In yesterday’s blog entry, I mentioned the similarities between Stargate and Dark Matter, but one of the parallels I failed to mention was the talent, both behind and in front of the camera.  Former Stargate Executive Producers Robert C. Cooper and Martin Gero consulted and wrote for Dark Matter, former Stargate directors Amanda Tapping, Andy Mikita, Will Waring, Martin Wood, and Peter DeLuise have helmed episodes, and, of course, former Stargate actors Torri Higginson, David Hewlett, and Mike Dopud have put in appearances aboard The Raza as well.

So, as we head toward the possibility of a fourth season, I’d like to know what former Stargate alum would YOU like to see make a guest appearance on Dark Matter?  Post your requests!

August 2, 2017: Which Stargate Cast Member Would You Like To See On Dark Matter?

Two more days to an all-new episode of Dark Matter.  This Friday at 9/8C on SYFY, Episode 310 (“Built, Not Born”) will offer some very interesting insight into TWO and the Android’s backstory and their mysterious past connection.  It’s chock full of wonderful character moments, a few surprises and – FINALLY – a name for our Android!

228 thoughts on “August 2, 2017: Which Stargate cast member would you like to see on Dark Matter?

  1. That’s a toughie to kick one SG alum to appear. I’d have to go with Amanda Tapping though. She’s just plain awesome.

    Hard to believe it’s just two days again until the next DM!

  2. Hi Joe
    Since you’re asking I’d love to see Amanda Tapping in front of the camera instead of behind it, or Kate Hewlett.


  3. It would be great to have Amanda Tapping in front of the camera as well. Plus Teryl Rothery would be awesome: I really liked how she took what could have been a throwaway character on SG-1 and breathed tremendous life into Dr. Janet Fraiser.

  4. Stargate actors that I would like to see.. Jason Molona. I know his obligations with DCEU would make it hard… not to mention expensive to get him but it’d be fun to see him be a bad guy and go against the crew.

    At a minimum just hide a stargate in the background and leave it for us to find in S4.

    I caught some of the Dark Matter Facebook Livestream today… they look like a fun bunch of people to work with.

  5. Ohh… As a primary cast member, I would like to see Chris Judge. Would love to see Peter Williams, too. ( I mean who didn’t love him as Apophis???) Oh wait, and Cliff Simon…guess I have a thing for baddies, huh?

    1. I would have agreed – but I’ve been watching him on Saving Hope – to be honest, he was fantastic as Daniel, but not so great as Charlie.

  6. How about Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, Ben Browder, Beau Bridges, Teryl Rothery, and of course, Robert Picardo.

  7. Lexa Doig, stargate alum and played a warship/android on Andromeda. Also, Gary Jones, and if Peter DeLUISE is directing a episode with Gary Jones, please, please let them do the commentary together, and let them talk about whatever they want.

  8. Richard Dean Anderson, now that his daughter is in college Richard said he’d like to act some again. It would be great to see Richard acting again.

  9. Which “Stargate” alumnus? Hmmm…I could ask for the impossible, but “Twin Peaks: The Return” beat you to it. 😉
    JR Bourne?

  10. Tony Amendola, Michael Shanks, or Robert Picardo. I’d be psyched to see any of those guys on Dark Matter.

  11. Seriously no love for Joe Flanigan on here? I would love to see him do a guest spot. If you want someone slightly more out-of-left-field, Robert Davi. Kolya was an incredible character and Robert Davi ‘effin OWNED it.

  12. All of them? it would be really funny to see the Raza crew run into a Puddle Jumper broken down on a planet somewhere with Sheppard, Tayla and Zelenka, and suddenly have Tabor pop up and make some sort of McKay style crack at Zelenka.

    1. Ben Browder for acting AND Directing. He had a very successful directorial debut directing Bad Kids of Crestvierw Academy for BadKids, LLC which appeared in select theaters in 2016 and VOD plus Blu-Ray June 2017.

  13. Of course Joe Flanigan. But I’m not holding my breath. (I would, however, watch the hell out of that episode!)

  14. Michael Shanks, Claudia Black, Amanda Tapping, and Ben Browder – too hard to choose between just one

  15. I think you should bring back Ruby Rose Joe. She did give the show a small notable increase in viewers for her episode in Season 1, and I think if you want to push toward a Season 5 those kinds of castings would help.

    Picardo played both himself as a hologram, and his creator Lewis Zimmerman in Voyager. So it wouldn’t be unusual for a creator to use their likeness for something they’ve made.

    Oh and I think you and Paul should cast yourselves in a speaking role.

  16. OMG! Any Farscape member would be awesome! Of course I’m particularly partial to Ben Browder, but then you would have to change it to a buddy show! Humm…

  17. Daniel Jackson … But seriously…Who do you have the rights to use via MGM…nobody? Jonas Quinn? A Unas? Boo Radley?

  18. Ben Browder all the way!!! Not only is he an amazing actor as you know, he’s also a director now! Please Mr. Mallozzi, if you choose anyone, choose him!

  19. Of course seeing Richard Dean Anderson on DM would be a dream come true. Barring that, Amanda Tapping.

    Thanks so much for Dark Matter! You rock!!!

