And then there was one.

Another potential partner dropped out of the running today in our mad dash to save Dark Matter.  In the end it came down to money.  As much as both sides wanted to make it work, it was clear the gap separating us was too wide.  A valiant effort but to no avail.

And so, we switch focus to our final suitor – a delightful wildcard with a creative proposition.  Unfortunately, said proposition comes with its own set of complications, chiefest of which is a timeline that may stretch far past our drop dead date.  And yet, if the pieces come together and all the parties sign off (and that’s a pretty big September 20, 2017: One Down, One To Go!

I mean, look the size of it!), then we’d be looking at mini-series that would run, depending on budget, between 4-8 episodes – offering Dark Matter fans some form of closure.

In the meantime, time has officially run out on our second stage.  I heard the strike team is in place and ready to move.  I’m hoping we can move the Marauder to the breezeway in our remaining stage and buy our shuttle some more time while the Ishida cruiser, labs, and the Ferrous Corp shipyard come down.

It’s crazy to think that, not that long ago, we were actually thinking of expanding our stage space to make room for an alien ship interior, Galactic Authority facility, and underground bunker.  What a difference a month – and an altogether baffling network decision – make.

Regardless of how things go down between now and week’s end, the Dark Matter Council is planning on another enormous fan tweet storm this Friday night.  And, as a little thank you to you all for your continued support, I’m going to talk to Playback Operator Greg Whiteside about showcasing some of the amazing graphics our playback team has created over the show’s three seasons.

Whelp, still not dead yet!  But we’re in an 11th hour life or death scramble.  This gif, by Robert Ek, about sums it up –

September 20, 2017: One Down, One To Go!

111 thoughts on “September 20, 2017: One Down, One To Go!

  1. The many stages of grief are being embraced as we get closer and closer to a no go. Sorrow, Denial, Anger, and waiting for acceptance of the inevitable. But I refuse to give up.

    1. No Mini-Series is not Ideal ending for this beautiful adventure. Best Sci-Fi from Current Show’s & even when look some way to the past.. Joe, Fans or any one don’t want that. Kinda out of topic: I know that many would’ve supported with Dark Matter Merchandise if released some like DM Shirt in Early this Month.

      Revenue from sales surely would’ve helped times when negotiating with these 3x Partners that were hanging around for past 1,5 weeks or close. Did shed some Tears after saw this Blog post & i saw it right after email note came. Few times tears felt down to cheeks..

      While Marches to SyFy HQ chants: – Blood For the Blood God – Hmm sry now went to Lexicanum path.. Warhammer 40k Universe Geek…

  2. Seriously, if it’s about money, Kickstarter the difference. We brought back MST3K. We can do it again.

  3. Thank you for the update Joe. One is better than none and while the loss of some of those sets is truly heartbreaking there is still a small hope.

    You can count on me and I’m confident all our fans globally to be there for the tweetstorm and anything else you ask of us.

    Here we go for the final stretch…

  4. Well, no matter what, you’ve got a devoted fan base – to YOU. I will watch and support whatever you produce. I will go wherever you go. Japan and back.

      1. In the end…regardless of the outcome…Ponytail said it well.
        We are devoted and passionate to you and your projects and ultimately the new families you acquire with each project. We love the Dark Matter cast and crew.

  5. Very bad news :(. Anyway let’s hope that the last partner gives you a big yes. A miniserie is better than nothing, just less time for the big ending.

    Anyway i keep thinking that a kikstarter would help you rising some found. I mean, we are too many fans here willing to help the Raza Crew to have a proper ending.

  6. It’s great to know that the penultimate partner really tried to make it work with you. An 8 episode season would be great even if you have to rejig some of the story if some of the sets are gone. Thanks for going above and beyond.

  7. best of luck. I was late discovering Dark Matter, but thoroughly enjoyed it. it scratched the itch that Stargate left behind

  8. If the physical sets are struck, this show should absolutely get another chance in cgi – similar to what’s been done in Star Wars for shows like Clone Wars. There is no limit to what kinds of sets can be built. I would even be willing to contribute to a kickstarter to raise the funds! CGI artist here – you could probably even find a few dedicated fans to build CG sets!

  9. Can we help with a crowd funding option to sweeten the deal???? I’d give as much as could to save this wonderful show I love!

  10. Joe, I don’t know who you’ve been working with to keep Dark Matter going. But has Amazon been considered? Just a thought.
    I’m having difficulty understanding these deals not going through because of the ratings DarK Matter has had. Aaarrrgghh! Damn SyFy for putting you and us through this crap!
    I can’t thank you enough Joe for trying to sell this series to other buyers. It is truly a worthwhile cause and we will see it through to a proper ending. Don’t give up!

