23 thoughts on “August 17, 2017: I’m just going to leave this right here…

  1. I’ve never heard of some of those shows.

    I can’t believe that the Dallas Cheerleaders are up so high.

    What I can believe is that Dark Matter will be totally be renewed with those kinds of numbers.

  2. Well deserved Joe! Dark Matter is the Best sci-fi show currently produced for sure. Glad to see the numbers support the quality, imagination, creativity that DM brings to the fans each week. Hope Syfy renews and gives you 20 eps a season!

  3. When do networks announce renewals anyway?

    I’ve been out of the regularly scheduled programming loop since I’ve fallen down the Netflix rabbit hole and tend to binge watch shows when they’re done for the season. I know, I know, bad for ratings, but now I’m an avid fan of DM – caught up with seasons 1 and 2 in a week and have programmed season 3 to record – and I have to heartily agree that this show is a breath of fresh air. Tightly plotted with the long game in mind, intriguing and surprising character development, and the humor! Oh, man, the humor! Each episode is a true gem and – dare I say it? – I think it’s surpassing Firefly for this fangirl.

    Bring on season 4 and 5!!!

  4. Remember the 70’s? One of the reasons I hate the Dallas Cowboys today is because of their cheerleaders. I don’t really know why…maybe it was that Love Boat appearance.

    The numbers speak for themselves! WooHoo!

  5. @Tam Dixon: I’m pretty sure we found out about the S3 renewal last yr around Labor Day weekend. I remember discussing with Anthony and Roger as I mercilessly stalked poor Anthony. I was so excited to meet Anthony, Roger, Melissa, Jodelle & Zoie last yr!

    I’m hoping SyFy just goes ahead and gives a renewal for S4 & S5 to allow Joe the opportunity to see his “baby” come to fruition.

  6. Great job by everyone involved with Dark Matter. Thanks for providing some awesome shows. Keep up the good work.

  7. PLEASE GET RENEWED! I’m just catching up on this show on Netflix, and wow, love the line and the build-up to it from S2E2, “Kill Them All” Wow, awesomely done. Love the mystery, action and acting on each show. Keep up the great work!

    Curious, does Netflix views count? Meaning, if it does well on Netflix too, would that support a greater chance of getting another 2 Seasons? Meaning, revenue in first airings + off-network syndication + Netflix?

  8. Congrats Joe! Most definitely very well deserved And Yay! GO DM fans!
    (((U GUYS ROCK!!!)))

    @Tam Please give Jo’s sweet babies an extra warm loving ear rub from me
    if they decide to venture out of hiding while everyone is at the house.

    So Cool about DM , eh?! <3
    Pretty sure you and I both have need for a hearty dose of humor
    and happy news to cheer ourselves up, at the moment.

    I actually attempted to post this under yesterdays blog entry,
    but unfortunately it disappeared into the ether the very instant I hit the post comment button. As it turns out, this proved to be a blessing in disguise,
    as I did not realize ( until long 'after') I'd completely neglected
    to copy and paste the comedic punchline at the end of it
    that made the whole conveyance of this particular, IRL incident
    so all at once pathetic and adorably laugh out loud worthy.

    Anywhooo, -while not quite as funny as my original,
    slightly exaggerated, relaying of it ,
    I'm pretty sure you'll get the comedic gist of it.

    Hope it lends ya a nice giggle, to help carry you today.

    xo Hugs xo
    Yesterday morning, not realizing it was National Joke Day,
    I checked my inbox and noticed a couple dozen unread emails from various individual, but mutually acquainted, pals and that the subject field was left blank in all. With the exception of holidays and special occasions,
    Its extremely unusual for so many pals to be writing me all at the same time
    And even more suspiciously strange that 'none' elected to include a conversation topic in the subject line.

    My thoughts immediately gravitated to the most horrible dread!

    "Oh no! They are writing to convey another loved one has passed away".

    My heart absolutely sank as I clicked to open the first email in the queu.

    Albeit, there was only one word enclosed ….


    I then opened the second email. Again —- Boobs!
    The 3rd … Boobs.
    The 4th, the 5th & 6th email …… Boobs. … Boobs!…..
    BOOBS! ….BOOBS!!………………BOOBS!!! …………………………
    In every single one of the two dozen missives there was nothing but
    Big Bold BOOBS!

    By the time I finally finished opening all the emails, I was so frustrated and exhausted, I gathered them all up into one group email conversation
    and replied:

    "Why couldn't you have simply been writing to tell me someone near and dear has died".

    Their reply: That's not funny.

    Me: No, of course it isnt
    … But neither is the sad state of my sagging, old lady boobs.

  9. Great numbers! Hmm, maybe the reason why any word on a S4 renewal is taking so long is that they’re debating whether to give the S5 renewal at the same time? Maybe??? *crossing fingers*

  10. Well, it would be nice if sciffy renewed you then, wouldn’t it?

    I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of them dragging their feet on renewals from Amanda about Sancuary and others plus experienced them yourself on SG.
    It’s a classic sciffy move.

    I’m guessing DM is dependent on the Sciffy money to make the show despite other markets and sources, right?

  11. Congratulations! Those are some good ratings. Crossing my fingers for renewal! xx I love the show!

  12. Congrats to your ratings battle. I just was at the Mall of America (or as we locals say, Mega mall). They have a new Tim Hortons Donut stop. I would post a picture but it won’t take. South Park and Big Bang Theory were right; the Canadians are coming.

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