about it and, finally, I came up with…








#ItsARealFanThing (not be confused with dozens of other #fanthing brandings of dubious merit).

Fandom, you all made Dark Matter one of syfy’s most-watched shows and we’re giving you the best possible reward (next to a season 4 of course).  Yes!  #ItsARealFanThing!

Over the next week, the production will collect, photograph, and itemize everything.  I’ll post some of the items on this blog along with the Prodigy Pictures address and final contest details.  And then, let the letter-writing begin!

September 28, 2017: Big Dark Matter Fan Announcement!

Artwork by @radiolaires

I gave you the first production draft of the Dark Matter pilot.  Then, I gave you the final shooting draft of “Isn’t That A Paradox?”.  Now, I’d like you to have the final shooting draft of “All The Time In The World”.  You remember?  THIS episode?

September 28, 2017: Big Dark Matter Fan Announcement!

All you need to do is hit twitter and tell me your favorite episode using the #ItsARealFanThing hashtag to kick off this ultimate fan giveaway event.  I’m looking for 10k tweets!  Once I have my tweets, you’ll get your script!

And remember…#ItsARealFanThing

62 thoughts on “September 28, 2017: BIG Dark Matter Fan Announcement!

  1. I’ve got the word processor fired up already!

    I don’t suppose that that Netflix announcement has any bearing on working things out? Or is it really too late now for that, if indeed it was even possible?

  2. Wow Joe ! You and everyone associated with Dark Matter group are a special wonderful group of people. You truly get the fans !

  3. Wow! Would you thank Mr. Firestone for me? I’d love to allow him to make some money off me in the future. If it says Prodigy Pictures, I’m watching it.

  4. I love this! A part of my beloved show would be grand! Bravo! Your generosity is fabulous. I treasure the experience of watching with friends while tweeting with the cast, and the after show extra with Ms. Palmer as facilitator. This is thrilling! Win or not, so generous!!!

  5. Joe and Jay–

    I’m stunned by your generosity and thoughtfulness.

    Still sorry that Dark Matter went the way it did, but also looking forward to what all of you go on to next. It’ll be crazy trying to keep track of so many insanely talented, wonderful people, but hey – #WeAreTheRaza – we can do this. The payoff will be more than worth it.

    Time to stretch out those letter-writing muscles…

  6. Hi Joe,

    Can you tell us if you ever had any comms with Netflix? We all saw the $500M
    news which is like seeing the finish line and yet some how we can’t get there . Like those dreams where you can’t run… need to but can’t. Anyways the Netflix question keeps us all in suspense……

    Thanx Trev


  7. I did turn Season 1 Episode 1 into a Savage Worlds adventure. It went pretty well with playtesters.

  8. You are amazing. Jay is amazing. This made a crappy day have a silver lining. You really are the best. Please keep working. Every thing you produce is gold to me.

  9. Since not everyone Tweets … OOO wait a minute (adjusts self in rocking chair. DAMN these Depends® are scratchy today!) … is there an email@ to submit my tome? I DID look yon and hither. Thanks for this idea btw.

  10. Still holding out hope Netflix swoops in and picks up Dark Matter. To many questions left unanswered. 2’s kid, did 6 survive and get thrown into the alternate dimension where the black ships came from, what race is piloting the black ships, and more. Don’t want a Firefly situation, where you have to sum everything up like they did in Serenity. There is clearly 2 or more seasons left to tie up this show. Stellar cast and story writing. I truly loathe SyFy as much as FOX now. They are notorious for tanking amazing shows, at the height of there run.

  11. WOW!! Jay is awesome! You are awesome! ItsARealFanThing is epic!! Take that SyFyshit and shove it! Just as soon as I finish writing my very professional “I’m retiring” letter for work (I have to turn it in on Monday. I want to give a 3 month notice.) I will start on your special “why I deserve a cool piece of Dark Matter”. Hmmmmmmm, what do I want……..??