  11. Long shots when things shouldn’t be in question are very difficult to process. Doubts, rationalizations, anxiety, resentment for a loss that doesn’t feel justified overtake the psyche. Root human nature comes out and it is interesting to examine it. Is it dejection, rage, revenge, acceptance, denial? As intriguing as the psycho social evaluations are, for me that will come later. For now we wait.
    How can one be a realist but harbour magical thinking? In the end we don’t have control and it’s best to drop attachments to the ephemeral desires. I will focus on following the careers of my “family” whatever projects they are on. I will be grateful for the magic I’ve had in enjoying the show and the comraderie I felt fighting for it. I will cherish the script and hope it’s possible someday to see more; while knowing every day that passes puts that so deep into the future that it will reside on a shelf near Firefly.
    To the whole team, your work and chemistry were phenomenal. We should make sure to watch season three (again) when it comes out on Netflix, just to show them the passion. Maybe someone else will watch it too, someone who can #ReserectTheRaza.
    Thank you all for leaving it all on the field. It was appreciated.

  12. I’m so sorry Joe. I guess we don’t need the rallying cry I posted under the previous entry, now that we’ve gotten an answer from the second main potential taker, so please just delete it without posting.

    Guess we all knew it was a long shot. That it would all boil down to the reality of money. Albeit, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because it can not possibly be said enough …

    I am so incredibly proud and impressed with how strongly and how quickly the entire Dark Matter family across the globe rallied together and has not quit.
    You all rock and should stand center stage to take a well deserved bow!

    Friday should be fun. I hope to be able to join ya’ll again if work sched permits.

  13. I’m not sure how much money is required or if the fan base is large enough to have a significant impact, but is crowdfunding some cash to sweeten the deal an option? Or is this it? I know it has to be a strain on you guys, and you need to know definitively sooner rather than later but thought I’d throw that out there.

  14. Never felt like this with any Axing in the past.. Not SGU, not Alphas & so on.. Manly Tears… Y not shamed to say it.. all this work that we did to support for past 2+ weeks & no affect :/ I tweeted to many Networks, Sent them mail & spent 10€ to increase Visibility in Petition. I don’t regret those, but sad that didn’t help more than this.. Personally & in general that it didn’t :/ Wish that small team from Dark Matter crew would’ve released some DM Merchandise in early September..

    Even if just one Shirt Model with cast Signatures & then sold that. Even gathering 200k with Merch sales surely would’ve helped with Negotiations & then maybe sell more to help production. *Shed some Tears moments ago*

    After finished reading went to smack the Board / plank that have on other room.. Imagined SyFy’s Broadcasting Server to be that Plank.. If that remaining party agrees to save beauty Dark Matter then comes the Mini series that Nobody wanted.. Not Joe.. Not Fans & so on.. :/ It had to stop into wall called: Budget on today’s Negotiation.. SyFy didn’t DM enough cause wasn’t their Original :/

    So many plans down to drain in just a Month or so like Joe Wrote.. Alien Ship interior design, Bunker & so on.. Now Bye to Other Stage Argh. Hopefully You can Buy the Time & shame that so many good set pieces Vanish.. :/ Now clearly passed Deadline & Frustrating that all 3x interested parties that were still around some days ago didn’t discuss things faster..

    Esp. cause they must’ve known the Upkeep costs & the importance to find solution for this.. To get that 2x Seasons with 10-13 eps. per season.. So Next Twitter Storm planned for Friday.. By the end of the week All know if even get That Stupid Mini Series… Love that Gif as it show’s current situation very well. Mesmerizing heh.. #SadFace #Tears #DarkMatterLove #ItsAFanThing

    Peace & wish good luck for Final Attempt. Dark Matter & it’s whole Crew <3

    1. That’s it exactly – I’ve never felt this way about a cancellation before. I’ve really become very fond of the cast and their characters, and I for one want to do everything I can to give them a chance to finish the show gracefully and keep the chemistry going a little longer.

    2. Fey i know everyones entitled to their opinion but im afraid your negative and ungrateful attitude for what HAS been done is unacceptable in my opinion – Joe and the crew have worked tirelessly purely because of the fan support they did get; are you an expert in the field like Joe is? Because as much as everyone has put up ideas, Joe and the crew are the ones who work in the industry every day and know who what when where and HOW best everything works!

