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Several Good Reasons to Save the Galaxy – or At Least Dark MatterSeptember 12, 2017: The Dark Matter Latest!

Hey, looking to join the Dark Matter Fan Initiative?  Wondering what those Friday tweet storms are all about?  Read here for all the details:

Dark Matter FTL Drives – Those Rules Explained

Damn, that petition is really growing.  It’s now aiming for 50k signatures.  Take a moment to let ’em know you’re one of the many fans who want to see a season 4:

We Want Dark Matter Season 4

I dropped by the Production offices today and decided to do a little impromptu stage walk-thru.  Yes, it’s plenty dark – so prepare to tweet your hearts out this Friday night and help turn the lights back on The Raza!



Alas, that conference call scheduled for today was pushed to tomorrow.  But some parallel discussions planned for tomorrow were pulled up to today.  Some very positive rumblings but, again, I caution all to temper their expectations.  I will say this however – my outlook has improved to “not so negative”.

BTW – We have a bunch of fun events planned for this Friday.  Can’t say too much at the moment, but prepare for a major good time.

I leave you with some Dark Matter fan love…

 with some killer designs.  Wouldn’t they look great on a t-shirt? Hey, teefury, just saying…

September 12, 2017: The Dark Matter Latest!September 12, 2017: The Dark Matter Latest!

@tarrahlayne graces us with more words and wonder…

September 12, 2017: The Dark Matter Latest! September 12, 2017: The Dark Matter Latest!

@ItsLovelyLeigh with a gorgeous piece… 

September 12, 2017: The Dark Matter Latest!

 @Ashen_pain with much love for Melissa O’Neil’s TWO…


September 12, 2017: The Dark Matter Latest!


20 thoughts on “September 12, 2017: The Dark Matter latest!

  1. “Not so negative.” I’ll take it! Next step is cautiously uncertain! I do hope all goes well tomorrow and each step forward, however small, is still some progress.

    Looking forward to Friday! I actually taking Friday off as I had an extra day of vacation to burn off before my retirement next Wednesday. I can’t believe it’s so close!

  2. I think I can speak for all fans when I say you and everyone involved with the show are incredible. How you keep up with all of it and remain so positive is a mystery to me, but I wish you could bottle it. I’d buy it all.

  3. I’m excited to keep this train rolling. “Not so negative” is not the worst jumping off point. Lets get all of Team Raza fighting until we don’t need to fight any more!

  4. So If I understand well You are Here 😀
    – – – – – – – – – – ↓++++++++++
    I’m Here——————>↑
    Dont Wrap my thing lol

  5. Well said @Thogar totally think the same 🙂 I hope that Joseph & Paul would come up with beauty Dark Matter merchandise. I would love to have a Shirt with Raza Crew Logo on it <3 Original Crew without One & Raza ship on the background.. Maybe some Inc. alien ships somewhere behind.. 🙂 Btw after "can't use IF" Dark Matter saved by some Network "Or Streaming Service & i would love Network more" It would be great if Ship Android given a name. That name would be "Raza" o/

    Talked with a friend about & we were talking about Androids in Sci-Fi series. Data from Star Trek & Andromeda's Android played by beautiful Lexa Doig. Andromeda's Android called as: Andromeda Ascendant. Talented & beautiful Zoie's Android would be good with Raza name cause linked with ship. Not same way as Ascendant, but still is 🙂

    Blog Post that provides Brent Spiner's Zoie Praise Tweet "At top of the Blog & click it" & useful Network Contact links & Cool Scene video at bottom 🙂 https://www.gamespot.com/profile/blog/help-to-find-new-home-for-beauty-dark-matter-unity/26090335/ 10-13 Eps Per Season on 2x seasons would be sweet deal & maybe further with good support <3 For sure we FANS keep spreading the word once get Rescued 🙂 Take care all & Pls send Mail, Share & care o/

    United We Stand & love Raza Crew <3 "Also talented Writer & Production Crew hehe" 🙂

  6. You know what? I wish the companies who thought bringing back Twin Peaks and X-Files et. al. after 20 years in limbo, hadn’t made such a complete hames of it.

    The time to bring back a classic good show, is 5 minutes after you made the mistake of cancelling it. Not 20 years later when you’re the last person in the world to finally come around to realising it was an amazing show that deserves a decent ending. Argh. (Must not insult executives…. yet.)

  7. Pétition signée. Je retourne en vacances loin dans le bois (pas d’électricité ni téléphone ni sgnal radio) je vais donc manquer votre rapport de la rencontre de demain. Je lirai avec impatience le résultat de tous nos efforts. All the best! Fingers cross.

  8. This month has been very crappy so far, but I too have hope, I may try warbling “Black Ships Have Come To Take Me Home” on youtube since I have no drawin’ skills.

  9. I like the sound of ‘not so negative’.

    This Friday’s fun events are going to be awesome. Such a pity that I’ll not be able to join in this week, as I loved the tweet fest last time but I’ll be en route to Canada. Go #TeamRaza and storm Twitter and Reddit 👍

  10. Loved the show and all of the characters, hope another network will pick up the remaining two seasons!

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