September 5, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Get Ready To Storm The Castle!

Last night – Jeff Teravainen (Lieutenant Anders), me, Tamsen McDonough (Lucy), Thom Allison (Preemptively), and Sean Baek (Fancy Lee).  Sadly, this the closest we’ll ever come to that proposed Dark Matter/Killjoys crossover.

Okay, here’s the latest on this Friday night’s tweet storm.  Apparently, the plan is to rewatch Dark Matter’s first episode at the appointed time.  I’ll be joining in – as members of the cast, so if you have questions for them, hit ’em up!

The Dark Council has forwarded me the following heads up in advance of Friday night’s event –September 5, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Get Ready To Storm The Castle!

Get updates on the Dark Matter fan campaign by following: @DarkMatterFTL

Alright, #TeamRaza, it’s crunch time.  We have less than two weeks to get this done!

Hey, the question of the day: How many of you who don’t presently have a Netflix subscription would get one if they picked up Dark Matter for a fourth season?

Asking for a friend.

Ah, hell, why don’t you let my friend know directly at @netflix

Much respect and appreciation to all the fans who are making their voices heard. The Dark Matter cast and crew continue to be amazed by your passion, your perseverance, and your sometimes…pointed and creative commentary!  Oh, also the artwork.  Loving the artwork…

September 5, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Get Ready To Storm The Castle!

by Jonathan McFerran

September 5, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Get Ready To Storm The Castle!

September 5, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Get Ready To Storm The Castle!

September 5, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Get Ready To Storm The Castle!


September 5, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Get Ready To Storm The Castle!

September 5, 2017: Dark Matter Fans Get Ready To Storm The Castle!

74 thoughts on “September 5, 2017: Dark Matter fans get ready to storm the castle!

  1. I do not have Netflix, but would definitely subscribe if they pick up Dark Matter! I’ve already told Netflix that, but will do so again!

  2. Just tweeted your “friend” to let them know, I’d get a second account for mother, if they’d pick it up. 😛

  3. In praise of the Raza …she must FTL again …. g

  4. What about international fans? There were times suggested for us to all tweet but if we’re not to use the appointed hashtag before 9pm your time; what’s the plan for us? I love Dark Matter but I’m too old to stay up till 2am to join the live watch of S1E01 🙂

  5. I would have no hesitation in subscribing to Netflix if they showed Dark Matter Season 4/5. Text to ‘friend’ on its way…

    Love the artwork!
    So many different styles and fan-tastic imagination/creativity in each. Brilliant!

  6. I’ve actually emailed Netflix about this; I join their service for a couple of months, leave for a while, join again for a month or two, you get the picture. ‘Dark Matter’ on Netflix would 100% guarantee my subscription.

    Also, Netflix doesn’t stream ‘Dark Matter’ here in the UK (I don’t know about other European countries).
    It might be worthwhile getting European fans to be even more vocal about the show so Netflix can see there’s worldwide appeal that they can tap into.

  7. strangely Netflix here dosesn’t show Dark Matter (and of Killjoys only the first season). But I’ll tweet it when needed.

  8. Question: where do we watch Dark Matter Episode 1 on Friday for the campaign? Anywhere specific? Or just on Netflix? Just want to be sure to watch where it counts! Thank you! Good Luck!

  9. Oh another Question: Who should we target with tweets besides @Netflix? can you give us some other options to tweet also? thanks!

  10. Is it wrong that I’m kind of excited about this? Even if it winds up that no one picks up the show, at least we’ll go out in a white hot blaze of glory!

    That fan art is all great. I wish I had that kind of talent.

  11. I don’t have Netflix, but I would not hesitate to sign up to watch Dark Matter.

  12. I left Netflix a couple of years ago, due to (*grumble*) financial woes, but since solving my monetary issues have yet to re-subscribe.
    Between Freeview TV and Amazon Prime, I’ve not felt the need.

    Kimmy Schmidt is tempting, as is Stranger Things..
    .. but this would definitely push me over the edge!!

  13. Fantastic artwork. I would definitely subscribe to Netflix. Team Raza lives!

  14. I didn’t realize how invest I was in this show till I heard news of the cancellation and literally wept. I’ve been sad about shows being canceled in the past, but never moved to actual tears. There is something special, a soul, that makes Dark Matter much more than the sum of its parts. I feel a genuine emptiness when I think of losing my adventures with the crew of the infamous Raza…. I know it all comes down to money, but he viewers, who invest their time AND money into these shows, should have a say. Or at the least our feelings considered. Keep up the fight Joe and the Dark Councel, I’ll be right beside you!

    1. I didn’t shed actual tears but everyone around me has heard about me getting stabbed in the back by SyFy. I totally agree with this comment wholeheartedly.

  15. I know it doesn’t matter as much but Netflix is how I watch Dark Matter. I can’t afford the price increase that my cable company wants to include SyFy but Netflix has a history of good programming, including having saved another favorite of mine, Longmire. They have my good opinion. SyFy, not so much.

  16. The fan art is pretty good!

    We love Netflix! Since we’ve cut the cable cord, I haven’t missed network television yet. Syfy is in my rear view mirror.