      I found your comments about ‘that stupid mini-series’ particularly offensive – it came across like a spoilt child ‘i dont want that because its not what i asked for’ well there are a damn site more of us than you obviously realise who are perfectly happy to take what we can get in a means to finish the story in a better way than the current cliffhanger – and there is NOTHING wrong with a miniseries to do that – its no different in reality than a normal series except probably less & longer episodes… it all still comes out in the wash.

      Besides that miniseries on another network might be what inspires a whole new host of fans, increased viewing numbers and a defined popularity that sees a whole new deal emerge that ends up keeping the Raza on our screens for many years to come… you dont know if you dont try and Joe IS trying… for that he deserves our thanks for not just letting it go at the final bell from Syfy.

      There are still negotiations going on, we are not planning a funeral while the hope is still alive, so with respect… please burn the negative nelly nickers and put your damn positive pants back on or dont say anything at all… positive supportive n vibes into the universe is more likely to see us get a better result than zero production as it currently stands….

      I personally am grateful that Joe took the time to not only listen and TRY but to keep us in the loop – he did not have to do that. This game is still afoot….

      As I said before, there might only be one option left… but you only need ONE to come through!

      It doesnt matter what you are looking for, its ALWAYS going to be in the last place you look!

      This one might just be our place…

      1. Hey K 🙂 Long Handle chosen there 😛 1st: You completely Misunderstood what i’ve meant with that msg / some parts on it.. Shame & “Sry” that you did. Not many have i suppose knowing the feedback what got on FB’s DM Grps & in Twitter. Maybe should’ve been more clear with writing, but maybe not as not everyone sees it the way you saw it 🙂 After Joe published this Blog i cried & went to communicate with ppl in FB’s DM Grp & in Twitter.

        Did cry again not long after & then again.. NOT even Once i have insulted any one who’s worked with DM & won’t do it <3 There in FB & in Twitter many others also felt Sad. Naturally cause we lost one Partner again, Parts of Stage & so on. I'm one of many 110% Dedicated Dark Matter Fans who would never ever insult Joe or any one who's working with beautiful Adventure called: Dark Matter <3

        I've stated earlier that in Early September would've supported with buying Merchandise such as shirt with signatures & then spread the word with many ways i know. I put cash in during this "Save DM Crusade" that lasted almost 3 weeks for me & was hard, but fun time even situation on Razor's Edge. No Regrets no matter the Outcome on this fight cause "#ItsAFanThing <3

        I would write more, but Hungry & moments ago received email note about Joe's Sep 21st Blog 🙂 Of course i & many others "all i hope" Fans take whatever we can get at this point after thread of Hope is very thin. Whether it's Mini-Series that wasn't on Joe's or any one's thoughts still few days ago / never. If i recall his words from Reddit & here in WordPress 🙂

        Once again sry that you completely misunderstood what i meant with my words. I'm 37y old, not violent & literally Peace loving person. Truly sry that misinterpretation "sry if wrote wrong" happened there. Wish you good time fella Good Quality Sci-Fi "Dark Matter" Fan 🙂 Now hope that Sep 21st Blog gives Good News. Peace & Aloha o/

        1. “Hey K 🙂 Long Handle chosen there 😛 1st: You completely Misunderstood what i’ve meant with that msg / some parts on it.. Shame & “Sry” that you did. Not many have i suppose knowing the feedback what got on FB’s DM Grps & in Twitter. Maybe should’ve been more clear with writing, but maybe not as not everyone sees it the way you saw it 🙂 After Joe published this Blog i cried & went to communicate with ppl in FB’s DM Grp & in Twitter.

          Did cry again not long after & then again.. NOT even Once i have insulted any one who’s worked with DM & won’t do it ❤ There in FB & in Twitter many others also felt Sad. Naturally cause we lost one Partner again, Parts of Stage & so on. I’m one of many 110% Dedicated Dark Matter Fans who would never ever insult Joe or any one who’s working with beautiful Adventure called: Dark Matter ❤

          I’ve stated earlier that in Early September would’ve supported with buying Merchandise such as shirt with signatures & then spread the word with many ways i know. I put cash in during this “Save DM Crusade” that lasted almost 3 weeks for me & was hard, but fun time even situation on Razor’s Edge. No Regrets no matter the Outcome on this fight cause “#ItsAFanThing ❤

          I would write more, but Hungry & moments ago received email note about Joe’s Sep 21st Blog 🙂 Of course i & many others “all i hope” Fans take whatever we can get at this point after thread of Hope is very thin. Whether it’s Mini-Series that wasn’t on Joe’s or any one’s thoughts still few days ago / never. If i recall his words from Reddit & here in WordPress 🙂

          Once again sry that you completely misunderstood what i meant with my words. I’m 37y old, not violent & literally Peace loving person. Truly sry that misinterpretation “sry if wrote wrong” happened there. Wish you good time fella Good Quality Sci-Fi “Dark Matter” Fan 🙂 Now hope that Sep 21st Blog gives Good News. Peace & Aloha o/”

          Hey Fedaygin,

          Thanks for taking the time to clear that up for the other blog readers. I respect your passion.

