In a word: Wow!  Going into last night’s scheduled tweetfest, I was hoping we could double the numbers of the preceding dry-runs that tallied somewhere in the area of 29k-30k tweets.  Well, Dark Matter fans stepped up enmasse and did better.  MUCH better.  We didn’t just double those numbers.  Hell, we didn’t even triple those numbers.  Here were the results when I checked this morning –

September 9, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Rock The Raza…and Twitter!

Over 124k tweets!  And that number has climbed to over 140k in the last six hours.

We trended for over four hours in the U.S., held at #2 in Canada and L.A., and hit #1 New York!

Joining Dark Matter fans in our #RockTheRaza campaign were influencers from television, music, media, comics, and books.  It was amazing to see so many friends, new and old, throwing their support behind our little show.  So thanks to them, thanks to our incredible cast, and an extra big thanks to all of you. Especially those of you spent time in twitter jail.  Fear not.  Anthony Lemke has offered to bail you all out!

I gathered the aforementioned data and sent it along.  Confident it will go a long way toward impressing interested parties of the strength and scope of the Dark Matter fanbase (and hopefully showing “no longer interested parties” exactly what they’re missing).  We have a follow-up call on Tuesday and this enormous fan showing will no doubt be a hot topic of conversation.

As promised, I’ll keep you updated on this blog (Hell, it’s the least I could do for your incredible support!).

To get the latest on the campaign, follow @DarkMatterFTL  on twitter and also check out TeamRazaTV

Finally, let me leave you with just one of the amazing Dark Matter-related art works that made their debut during last night’s tweet storm, this one c/o Jonathan McFerran –

September 9, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Rock The Raza…and Twitter!

I’ll be featuring more in the days to come.

You did great.  Now rest up until the next battle, but please continue keep #DarkMatter alive on social media!

66 thoughts on “September 9, 2017: Dark Matter fans Rock the Raza…and twitter!

  1. I set three alarm clocks, so I wouldn’t miss this twitter storm…
    But 3 am is just a really bad time to wake up. I slept through all alarms.

    Would it bepossible to schedule something a little earlier in the night?
    Like 3 hours earlier? Maybe on a Friday/Saturday?

    Could you put in a good word with the planning committee? 😉

  2. Good it’s feel good reading this update post .Thanks Joe #DarkMatterFAN4EVER and beyond 😉

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated, Joseph! The twitter storm was actually SO MUCH FUN! I’m glad to hear that A: There are interested parties. And B: The actions of us loyal fans are helping impress said parties! I’ve never fought to keep a show around like this before. Good Sci-Fi shows are few and far between, and Dark Matter represents everything that made me fall in love with the genre in the first place, so I’ll do whatever I can to be able to experience the rest of the story. Lastly that Poster is awesome! I think I just found my new screensaver!

  4. I think we could have trended higher, but both Troy Gentry (half of Montgomery Gentry) and the incredible Don Williams died yesterday. Lots of grief in the country music community.

  5. Yea, I was checking Canada trending and we were #2 most of the night, but we were #1 for a short while. I hope Space Network saw that. Don’t know if you saw the map that @fanalysis publish, there even was a blip in the Atlantic a bit west of Cape Town. I check on google map and there is a british island there, Tristan da Cunha. It’s listed on Trip Advisor. Seems we had at least 1 person tweeting from there.

    Been part of such a huge social event is empowering, but once it done it make you wish you could do more.

  6. This is amazing! So happy to see all the support. I absolutely love this show and keep my fingers crossed that someone will pick up the remaining 2 seasons.

  7. That’s amazing, I hope something comes of this.

    And on another note, Florida is facing hell from Irma fairly soon. I hope each and every person who stayed behind for whatever reason survive it. Something like Irma which is the width of the entire state is frightening. I really can’t imagine the horrible stuff that’s about to come for those left behind.

  8. What were the international stats? Will that add weight? Especially considering it was the wee hours of the morning here at the time and we still showed up. The power of the Raza Crew 🙂

  9. Is it strange that I was almost moved to tears at times last night as I watched that count rise so much? It really brought home that this is not just like watching some average TV show, but that I’m part of a committed worldwide community. Just amazing. A big thanks goes out to you, Joe, and the folks on the “Dark Council” and @DarkMatterFTL for the coordination of these efforts. Without that, we would not be having nearly the impact. It was incredible that global reach that this effort has had.

    There was even someone tweeting in the South Atlantic somewhere away from the coast of South Africa. I can’t even find a land mass on the map for there, so maybe it was from the air? Wild.

    I hope that whoever is interested in the show takes into account that the people tweeting are only a sample of the total fan base, and they only a sample of all the people who actually watch the show. I assume they would have some statistical ratio for that, but who knows.

    Heh, I was one of the ones in Twitter jail (twice last night), but I’m completely unrepentant and I’ll do the same thing again. And again, as necessary!

    1. For grins…I clicked on the link above, and got this.
      DId we break it?
      Server error.
      Sorry, we had a problem. Please refresh this page and try again.

      Go to the Netflix homepage
      Go to the Help Center

  10. I finally got the chance to engage in the twitter storm last night. I normally am sleeping before heading into work at the scheduled time, but was called in 3 hours early and took the time while getting ready to drop in and tweet, retweet and tweet some more off and on for about 15~20 minutes. The response was awesome. Loved being part of the #RazaRage (new hashtag?) Let’s do it again next Friday. I’ll set my alarm. Cheers!! #DarkMatter #RockTheRaza #DarkMatterFTL


  11. I’m no television executive, but the number that really stands out to me is 46. 46% female! I guess that busts the myth that sci-fi is for men. Go ahead and tell me how Dark Matter is a man’s show. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my female fellow fans!