    How are things on the home front?

  17. Forgot to add: All those Floridian blog people, I’m sending prayers that Irma fizzles out.

    1. Thanks @Tam: Hoping I get to storm the castle with you all on Friday, but the way it looks right now I may be having to evacuate my castle on Friday instead.
      Some scientists have reported Irma had even exceeded a Cat 5 hurricane at some point earlier this evening.

      Yep. Here’s hoping her temper cools a bit before making landfall.

  18. I have Netflix and have been searching it, but did not find Dark Matter. Is it on the Canadian Netflix or only American?

      1. Hi Joe – Thanks for replying to my Netflix question. I sat down last night to fiddle around with it and did find my way to Dark Matter. I imagine it will be just a matter of time before Season 3 will be included… and hopefully, seasons 4 & 5. The media is changing so quickly and viewers’ tastes are changing so much that one can clearly see a shift to other platforms. Netflix is quite convenient to viewing just about anything. Sadly, I’ve been hoping to see “A Dog’s Breakfast” movie with David Hewlett and have not been able to find it. I seem to remember seeing it listed on Netflix before I got it, on someone else’s TV, but it’s gone now.

        Which brings me to another issue. How long does it take for something listed to disappear. My fear is that just when you’re getting into a series, or what have you, it would be taken off with no warning. This is just another version of a well-liked show being cancelled. Not good…leads to TV paranoia ;-).

  19. Aside from my friend at work raving about Netflix, I have been thinking about checking it out for a short time period. If they acquired Dark Matter, that would be what would put me over the edge to getting Netflix for a longer period.

    I figured out what the “Fy” in SyFy stands for…… “Fu@# You” 😆

  20. Yeah, I’d definitely have to sign up for Netflix if they pick up Dark Matter for S4.

  21. I have been using sling watch and it is a totally unstable platform. I’ll change gladly.

  22. Let’s burn those hard drives! I already have a netflix account but there is a problem with foreigners. I’m from Spain and netflix won’t broadcast dark matter to my country. I was willing yo buy a syfy subscription just for this serie but they lost me.

    I have some friends that would buy a Netflix account and blurays if they take Dark Matter to Spain . I can cheat Netflix with a vpn, but i would love to hear the raza crew dubbed to my language.

  23. Just want to mention this article on Game of Thrones’ astounding piracy statistics as measured by the piracy monitoring firm MUSO:

    If MUSO has similar statistics on Dark Matter, they could be useful in pitching the argument to Netflix that the series is more popular than its Nielsen ratings indicate. Obviously the statistics won’t be anywhere near GoT’s, but they could still be impressive, as Dark Matter used to rank high on KickAssTorrents’ lists of most-shared TV shows (before KickAssTorrents shut down). As I argued in my book “Hey Netflix! Save Stargate Universe!”, Netflix claims to convert large numbers of pirates to honest consumers, so acquiring shows that are popular with pirates should result in large numbers of signups.

    I can provide screenshots to you showing Dark Matter S01E02 and S01E13 in the first and third positions on KickAssTorrents’ TV show category, respectively, if they would be helpful in making your case.

    I already subscribe to Netflix myself, but new episodes of Dark Matter would help ensure that I continue my subscription.

      1. Joe, I looked into MUSO, but it looks like an industry report not readily available to the public. I was only able to view a sample report that didn’t list specific shows. I’m sorry I can’t find more. I’ll keep digging.

        1. Tim, I agree that MUSO seems intended to provide piracy reports to content creators/owners, not the general public. I suggested it because Joe might be able to request a report from them on Dark Matter’s piracy.

          Meanwhile, I have sent Joe screenshots from KickAssTorrents showing various first-season Dark Matter episodes with rankings from #1 to #4 in the TV Shows category.

          1. Confession time, Joe.

            I am a Netflix subscriber, whose Internet service provider delivers ~0.3 to 0.5 mb/s download speed. It takes 3-4 hours to watch a 42 minute episode of anything with constant pauses for buffering until the internet chokes up and stalls altogether. It’s like the internet used to be on dial-up, here at the end of the road,

            I AM honestly paying for the content, but I download the torrents for anything I want to see on Netflix. Once I found Dark Matter via Netflix, I was hooked, and downloaded S01 and S02 Torrents, then harassed friends of mine with Sat TV to let me come over and watch S03 at their houses. No cable available here, and I cut the cord to my dish more than 3 years ago.

            I do hope this story has a happy ending, and I hope that happy ending includes Netflix and including Netflix in Canada.

            We’re not done with you, yet.

            Charge weapons. Let’s get this done.

  24. but what about UK fan’s? when do we join the tweet campaign. I mean i want to help as i love Dark matter but i also don’t want to wait up till 3-4 am.

  25. I would get a Netflix account to watch dark matter, and I would buy the seasons on Google play. I can’t wait to see what #razacrew can do together! Thanks for making a fantastic show sir.

