11 thoughts on “August 29, 2017: Behind the scenes on Dark Matter!

  1. Slightly off subject, but everyone should check out Ellen Wong in Netflix’s GLOW. She’s so completely different you’ll hardly recognize her! And it’s the only way to see her on TV that I know of. (Y’know, besides watching DM reruns, which is a great idea!)

  2. Those fight scenes must be so hard to not actually hit each other. Anyone accidentally hit someone this past season?

  3. This Nashville statement thing, no words. So much intolerance, bigotry and general a-holeness all in one statement. It caught my eye as it’s trending on twitter and hasn’t been well received by most to say the least.

  4. @KathyC, the fight scenes make me think of the latest with Tom Cruise and getting hurt while doing your own stunts, which leads to having to shut down filming while a main actor heals. Joe, your production have any policies on doing your own stunts?

    @Tam – So sorry to hear about your family’s loss. Unimaginable sadness. Keeping all in prayer.

    @PBMom – Also praying for your family and everyone devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Hope your area is somehow spared from the flooding.

  5. Thanks Thogar! I’ll check out Glow.

    When do you move? I know you’re renting for a while but have you found any good properties to consider buying?

    We are getting the remnants of Harvey today/tomorrow. My heart goes out to Texas. NOLA still hasn’t completely recovered from Katrina and it’s been 12 years! I just pray FEMA has it’s act together this time. They can’t claim inexperience now.

    The police haven’t caught the driver yet in my niece’s hit & run but they have found the car abandoned. I don’t hold out any hope that the person has insurance or can pay anything. The big goal would be to get him off the roads.

  6. I fourth the thumbs up for Glow on Netflix, Ellen is terrific, the show was so fun I watched the documentary it was based on, a very cool flashback to the late eighties.

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