  12. @ maggiemayday – You have 9 Followers?? Wow you are so popular! I have 3… 😆

    Last night after tweeting for an hour, I was so exhausted, I fell asleep with the Twitter page still up and my computer mouse still gripped tightly in my cold stiff hand! 😆 I need to build up my twitter strength! (I’ve had Twitter since 2009 when Joe’s kids made me sign up – JellyMaxBubLu.)

  13. I spoke with Netflix today and explained 2 them just how wrong whats happening 2 Dark Matter!!!!
    And if the dummies on executive board of Syfy won’t let u stay then maybe Netflix or Amazon should.
    May the gods and goddesses be with you!!!

  14. Oh and thanks to all our Twitter Experts out there who offered instructions and advice on how to get it done, and how to “not pass Go and go directly to Jail”. Thank you!!

  15. Really happy with the responses! And the artwork/poster… holy Hannah, that is a sellable item! I’d buy it! Jonathan McFerran is missing his calling if he’s not in the business!

  16. Thanks for the update and stats. That was a lot of fun and we done good! Hope it got the attention of the right people.

  17. It was so much fun!! I couldn’t participate in the dry runs, so happy I could last night.

    Fully confident we’re finding a new home soon!

  18. It’s great to see that we have the possiblity to do something like that. When SG1/SGA/SGU/Firefly and all the others were canceled we didn’t have things like twitter and netflix/amazon.

    I hope this works out =)

  19. Sweet, I am in NY. That was half me. Lol, ok, I have no idea but of course but I think we are all ready for more. I mean, at least by Fri. 😉

  20. I started watching Dark Matter from Season 1 again, I highly recommend it. I remember being confused and puzzled for much of season one. Watching it again knowing what you know now, it’s almost a different story:
    – Why was Two so emotional about leaving the Android outside when she got zapped? She couldn’t even remember at an intellectual level, but at a gut level, she did. That bugged me the first time through.
    – The Android’s differences showed up from day one… And the impact of the crew members risking their lives for her started to shape her relationship…

    When season 4 gets picked up, it would be cool to have one show live and chat as we go along. That would be fun.

  21. Joseph, as a loyal fan I wish you continued success in pursuit of your dream. Finish the story.

  22. Dark Matter is one of the more intelligent programs offered in todays washed out entertainment venur. Having a possibility of directions in it plot to address real time issues with dignity. Cancellation would be so wrong in a world where we see so much cover up and disception normally Dark Matter MATTERS.

  23. Why is it that all the best shows are cancelled, but the reality shows get renewed time after time. I mean who really gives a damn about the K’s

  24. I tried to pre-write tweets on twitter dec but I don’t they went out. Any ideas on what went wrong Techie Blog friends?

    1. 😳 Didn’t go out. Sorry! I scheduled them for different times, within the hour window but I didn’t see them go out. I’ve never used twitterdec before.

  25. Dark Matter should never leave.It’s got awesome writers and the most heavenly. beautiful actress in all creation Jodelle. Ferland.

  26. @Ponytail … I;d follow you. LOL, two of my followers aren’t even people. One is a tour site, and the other is Fantasy Football. I find this very confusing.

  27. I like dark matter try to keep it on do season4 or add episodes to season 3

  28. My favorite show. I included the syfy channel when we subscribed to Dish. Now they cancel. It is a great series. Don’t understand the reasons for the cancellation. I wish they would bring 1 back for 2.

  29. Hey All Dedicated Huge beauty Dark Matter Fans 🙂

    Check out my Blog about beautiful Dark Matter o/ It has Addresses where to send New Home Request mails & other cool links. Also Tweet made by talented Brent Spiner “Data from ST” where he praised Zoie’s work as Ship’s Android <3
    At bottom is a great Clip where talented Anthony Lemke talks some other language with Android 🙂 We know that Anthony speaks few languages fluently & was so cool to see that on this amazing episode.

    Waiting to buy multiple seasons Blu Ray package & hope that Joseph & Prod. Crew would come up with some Dark Matter merchandise idea so we could support like that. Help with Production costs that is 🙂

    I have written to several Networks & often tweet for them 🙂 Such Quality Sci-Fi as Dark Matter won't be tossed down by weird Syfy Suits when we have something to say about it o/ We need DM upto 5th season with 13x eps. per season like was before Dumb move happened. Mayb even further when has good support. Remember to write mails provided on that Blog & Share Petition.

    #UnitedWeStand \ o /

  30. great showing all!! So happy to see this support for Joe and Dark Matter 🙂

  31. Dear Mr Mazzolli : We fans really stepped up last Friday. Are we going to b do the tweet storm on this coming Friday 15 September 2017 @9pm eastern time? If so, my wife, Mary, and I wI’ll tweet again. YHS, Mary & Richard Lord

  32. Hot dang that’s awesome! I just know Dark Matter will be picked up somewhere. It’s just too great a show to be left hanging like this. Thanks @Josephmallozi for all your hard work and to the cast who are all just incredible.

  33. Dark Matter is one of the best shows on Sify right now,in my opinion. I hope there will be more episodes in the future.

  34. Fans of Star Trek had little voice when Paramount made one of the dumbest moves in television History in Cancelling an epic series. Dark Matter fans at least have the ability to make their collective voice known to SyFy, Netflix and others. Thanks to all the fans for any efforts to save my favorite show and the reason I looked forward to Friday nights.

    I watched Alien Covenant last night and was struct by how predictable the writing was compared to Dark Matter. While I pray the Series can be rescued, I can totally see the crew of the Raza in their own feature films.


  35. @ChrisPa1975 Wow, three am sounds rough, my only delay in connecting was having to do CPR on my old twitter account, which Twitter pretty much wiped out. My cool Starbuck avatar is gone, sniff.

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