  26. I totally would if I didn’t already have Ntflx. I love sci fi on Netflix, I’m always discovering something new, and it would be cool to see the Raza unfettered by the snares of network TV. I breathed life into my twitter account and I’m ready for Friday, woo hoo!

  27. I’m really sad for the show. You deserved much better than this Joe, your show had the largest overall audience of the Friday shows. It feels like each and every person that gave a damn about Dark Matter has been sucker-punched by this move.

    Please don’t give up, find Dark Matter a new home and outlast Killjoys and Wynonna Earp. Make each and every a-hole that thought ending a popular show like Dark Matter was a good idea how wrong they truly were.

  28. Don’t know if it will help but I am a Netflick member and I emailed them urging them to show more Dark Matters. Also signed the other petition.

  29. I’ve been wondering about ways to capture the fans attention and give them something to be excited about. So how about putting up the audition tapes of the Dark Matter cast?

    Think that this would generate a lot of attention all around as it is something new and Dark Matter related and I bet everyone would be thrilled to see those.

    The best way – the Dark Matter way (!) – to release them would of course be one every day, in the order of the main characters woke up from stasis…

    What do you think?

  30. I do not have Netflix, but I have been thinking of getting a subscription. If they do give Dark Matter a new season, I WOULD ABSOULTELY get one.

  31. Already a Netflix subscriber and have been for decades. Thank you Netflix for also saving Longmire

  32. I’ll start to watch Season 1 and 2 again on Netflix. Although I already subscribe to Netflix for Season 4. Team Raza lives

  33. Would definitely get an account if they pick up Dark Matter, that I can promise !
    Will tell my friends.
    Can we do that ? Of course, we’re the crew of the Raza !

  34. Netflix, please save Dark Matter. Save this show. Make this show continue with the story

  35. Totally Dark Matter get on Netflix, they win me over and would subscribe to them!!! Lets make this a done deal raza crew!!!

  36. I got hooked on Dark Matter BECAUSE of Netflix. Binged the first season.

  37. Left Netflix when they split up the mail and stream services. Would rejoin in a Blink for dark matter

  38. Big mistake! You have many good plot lines and strong charactures in Dark Matter that i just dont get it! Still syfy your loss! Stupid is as stupid does. And oh, guys wanting to carry this forward, steve and robbie armel raised mney for a film from fans! We will meet the costs.

  39. It was dusty, sat in a corner for about four years, but my Twitter has been wiped clean, ready for the work ahead!

  40. Joseph! I’ve loved everything you’ve been apart of. From The Outer Limits, to Stargate and Dark Matter with everything else in-between.

    I was devastated each and everytime your hand in these shows came to an end.

    With my love of your work, original sci-fi and the great adventure that is Dark Matter; I ask that you forward my sentiments onto Netflix (i don’t use social media) that I will wholeheartedly subscribe IF they pick up Dark Matter for either a 2 hour movie or a 4th season that gives us closure.

    IF they do this; then I’ll stick around as a subscriber after Dark Matter.

  41. I love the way these actors Jel. I’m a big fan of the show from the beginning and I would follow the crew into dark matter if I could. Five is my favorite!!

  42. I have Netflix. I love this show .crossing fingers.
    56 year old Brown Coat needs more Dark Matter.

  43. I watch Dark Matter on Netflix all the time. It’s on my list. Love you guys!

  44. I’m loving the fan art! So many talented people out there.

    S1 Ep1 on Friday night at 9:00 EST. It’s show time!! Or should I say “time to show your support”!

    Long live the Raza crew!

  45. Oh, BTW, I have Netflix in part due to Dark Matter. But I also own the DVD’s and have all the episodes downloaded from iTunes. And I still watch them on Netflix.

    I have several co-workers who only have Netflix (no cable or other streaming services) and watch Dark Matter and are eagerly waiting for S3. It’s been quite hard avoiding spoilers.

  46. I’ve thought about getting Netflix, but haven’t yet, looking into options other than cable and satellite – if they picked up Dark Matter, that would be a definite yes to getting Netflix, would swing that pendulum over to them!

  47. Was this decision made on ratings only or other factors?

    I mean NBC cancelled JAG after 1 season
    JAG was picked up by CBS.
    It lasted another 9 seasons there
    AND gave birth to the NCIS spinoffs

    NBC lost ALOT in revenue.

    Another road:
    Is there a popular advertiser that we could boost?
    (Kind of like Save Chuck Campaign – many fans went to subway)

    Maybe send receipts or box tops/package wrappers to the execs or even tweet pics with said item?

    I mean in the end the bottom line is what matters right?

  48. If dark Matter and Killjoys are dropped by SyFy channel, then I and my friends will only have one SyFy show to watch. I guess less ad-rev for SyFy channel.

    -C.K. Prothro

  49. We already have a petition. I think its three thousand strong at last glance. Get Space to keep you on the air, cause we’re still watching. I have the first two seasons, i want to eventually have them all. If Netflix is the only way, ill get a subscription just for dark matter. I’d rather it stay on basic cable though. More people to see it.

  50. Don’t have Twitter or Netflix. Been thinking about getting Netflix. Dark Matter would put me over the top.

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