  15. WOW…. The bottom line is if you all are able to work thru whatever complications the 3rd partner brings. A chance is better than none. And, while this is 4 to 8 episodes – a bit shy of 2 seasons of 13 (26) and as long as you can make it work it would be great.

    Any other complications with the cast/crew timelines?
    and a million other questions, but one trauma at a time.

    thanks for your candor.

  16. Money? Well, I guess it always comes down to money eventually. But c’mon! Most of the expensive stuff has already been done. The sets are built, the VFX models are built. And Dark Matter was already a pretty lean operation. I don’t know much about Sci Fi TV show budgets but if I had a spare $10 million laying around somewhere I reckon that would come close.

  17. Damn.

    Well, here’s hoping it comes to at least that. Is there a point where we know if it’s when, not if?

    Last day at work was today. Not sure how I feel. Relieved? Kind of?

  18. This really sucks, you said it from day one Joe, it’s a very long shot. Still remain hope till the last second, 4-8 episodes is still better than nothing! Sometimes I hate being a sci-fi fan instead of some procedural tv show fan who get 10-14 seasons to get in to.

  19. Oh my… – …looks like time is running out fast.and the score board still looks like Corporations 1 – Raza Crew 0. It is baffling how they make their decisions sometimes and it would not surprise me in the least to learn that the “suits” are using a magic 8 ball to make their choices.

    Then again 1 option left is better than having none at all.

  20. Business contracts can be complicated but maybe you can work something out where two of these parties go in 50/50 on the cost so no one party has to fit the whole bill but both get to stream the show online or something. Please find a solution – dedicated fans like me really want this to work. If the cost is too high for any one party then split it up.

  21. Despite it always being a longshot, I had hope. And I still do. But also feeling the start of crushing disappointment. I just don’t get how such a good show can be left to die.

  22. Joe Digitize it, and green screen the props that you cannot take along. Did you a chance to see the Hobbit special editions? some very interesting footage on how Jackson created his movies. Same goes with the Lord of The Rings box sets. Their methods really evolved from when they started to when wrapped the Hobbit.

  23. Joe,
    Sorry to hear that the noose is tightening on our intrepid band of soft-hearted cutthroats…Still crossing my fingers for an eleventh hour Raza crew style reprieve. If nothing else then at least the fight was a noble effort on everyone’s part. Thanks for giving us 3 seasons of enjoyment.

  24. I’m so sorry that it has come to this. I’ve never been so invested in a tv show, hell I don’t normally watch tv. Even if the show does not go on know that you and the cast and crew have created something very special and worth fighting for!!!!!

  25. Well…shit! I will mourn the Ishida cruiser, labs & Ferrous Corp shipyards with a margarita or two and raise a glass to the Marauder and it’s

    A heart-felt thank you to your tenacity and fierce campaign to keep our Datk Matter verse alive! Have a drink (wish I could buy one), take a deep breath and wait for the final decision or go see “It” for a nice diversion.

  26. Life IS sometimes like that gif from Robert Ek. At least, that’s been my last few months.

    Like Ponytail said, we need some good news with all this bad stuff going on in the world. Keep the faith Mr. M! I’ll be there Friday and spend some time in twitter jail with good company.

    “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas. That’s one of my favorite quotes.

    Wish I could buy you a drink. Are you getting any sleep? I’m not sure how you do it BUT Then I read all those wonderful blog comments from people I’ve never heard of before. Pretty awesome encouragements from them! Great fans out there for DM. That must give you/cast/crew the warm fuzzies. 🙂

    Happy Birthday Debra! Hope you’re feeling ok after surgery Maggiemayday!

  27. Rooting for all involved. I went on a minor Twitter rant about this a few minutes ago. I think networks should set aside a small bit of money from every show, to allow for ‘wrap up’ funding for fan favorite shows that die from causes other than being horrible (in which case they wouldn’t be fan favorites I guess). The relationship between the creatives, fans and the studio is an equal one. No one can survive without the other. The ability of one party to disregard this business and social contract, to the detriment of the others, while citing only their particular needs as justification is unbalanced. I think this is unfair to fans and creatives. On the business side, if the issue is simply financial then they have the ability -and I would even say responsibility- to mollify the other members of the relationship, which could be accomplished by simply doing as I suggest and setting some money aside. Heck if the pot of money grew enough it might even allow them to buy a fan fave show outright, but certainly it would be enough to offer wrap up and bring closure to fans and creatives who have so much invested.

