Alright, Team Raza, we are heading into perhaps the most important week in Dark Matter history.  On the docket are not one, not TWO, but THREE  Dark Matter-related “events” that could turn things around for our little show.

People constantly ask me “What are the chances?” and I demur, not wishing to set expectations, but I can tell you this…things are looking quite a bit better following Friday’s staggering fan-driven tweet storm, and a hell of a lot better than two weeks ago when news of the cancellation first broke.

While we work the inside, you keep working the outside.  The louder you are online, the more ammunition you give us to get this one.  Join the Fan Initiative by following @DarkMatterFTL and keeping updated on their campaigns.  Rest up and prepare for another rally, because this week will be BIG!!!

There’s still an enormous challenge ahead of us, but face it with confidence knowing you have our back!

I leave you today with more of your amazing art… Click to see them in their full-size glory!

@Ashen_pain gives us a glimpse of that unglimpsed scene from the end of Episod 205, “We Were Family”…

September 10, 2017: Dark Matter Fandom Full Steam Ahead!

 nicely sums up what Dark Matter is all about…

September 10, 2017: Dark Matter Fandom Full Steam Ahead!

@ceresis64 has provided us with a promotional poster for season 4…

September 10, 2017: Dark Matter Fandom Full Steam Ahead!

@jsheaisaninja spotlights the ladies…

September 10, 2017: Dark Matter Fandom Full Steam Ahead!

@tarrahlayne composes a heartfelt rumination on a beloved crew member…

September 10, 2017: Dark Matter Fandom Full Steam Ahead!

36 thoughts on “September 10, 2017: Dark Matter Fandom Full Steam Ahead!

  1. It should be clear to all by now, perhaps even the decision makers at SyFy, that Dark Matter is something Special. It’s rare when you can marry hard science & rich character development into a show that touches the hearts of millions… remember fans, for every one of you there are a thousand more who silently loved the show.

    Let’s make this coming Friday something all of the Networks will have to sit up and take notice of. We have the power, rally your friends to help. So years from now you can look back and tell your children, “Yes, I was there & I made a difference… the Star Trek nerds just went to conventions”

    “We’re the crew of the Raza. You’re damn right we’re doing it”

  2. Yes, Joe! This is great news. Its not a definite yes but I’m so glad it seems our efforts are not in vain. Here’s to this week! We’ve got your backs till the end!

  3. One for all….and all for one. We got each other’s backs and we all keep moving forward one step at a time. #DarkMatter Team Raza Raza crew

  4. When my favorite shows go away before their time I usually have to suck it up and move on. But in this case I am over the moon with joy that I, and my fellow Dark Matter fans, are making a difference. I love the show and the characters and I REALLY want to see this thing through to the end. If I have to sign up to Netflix or subscribe to a channel I don’t currently get, I will do that.
    Let’s keep it up and get this thing done!!!

  5. The Storm Energy from The Fans and the DM “Studio” Is so strong that I can only see a Contract somewhere (s) Strikes and Thunders are all over the Web 🙂

  6. Man, if we pull this off.. I don’t even want to get my hopes up. Still, I’m pretty excited. Friday night was amazing as an event in itself! I have to wonder if heads at SYFY aren’t at least someone second guessing their decision.

    That fan art is so good. I wish I had that kind of artistic talent.

    Onward and upward!

  7. Y’know, even though I have Seasons 1 & 2 on Bluray AND through iTunes and Amazon streaming, I think I’ll just sign up for Netflix 1 month free and do a rewatch on their service. School is cancelled tomorrow (and probably Tuesday too) thanks to Irma. I’m caught up on grading papers, so I’ve got the time to sit and enjoy.

    Oh, and I live in Huntsville, Al, so we probably won’t have any bad effects from the storm. The school systems around here close at the threat of any weather other than a drizzle. You should see it in winter time, haha.

  8. This fan art is FANTASTIC!!!! The fan response on Friday was awe—-some. So many passionate fans. Wow Ceresis64 that is beautiful.

    Thanks Joe to giving us hope to keep the momentum going.

  9. That artwork is super!

    @Tam Dixon @Drea @maggiemayday @PBMom – My Twitter name is @gailspeed. Don’t ask. It makes no sense.

    I currently have 3 Followers. If ya’ll Follow me I will have 7 followers! Wow! Pretty awesome, right?!! ….Hello? ….Hello? …..hello………? 😆

    1. gonna look for you gailspeed.
      another don’t ask – my twitter name is Brunsnoop…lol

  10. Dear Mr Mazzolli : The news is encouraging! We need a big effort from everyone from last Friday and new tweeters to move the tweet northbound 200,000+ tweets. Rock the Raza! YHS, Mary & Richard Lord

  11. Thank you for always updating us. Raza Crew dont know what it means to give up. We are Warriors to the end. We will never give up the fight

  12. @maggiemayday – finally found you on twitter…following you.
    my Twittag is Brunsnoop…

  13. LOL, sylvia, I am surprised you could find @waywardantim! Good detective work!

    Anti M because I am an Aunt Margaret and that’s how my nephew spelled it years ago. Wayward from my Home for Wayward Art project. Whoot!

    Wow, that is some fantastic fan art. BRAVO!

  14. Well, most everyone is pitching in to get another season. If it doesn’t work, at least our regrets won’t be aimed at something we didn’t do. Does that sentence make any sense? I just remember the feeling of “what-if’s” when I have to say goodbye to a friend/pet. It’s the regrets that get me.

    Followed y’all, Sylvia, Ponytail, & Maggiemayday! That should help the next twitter campaign. Oh, and my son participated too. His twitter handle is @evandixon . Evan likes the show and overcame his distaste of twitter for DM. Yes, he gave up his evening with Zelda to more seasons! 🙂

    Oh, and Ponytail, how are your parents?

    Hanging in there Floridians? I was so relieved to see Irma fizzle out a little. Our rain from Irma starts tomorrow.

  15. Well, I’ve just set up a Twitter account, specifically to help with the hashtag trending efforts. Figured it’s the least I can do, apart from signing the petition of course, to help my favourite show survive. It would be something incredible if this really worked. Let’s do this! 😀

  16. @I have to wonder if heads at SYFY aren’t at least someone second guessing their decision.

    Wait until the Killjoys & Wynonna Earp pairing does dreadfully next Summer. The shows are not remotely compatible with one another. I personally think Dark Matter was the glue holding that bloc together at 9pm, it gave people a reason to keep watching.

    Dark Matter finding a new home, and the Friday bloc collapsing next Summer will be so satisfying to see happen.

  17. maybe a crossover would of helped to bring fanbases from darkmatter and killjoys together

  18. Whoa, those are some amazingly gifted artists! I guess it’s not a good time to clamor for a DM spinoff with Dr. StrangeAndroid and her deathbots running amok in the galaxy. And I’m I wrong to ship Five/Chase even more than I shipped Five/Arrian? Evil Chase is too darn cute.

  19. You can try to contact “xHamster”
    They currently have funds to take over Sense8, may also consider DM!

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