    PS: I can’t wait to see some wearing official Dark Matter costumes at a future ComicCon.

  12. This brought tears to my eyes…tears of joy. Joe, Jay…you you have touched the hearts of fandom, and are forever written into the story of our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  13. HI there here’s a thought pack every up ship it to Wellington New zealand see if Weta or Sir Peter Jackson could finish the series we do some pretty cool stuff here 😆.

  14. That is just the sweetest thing. Thank you, Joe. And Jay. You guys are the best. And deserved better. (grumble, kvetch, snarl…) SYFY wouldn’t know a “fan thing” if they tripped over it.

  15. I just Don’t undestand you.With Netflix ready to invest in Canadian show ..and you keep dismantling the sets and giving away all these precious items..Are realy sure(second call maybe)They wont go for it S04&5…The first No was before their Announcement ..Sometimes Not everyone Know these stuff ..So maybe the No yesterday is a Yes Today

  16. It just straight up sucks we lost this show…such a great separation from the star trek glee clubs….
    The only show i’ve ever watched reruns of ..
    Isn’t Netflix looking for Canadian Content ??

  17. I’m so sorry that we fans were not able to save Dark Matter!
    I have come to look forward to Friday nights, so that I could watch Dark Matter! I felt as if they the crew had become part of my family! The Android was my favorite crew member! I wish we could have had a few more seasons to watch her develop into more than she was designed to do!
    Thanks for allowing fans to have a chance to obtain items from the show!

  18. Loved the show….will miss all you guys..cannot believe a show as good as this gets dropped…Have they lost their minds…
    Will look forward to your future develpments!!
    Cheers ..
    a fan always…

  19. Love it. But it’s going to involve me finally having to get a Twitter account!!

  20. Wow!!! This is Amazing!!! I would have liked to have supported the show monetarily in some way. Kind’ve like star trek did years ago with a big charity auction. This is very nice of you guys. I’m very excited to see the items offered. Any weapons by chance? Would love to see Netflix pick the show up. I’m surprised they didn’t, given its success. Who knows. I believe in miracles. Look at Star Trek…it got back on its feet.

    Friday nights haven’t been the same. 🙁 It’s gotten so bad I’ve resorted to People of Earth and Orville to get my SyFy fix. (Just isn’t the same) I would have loved to have seen what became of the crew in Season 4. Thanks for the memories 🙂

  21. wow, this is an amazing and awesome thing, you guys are the best!!
    i echo someone else here; where do we send the letter to?

    i’m looking forward to any other projects from you and the cast!

  22. I loved the story line. I am going to miss this show. I was always ready for the next episode. Want to wish all the cast and crew the best of luck. And will be looking to see more of their work.

  23. I’m stunned to find out about the cancellation. This is one of the few shows I watch. Thank you for all your hard work and a great run. I hope that either novels or comics follow if there’s no way to bring back the show. 🙁

  24. this kind of thing is what I always liked more about DARK MATTER, it is not only the amazing show that is, also its constant recognition to the fraternal bonds that can be created when we all have the same objective is inside the show, and is here, in this action of giving fans free souvenirs, and make them reach any place in the world, you catch me, I have been a little novice in this science fiction, but heck that good show, that cast, and my favorite ANDROID, I hope that Zoie Palmer is aware of how well she did, as you, I still do not believe that the continuity of the show is limited, but a conserved kept hope that someday is just the end, say that when so many fans make something of heart, the universe conspires to make it come true, well this will modify it a little. You are great and never change your loyalty.

  25. Really really hoping dm season 4 happens guys.I see my dad once a week,who is now 74.We always have dinner together with little conversation as were not huge talkers but just happy with the company.After tea we would go into the lounge an watch our favourite sci fi show dm that dad would have recorded on series link,and its a show like this that we could really bond together and make conversation about.Were both sad that we may not see another season,and yes there will be other series we will find,but dm was a really special show for us.