  28. If it’s a monetary problem, could the fans help by Kickstarting or using Patreon? I know it’s a long shot but maybe John Oliver could help out by spreading awareness of TV shows being cancelled for monetary reasons? I’ve tried contacting Last Week Tonight but maybe you would have better luck?

  29. A mini series isn’t good enough. Try harder. You remember Farscape? You remember that pathetic attempt at a ‘movie’ they did to close things up? This would be no different. Your cast and crew, and even the Dark Matter vision, deserve better.

    Stop looking at the traditional avenues to get this picked up. As I said before in my previous rantings, the networks are the enemy. They don’t want smart shows on their airwaves – what they do want is stupid crap, filled with sex and other mind numbing drivel, that glorifies the homosexual and transgender b.s. that has become a plague everywhere. If you do not promote this demonic crap , then you will be put to pasture. Which you have – multiple times. Enough is enough with dealing with these demons.

    Put together a Dark Matter Patreon and get the word out. You will get the 17 million you need for a Season 4 (VERY easily), and you will be able to rebuild the sets with enough to spare. Stop thinking that this is still the 1990s, where you have to deal with bigwig suits who have no idea what it takes to create a show in the first place. You don’t need them, but they do need you.

    Either aim for the 26 episodes needed to complete Dark Matter, or call it quits right now and move on to bigger and better things. All desire leads to suffering – so if you’re going to desire, dream big and accept nothing less. Make the pain worth it. A mini-series, or a Dark Matter movie, would not be worth it.

    1. If there are 1.7 million fans, who pay $10 each, it’d be a no brainer. How many real fans are out there? I would do $50 minimum right now.

      1. I could do at least that in a heartbeat – I don’t have much money to spare, but I think Dark Matter and its cast, crew, and creators are worth the effort.

        I’m really getting annoyed at having to depend so heavily on all the middle-men in trying to enjoy these TV shows in this day and age – the networks, the advertisers, etc. – in a creaky old system that was originally developed over a century ago to get programming onto the radio in Depression-starved local markets where radio (and later TV) stations and advertisers held a lot of power over captive audiences. Too much has changed since then for us to continue to have to deal with the short-sighted whims of the SyFy channel, and on the good will of advertisers who are much worse at funding the programming we want to see than we are.

  30. If we can see anything, it would be fantastic. Sad that we can’t get the complete story as envisioned. But to have anything would be wonderful.

    Is it possible that we could have the entire vision through at least in comic book form so we can see the whole story? I remember campaigning for a couple of Jeremy LaLonde’s films, if you need finance for something like that Kickstarter’s would never finance a whole tv series, but a comic book series I think so.

    Thank you, Joseph, for a wonderful story and instigating a great community of fans. We have nothing but great affection for you and all the people that brought us the Team Raza.

  31. I just wanted to thank you for three great seasons.

    It has been a little heartbreaking to watch this campaign try its hardest to get more Dark Matter made, surpassing any other “save” campaign I have ever witnessed. I knew the odds were almost nil to begin with, but that still doesn’t make this any harder to accept.

    You are one of my favorite writers in sci-fi, penning some of my favorite episodes of television like “Window of Opportunity” and the “Enemies/Exodus” two-parter.

    Don’t stop writing, we need more guys like you out there. I will be watching/reading whatever you make next.

  32. With the big “IF” and mini-series prospect, tell whomever that I will subscribe to whatever service is needed to see this come to light. I guess Netflix is out of the running, as I am extremely disappointed, I won’t “not” renew my subscription. I still haven’t forgiven SyFy and may just wait to watch ZNation’s latest season on Netflix. I definitely won’t be championing them to the Nielson’s rating the next time I do a survey.

    Say hello to Akemi & give the pups a rub or hug! I imagine you have been scarce these past few weeks with all the “last minute rallying”.

    @gforce: Congrats on the retirement! Enjoy and don’t break a leg on all the hiking that I’m sure you plan to do.

  33. Sucks having to tear the sets down. Still praying for a last minute reprieve even if it’s the mini-series path though it’s hard to imagine tying all the loose ends up and having a satisfying closure in 4-8 episodes but at least it would be better than nothing. Why is it this always seems to happen to the very best shows? And Dark Matter certainly fits that bill. Best damn sci fi ever!

  34. If only we’d had more time to react and to act! Is there anything that we fans can do to help save the sets until you get a clear answer, perhaps through a crowdfunding campaign or something?

