August 16, 2017: Dark Matter Season 4 Preview!

As we impatiently await word on that fourth season pickup, I thought it might be fun to give you all a little hint as to what lies ahead in the show’s fourth (and, if all goes as planned/hoped, penultimate) season.

No spoilers here, just tantalizing teasers for the next chapter of our space operatic epic!

Episode 401: Enemies are allies and allies are enemies.  Or are they?  Rebecca. Kryden.  Fallout!

Episode 4o2: The Anders op.  Once more unto the breach.

Episode 403: The Raza pre-mindwipe story.

Episode 404: FIVE’s family reunion.

Episode 405: Okay, seriously.  THIS has GOT to be a paradox!  Dangers, drive-ins, and disco.

Episode 406: Agents of G.A.  The Extraction.

Episode 407: FIVE in Wonderland.  Stargate alumnum guest star?

Episode 408: The Reunion.  Electus Corp.

Episode 409: Once and Future.

Episode 410: SDC joint op.  The Takedown.  One, maybe two, Stargate alumnum guest star(s)?

Episode 411: Power play.  The betrayal.

Episode 412: Safeguarding Rebecca’s secret.

Episode 413: Upheaval.  New Order.  Setting up the shows fifth and final season…

August 16, 2017: Dark Matter Season 4 Preview!

Come on, fandom.  Let SYFY know you want a season 4!

(P.S. And a special thanks to fandom for the awesome artwork).

35 thoughts on “August 16, 2017: Dark Matter season 4 preview!

  1. Thanks Ponytail & Drea. I appreciate all of you so much! Drea, I sent you a pm with the details. I don’t want to drag the blog down.

  2. Eeeee … Tantalising teasers!? OMG Joe! My imagination is running away with itself, into FTL and beyond….
    (I had my heart in my mouth briefly as I read Episode 410 – realised it was just how the sentence printed out on the blog 😶)

    I know I’m going to repeat what everyone else has been saying but wakey, wakey SYFY!! – RENEW DARK MATTER for heavens sake!!!!

  3. Loving the Season 4 teasers – Androids, Aliens AND Anders! 😎

    Many thanks for posting my fanart 😊
    It’s nice to see more people are tweeting their fanart on Fridays to promote #RenewDarkMatter

  4. *Evil Linguist personality comes to fore*
    “Alumnum,” Joe? Are you creating new words in a dead language?
    *Gilder beats Evil Linguist with virtual dictionary*

  5. *Evil Linguist returns with head bowed*
    OK, I Googled; “alumnum” is a neuter form of “alumnus /alumna” (singular). Since actors have gender, though, I suggest “alumnus” where the specific person /gender is not known.
    *Gilder nods in agreement and gives Evil Linguist her chocolate protein pudding*

  6. Wow, it sounds like it’s shaping up to be yet another awesome season. I have to believe that sensible heads will prevail and S4 will be a reality.

  7. Awesome artwork!! Great job!

    Today is National Tell a Joke Day. Here is a cute one I saw:

    What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed?

    Oh sheet.

    1. @Ponytail I told your joke to my young nephew, Sami, this morning. He loved it and wanted to send you this one:

      Have you heard the rumour about butter?
      Sorry, I shouldn’t spread it …

  8. If Syfy is smart, they will greenlight season 4 and 5 together in some package deal.

    It would be kind of idiotic to do a season 4 and then put a question mark on the final season.

    Creatively, i think Season 3 is the best one yet and hitting on all cylinders. Somehow after the Window of Opportunity episode this season, it really just took off.

    1. The story I have planned arcs over five seasons. I’m not saying a different version of the show could go on, but it would do so without me. I want to pay off all the stories I’ve set up and give fans the ending I’ve been sitting on for five years now.

      1. Oh wow! That’s admirable but also as a fan of course MORE DARK MATTER MEANS BETTER! lol (It wouldn’t even be the same without you though). I hope you have something else up your sleeve to follow up with in the following TV season.

        1. I wouldn’t be so sure. In case of Burn Notice, the last two seasons were spent beating a dead horse as the titular arc was resolved in Season 5, and in a very sloppy way. It’s better to have an idea how to end things instead of doing lines of coke and peddling contrived storylines like Cuse and Lindelof.

          1. I remember season 5 of BabyLon 5 was a bit like that too, after they had to rush the story forward because of not knowing if they would be renewed for a season 5. 3 & 4 were awesome, but the story arc was mostly done afterwards, and 5 was a bit of a letdown because of that.

  9. Aaargh! The only thing missing from S4 is White Walkers and hopefully they’ll be long gone before filming begins. Creepy, floating oil slicks are enough trouble!

    Storming twitter, getting he word out, making all my besties turn the channel to SyFy on Friday nights. My friends think I’m a little too obsessed. It’s a fan thing I keep telling them!

    @Tam Dixon: Thoughts & prayers your way

  10. I agree… they should give you season four and five at one time.. like, before tomorrow’s blog!

    @Tam Dixon… sending good thoughts.

  11. Hit send too fast. This is a community… you aren’t bringing it down, you are sharing. The older I get, the more the weight of losses seems to be.

  12. Overall audience for Episode 10 – 1.32 million viewers. Quite the difference between this episode and the one you quoted on an earlier blog entry from San Diego Comic Con week Joe.

  13. Thank you baterista9 AKA gildermcc, Debra and MaggieL80! Everyone here has become family.
    The funeral is tomorrow. I expect it to be “standing room only”. I went by her house and dropped off food for the family. Do they do that in the North too? Anyway, two of her sisters were there and we had a good talk. They have to find homes for the cats, so “fingers crossed and prayers” on that problem. I can’t take them because Lucy has rhino (it’s a upper respiratory infection, highly infectious and life long). Lucy’s rhino would be the end of those short-nosed Persians of Dr. Jo’s.

    When did Mr. M.M hear about renewal last year?

  14. How the season is too short. New paradigm. So much mind trauma, so little therapy.

  15. Would love to Story of the Raza, are there more of this class? Or who built it, in there’s just one Raza-Class ship.

  16. #RenewDarkMatter
    P:S SYFY i swear if you won’t renew this show your company will fall out! That said!

  17. Dear Joseph,
    I think more season should happen! I think there is much more in seeing the characters past! So much more can be told. Like how did they get the Rasa? What was it like when they all first met?..

    1. I think we saw an awful lot of Four’s past in early seasons.. But not enough of the rest of the crew. I still have many unanswered questions. But I’d ask you think beyond season 5 I mean let’s hit over 100episodes. I like the fact you threw in elements of firefly, star trek, and stargate!

  18. Desperately need a season 4 of this amazing programme! I am just wowed by it!! Brilliant stuff! Go Android you are just so funny, along with the rest of the cast just fantastic to watch.

  19. Such a cool show. Really looking forward to a 4th and 5th season. If this show finishes with a full story arc it will be my favourite scifi series of all time. Liking it even better than stargate, battlestar and stargate atlantis. Really smart engaging scifi that deserves to be continued.

  20. Either “The Reunion” or “Once and Future” sounds like it could involve the return of One.

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