  26. Of course the giveaway requires writing. As big a fan as I am, expressing myself is next to impossible. I am going outta my head over the loss of Dark Matter. As long as the final seasons don’t get played out, I am going to be in a forever state of discombobulation

  27. What a fantastic gesture by Mr. Firestone. I’m sure he’s still bitter about the whole thing, as we all are, so I am truly amazed by his generosity. If I am lucky enough to get something from the show(*cough* SIX’s suit from Isn’t That a Paradox *cough*), I’ll cherish it with a perennial tear in my eye the same way I do with my SGU stuff, namely Eli’s costume from Epilogue.

    -Mike A.

  28. I was wondering the same thing – is an address in Europe acceptable, or would I need to provide an address in the US and ask friends to send it on?
    I’m also still hoping for the show to be continued in some way (or someday), but having something to remember it by would be a little consolation 🙂

  29. What an incredibly lovely generous gesture by Jay Firestone.

    And here’s another truly sweet gesture.

    Its not Dark Matter related, albeit I know there are many in our growing blog family who are serious about wanting to get into the business
    of story telling on screen full time.

    World renowned movie director Martin Scorsese is offering a very affordable online master class for those who cant live without making movies.

    The course will consist of 20, individual, self paced video class sessions, work books and feedback from your peers on your digital classroom submissions.
    I heard about this via postings from various arts participants in our NS101 lifelong learning community so I don’t have any specific details about the course or sites content…
    but the course is being offered via Master Class Online and Mr Scorsese has released a course introduction video at the site so there is likely also contact links for any additional inquiries.



    -Drea Crysel

    Education Program Coordinator
    @ NewScience101

  30. That’s a very classy thing to do! I’ve been tweeting but I’m not sure I have time to write a whole letter. Things are a little crazy right now. I’ll try because I’d love one of those leather outfits that Melissa’s character wore. I’m only half kidding about that. I’d look hot in one of those sexy numbers. I just hope we’re the same size. 😉

  31. Wow what an awesome way to reward fans for their support and loyalty! Sad we wont see the end of a fantastic scifi show that was getting inside its biggest arc yet. Thank you for all these good times and Ill prep my letter to own a piece of the Raza!

  32. You are truly amazing, both of you!

    Boss, for three years, through Dark Matter, you shared with us a new aspect of your passion for science fiction. For three years, you, your crew and the all cast shared with us your talent and your creativity which give us wings.
    Now you share Dark Matter with us as if we really are a part of it, like a big family.

    Thank you so much for doing this for us, the fans, it’s magic, we are so lucky.

  33. Thank you for the offer! It’s extremely generous!!! As an avid viewer I would love to hear that you’re holding on to the stuff until the very last moment, just in case Netflix or any other company takes on the show. And as a fan, I cannot choose one item, there are amazing things that your crew created that would be amazing souvenirs. For example, it would be wonderful to get Bubba or Android’s chip, or the box in which Four (before turning back into Ryo) found the royal ring. The brown and black vest that Three wore is also fabulous, or his gun leg-holster. I loved Android’s blue suit (“onesie”) much more than the later outfits, so that would be incredible.
    In any case, I have been so interested in this show that I would love to share with you what it’s meant to me, so I want to try this.
    I don’t use twitter, is it possible to send my letter by any other means, please?

  34. I don’t understand why they would cancel such a great show ! I wanted to watch it on syfi but couldn’t , so I binges watched it this week and absolutely loved it !!! I hope they change their minds and finish the story. They did the same thing with fire fly but at least they finished the story with a movie. In this day and age it seems like the great shows are short lived and the stupid reality shows or disfunction family shows stay. Dark matter had it all , family, action, romance and loyalty. I’m really going to miss another great show gone way too soon.

  35. Just finished season 3. Still can’t believe never knowing how this will progress.
    It’s FIrefly all over again.
    Hope you will be able to get a movie out of it.
    One of the best Sci-Fi shows of the last decade.
    Thank you..

  36. Nooooo!!!!! Why did they have to cancel this?!?!? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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