  35. It ain’t over til it’s over. Believe in miracles. Wow. The really cool punchline to this journey is taking its sweet time getting here. *paws crossed and ever hopeful*

  36. Just also wanted to mark today for everyone that it’s been 5 years (can’t even believe that) since Kelly Hurt (aka Anne Teldy) departed this world. She would have loved Dark Matter. I’d like to think she is from her corner of the universe.

      1. @PBMom – Thank you for the lovely shout out to Kelly, I’m sending love to her family today. I’m glad she won the Whisper’s contest, Anne Teldy is now and forever an SG legend.

    1. Wow, five years! Seems like “yesterday”. I miss her comments. I know she would be behind getting Dark Matter back on TV and fighting along side of us 100%. She probably would come up with an ideal or two.

  37. What an absolute shame. All this hard work and we MAYBE can get a handful of episodes rushed through. And that is the best case scenario and still a huge IF. I feel so bad for not just us fans but for the entire production team as well as actors and especially you Joseph for having brought us such an amazing show and just see it slip away like that because of the incomprehensible decision of a bunch of short sighted network execs. We wanted 26 more episodes, not a third of that. I am gutted…but I knew it was gonna end like this. 🙁

  38. Oh, my. I would attempt to express my feelings about this latest post, but alas…. I don’t think I have the words. Screw it. I will attempt to express myself, regardless.
    I’m frankly astounded that a writer/runner with such a formula for success on this and numerous other series is having such a difficult time getting buy-in, given the steady growth in audience, market share, and the fan reaction to the end of season three cancellation.
    How many Network Executives’ Nephews and Second-Cousins did you fire in the past year?
    Like you, and everyone else on the #TeamRaza and #RazaCrew, not to mention what must be MANY skilled and un-skilled Industry Professionals, i am left to sit here with my jaw hanging open, asking myself, “Is this all just a horrible dream? Why can’t I wake up?”
    IF there’s one last possibility… IF there’s one more Hail Mary Pass to go up this week… IF there’s still a chance that we can reach that light at the end of an ever-narrowing tunnel…

    We still have hope.

    We still have a chance.

    We will not surrender.

    We will not go quietly into that long dark night that is the void between worlds.

    We will be here.

    For you, for each other, and for the IDEA that Dark Matter represents.

    Truly…. It’s a fan thing. A warm, real, and undeniable fan thing.

    If this becomes our own Battle of Serenity Valley… So be it. We will fight to the last.

    Be well.

  39. Utterly baffling decision. Such a great, exciting show. Constantly gaining new fans. Struck me as being relatively low budget, not like a Game of Thrones budget or such. So much acrimony created against SyFy for summarily cancelling it, with not even opportunity for closure. Best wishes to get an alternative sponsor!!! Really loved this show!!!

  40. Is there a possibility of support from a company, as well as fan based and funded support? Sort of like GoFundMe? How much does each episode cost?

  41. Wonder why those 3 partners that were available for Negotiations didn’t understand to get them started sooner. They must’ve known the Deadline & the costs for keeping up the stage & so on :/ If not mistaken all talks about possible new home were made via phone & that is what i don’t understand. Understandable i guess in 2017 if party that could save is 1000km away then can’t fly to do Face to Face talk.. Unless informed early enough hmm.

    Mafia Style Meeting which means @Restaurant & having a meal 🙂 Then handshake once Deal is made <3 If not then look into eyes & say: Aloha, Be Well & shame that couldn't come into agreement :/ Dark Matter had good ratings & won many series on SyFy. Axing by SyFy Baboons not mentioned in any Tv News or the campaign to save it is / was Mind Boggling strange :/ Shed some Tears for a few times today after seen this blog post :/

    Even gathering 200k with DM Merchandise sales surely would’ve helped with Negotiations & then maybe sell more to help production. It's not easy to set up those sales, but if started in early Sep. maybe would've got like 100-200k.
    I will buy the DM Blu Ray once all season BR Available & was happy to spend 15€ during this "Save DM Campaign". To Petition Reach & to Twitter Adds. 5€ to Twitter Adds did help to reach more ppl & so did Petition's 10€ 🙂

    I wish good luck for Thursday's "later on week" Negotiation & hopefully we still can get at least 10-13 Episodes as in Season 4. 20-26x would've been the best. The best for whole DM Crew o/ That Alien Ship, Shipyards etc. Would've been great to see. "Never Felt this Sadness "Tears" with any Series Axing."

    Kind Regards: Huge Dark Matter Fan who loves Dark Matter's Soundtrack & everything… Such a great Sci-Fi entertainment after day / week at work.


  42. Thank you for this show and all the work you put into trying to keep it going.

  43. Its actually rather shocking that given the established audience of this show, with good demographics and social presence, that TNT, NetFlix, or one of the other cable networks (FX, etc) has not jumped on this.

    On many of the cable specialty channels, this show would likely immediately vault into their most watched or 2nd most watched product, and bring their network great exposure.

    I am also a bit surprised that a conglomerate of networks such as Space, plus overseas Euro and Australasia networks cannot find enough money between them to finance this. This show is Space’s most viewed show from what I recall.

  44. I wish my business partner/investor didn’t get baked in the 2007 crash because I think he’d like investing in #DarkMatter. We’re still working on getting The Invaders made into a theatrical film, but as everyone knows…financing is the most arduous uphill climb for any project, especially in today’s shaky financial landscape where banks are loathe to take any risk. Seems all the $ is coming from China these days, and one needs to know the secret handshake for that. It is my hope that everything will work out to preserve and renew this great series with its wonderful cast and brilliant crew. Your vision cannot be extinguished as we’ll fight for it to the very end. “Never give up, Never Surrender.” – Capt. Taggart, Galaxy Quest.

  45. Adding my voice to those urging you to use crowdfunding to make up for the gap in money. Science fiction fans are passionate like no others, as the spectacular success of Star Citizen’s crowdfunding (over $150 million) demonstrates. Even Star Trek fan films, with small niche audiences compared to Dark Matter, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars per campaign.

    Also, if sets must indeed be struck, I suggest preserving them in the form of high resolution photos suitable for greenscreen if possible. Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome achieved amazing production values on a budget of just $1 million per hour almost entirely without physical sets, and Sanctuary relied heavily on greenscreen as well.

  46. Hi Jo, how much money does your production need for 2 more seasons of Dark Matter?

  47. I’m wracking my brain to come up with an alternate universe where #DarkMatter returns, maybe a powerball winner is a fan. Ready to tweet Friday.

  48. Well here is to hoping for the wild card. I love this show and it seems crazy to me whats happened.

  49. it does not stop being Frustante everything, but long ago I learned that life is what is happening while we make plans, ELIMINATE OR REDUCE NOTHING this great show, we frustrate to all, if everything is reduced to give a small closure, all in the set, especially your cast and you, will do well, never as fans we will please that everything ends so lightly, but there will always be the gratitude, recognition and loyalty of this legion of fans, the whole world has that great gap that is the money. You are one of the people I like, dreamy with goals, If what comes in a short closing for the show, you will do well, LUCK TO EVERYBODY.

  50. All you need is one so there is still hope. If funds are the problem, why not do an project fundraiser

  51. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts with us – i have enjoyed reading this blog daily since I read of DM´s cancellation. Your situation this past few weeks could be light heartedly summed up by my all time favourite DM line delivered by Android in a wonderful Jamaican accent in season 1 episode 7 😉 .
    I hope you at least get to make a mini series now to tie up the most important loose ends however as Veronica Mars showed your industry – crowd funding can work well when its all really good people involved all pulling in the same direction and could even deliver enough for 26 episodes.
    It was my desire to know what the no-nonsense decisive morally focused 2 (of seasons 1 & 2 ) would do next that got me hooked on DM ( and the way 1 was written out was perfect to give 2 enough space ) . And its the genius of the best episodes like 3´s time loop & the satisfying ´´ Isnt that a Paradox ´´ that makes me sad that you dont get those 26 back-back episodes that would allow more such character revealing stories

  52. CROWDFUNDING!!!! Go to someone with a huge crowdfunding campaign and they couldn’t say no!! Ask your fans and see what happens! You might be surprised.

    1. YES I have been saying this for days now… Joe thoughts on this OPEN QUESTION….Please

  53. You might have only one deal left… but you only need one deal Joe! All fans please cross every set of fingers, toes and pair of eyes… this one negotiation thats left… mighy actually be the ONE!!

    Doesnt matter what you are looking for… its ALWAYS in the last place you look!

  54. I was thinking last night – and eight episode mini series is the better part of a regular season. It wouldn’t really allow for any standalone episodes like the wonderful 304 and 309, but hopefully it would allow a fairly decent wrap up. Here’s hoping.

    1. Duh 😀 If 2hr episode then it’s not episode anymore, but a movie.. 😛 6-8 that length would be silly. Of course great for fans, but just silly to produce. I’m still hoping for at least 1x Season with 10-13 that some stage sets are gone or going away today. Hopefully Joe can buy some time like he wrote above ^^ No matter the outcome prop. some more Tears come today :/ Never felt like this with any other serie.

      Still feel Bad for some ppl who worked with DM didn’t release DM Merchandise in early Sep. for us to help with negotiations by giving 100-300k $ & also fans receiving like Dark Matter shirt with Signatures.. :/ I know that it’s a big process to do such thing, but still..

      *Whimpers into corner to hope..*
      #ItsAFanThing #DarkMatterMatters #DarkMatterIsLove

  55. Yeah I don’t get it because you said that the gap was too wide but I believe it would be fairly easy for kickstarter or another crowdsourcing to shore that gap up… can we at least try that?

  56. This is breaking my heart. I decided that I can’t let the show die and so much time on my hands I want to try to start an online network to keep DM going and I myself have computer and business knowledge and also know about proposals I need people with knowledge about tv and getting investors or who would be candidates to invest and such to help me. I’m not interested in making tons of money, I just am interested in giving DM a home! If you want to help see my post over at /r/darkmatter titled Some Questions I have about Networks/programmes

  57. Kickstart it! Do it! Do it now! You’ll make your goal in no time. If any project deserves a kickstarter at this point it’s dark matter. The fans want an end!

  58. Ugh. I’m holding onto this big IF that something big is going to happen. We’re away this week with spotty internet so was hoping that I’d log onto good news.

  59. I am still holding my breath for a season 4 or 5 but it is not looking good. If the series is definitely over is there any hope of releasing the “last 2 seasons” in book format so that we can at least read how it all evolves and eventually ends? I for one do not like starting an adventure we or story and then not getting and ending!

  60. Well, I’m late to the party. Yeah…somehow at my age, I’m not surprised. Still, getting this option isn’t a bad one per say…but in all honesty, will you ever truly be satisfied by it?

    As a fellow artist, I know this isn’t ideal on many levels, but have you considered CGI? I know this is about as glamorous having robotized customer service. But in the long shot, it’s like factory investment (well, in the end it’s all about money, right? No surprise here). The CGI sets will pay itself. All you need is a team of CGI artists, maybe 20 to 50, depending on what kind of results you’re going for–with lots of OT. But this also brings about the dilemma of losing the original film-making magic and ultimately axing your wonderful crew of visual artists. Sadly, in the end, a leader must make sacrifices. :/

    Well, if the numbers are true, what about crowd-funding? It may not be much, but it is something worth looking into. I’m sure not 100% of the lot will be willing to donate–let’s be realistic–but if you get 60% globe-wise fanbase who are willing to, you are closer to the goal. Merchandise “bake sales” are even welcomed! I know I’m a willing party of one. If it doesn’t work out, I’m willing to boycott Syfy until they change their Traugott methods.

    As for Friday’s tweet storm, I wouldn’t miss it for the world…unless I’m trapped under some fridge and unable to reach my laptop. 😛

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never been this outraged by a cut. I hope you and your crew get some semblances of good news soon. This is been dragging on for way too long for you guys. Best of wishes.

  61. Best of luck with your next show Joe. I’m sure you’ll have the same success as you did with Dark Matter. It’s not your fault that you didn’t get your deserved fourth season, hopefully with your next show you don’t get the random BS cancelation after three seasons.

    Despite airing at 10pm, you were able to beat Defiance a few times during your first season in the 18-49 demo which just shows that you had a show viewers believed in. You can do that again.

  62. Yep, this has been one hell of a month. I can’t even think about losing those sets. I’d like to just sleep until October, damn you September! Gonna keep waving my banners for DM’s last stand. Fighting! Do I have room in my apartment for Ishida Cruiser?? I wanna say yes.

    The most fascinating thing this summer is Somewhere Between, ABC took a Korean Drama and turned it into a “limited series.” I’d love to see more Korean series turned into US shows; Nappeun Namja, Airiseu, Coffee Prince.

  63. Can we do a fan funded option? I haven’t met a fan yet who wouldn’t contribute…..

  64. I will empty my garage to house anything to save it from dismantling.

    @maggiemayday – Yes, IF is way better than NO. The eyes are resilient in healing. The bruising may be slow to go away, but you can always say you were in the fight to find Dark Matter a home. A very prestigious undertaking!

    1. “I will empty my garage to house anything to save it from dismantling.

      @maggiemayday – Yes, IF is way better than NO. The eyes are resilient in healing. The bruising may be slow to go away, but you can always say you were in the fight to find Dark Matter a home. A very prestigious undertaking!”

      Thanks, Sylvia.

      And wishing maggiemayday a speedy recovery!

    1. “where’s the Apple acquisition team? heard they want/need content. c’mon!”

      Alas, they’re aiming for original content.

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