  20. Ben Browder
    Joe Flanigan
    Amanda Tapping
    Rachel Luttrell
    Cliff Simon
    JR Bourne

  21. Joe Flanigan
    Ben Browser
    Amanda Tapping
    Rachel Luttrell
    Cliff Simon
    JR Bourne

  22. Rainbow Sun Franks, in a bar planet, in the background as wraith ford, un-named, but with the same scars and eyes lol (more an easter egg than anything else)
    Other than that Id go with Claudia and Ben, paired again, as bounty hunters

  23. I’d like to see
    Beau Bridges
    Walter Harriman (actors name eludes me)
    Jay Acovone
    Jacob Carter (name eludes me)
    Conner Trinneer

  24. Richard Dean Anderson, because David Hewitt is already on it.

    Although, it would be nice to see Robert Picardo as well.

  25. I would love to see Been Browder and Claudia Black. FWIW, Browder can write and direct also!

  26. I think
    Richard Dean Anderson , Joe Flanigan, rachel luttrell, Christopher judge , and of course christopher heyerdahl you can’t forget “Good” “old” Tod lol it would be nice to them I think. To bad there just can’t be a amazing reboot of stargate coming back.

    1. I agree entirely with your choices, Diamond Pipiles. I think Christopher Heyerdahl, especially, would be excellent! 😁

  27. Joe Flanigan my first choice, Amanda tapping, RDA, Michael Shanks, Christoper Judge. too many people!!

  28. RDA and Amanda for one more reunion or just all of them………..I miss them.

  29. I don’t think I could choose just one. I think Michael Shanks is available now, didn’t Saving Hope wrap? Christopher Judge would be great too. Hmmm…of course Amanda Tapping, goes without saying.

    Okay, I think I can limit it to three.

  30. Ben Browder and Claudi Black, together! As an old Farscape fan, I loved it when they showed up on Stargate. Now they need to appear on Dark Matter for the hat trick!

  31. Hmmmmm…. This is an excellent question. I’d suggest:

    Chris Heyerdahl – He is one of my favorite actors you and Amanda have worked with over the years.

    David Nykl too, of course. Never can get enough interesting accents. Or he could go crazy and just do straight Canadian…. 🙂

    And of course:
    Chuck the Technician – Chuck Campbell. – And potentially playing some sort of Technician of course. Just for it to be fun. Or maybe something completely different, just for fun as well. 🙂

  32. I would love to see Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge and the man who played Dr Beckett in Atlantis join Dark Matter. Seeing Amanda Tappin in front of the camera would be a real treat, too.

  33. I think Ben Browder is an awesome choice for the job excellent idea;)

  34. Teryl Rothery in a role as a bada** in charge. Second choice would be Morena Baccarin. Third would be Tony Amendola.

  35. For sure Michael Shanks no matter of hes an Allie or an enemy I think he would kick ass in it 🙂

  36. I’d say ether joe flanigan/ sheppard, David blue/eli or maybe janina gavankar/Dusty from season 5 of sga she seems like a good choice with her new bf2 coming out.

  37. Oh man that would be awesome:

    1. Claudia Black
    2. Ben Browder
    3. David Hewlett (bring him back and/or his sis)
    4. Carmen Argenziano (I miss me some Jacob Carter)
    5. Any of the original Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks/Amanda Tapping/Christopher Judge

  38. Christopher Judge & Amanda Tapping ( come back on screen Amanda ! ♥ )
    Cliff Simon ( I’m too excited about seeing him again, he’ll fit in DM’s character so well ! )
    Corin Nemec
    Claudia Black
    Joe Flannigan
    Michael Shanks

    I know it’s a long list … And I made it shorter as I can though ><

    Thanks to make us dream in an other show ! ♥ I grew up with Stargate and I'm glad to see another of your work with Dark Matter.

    A French Fan. ~ ♥

  39. no please …Stay with fresh actor as possible …As much i loved most of them in other series Farscape Stargate etc..I dont like to see in multiple series..its making like du “déja vu” There is soo much Talent out there ..Please give them the chance and to us also to apreciate new faces and awesome acting ..Don’t go that Path DM

  40. Emily Hampshire from 12 monkeys she’s canadian and Very very good Actress she would fit Perfectly in DM 🙂

  41. Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Richard Anderson, or Christopher Judge. Thor would be cool too ^_^!!!

  42. This make me sad ..Love soo much Ben Browder in Farscape (he was a perfect actor) loved many other actors/tress in that serie. But that was then .Do Syfy actors/actress has to be in all syfy series ..please no

  43. My husband would like to see Michael aka Wraith from Stargate Atlantis, he thought it was a brilliant move to write the Wraith into the storyline. I would love to see either Joe Flanigan, Richard Dean Anderson or Michael Shanks …love all three of these gentlemen. We would also welcome back Peter Deluise in whatever dept. you needed him in; he’s a man of many talents. Thank you for asking this question…I love seeing the answers. Let’s get that SyFy to renew DARK MATTER …NOW!

  44. So much love for the original Stargate team on here! I’d love to see Corin Nemec on Dark Matter. His Stargate character really started to shine right before he left the show. I think Teryl Rothery or Jamil Walker Smith would also be great choices for the amazing work they did with their “secondary” characters.

  45. Now that I’m thinking about it more, I’d also love to see Chris Heyerdahl (Todd/Halling) – very impressive actor!

  46. I loved Ben Browser and Amanda Tapping. Since Amanda has already worked with you, I would love to see Ben Browser on your show.

  47. This one’s easy for me I would love to see david blue join the show him and five could be brothers easy and just for kicks even though he is a mega star now I would love to see Jason mamoa join the show in a guest roll.

  48. Wow! Just come online, to see 127 comments!
    How awesome to read so many Stargate comments and see so many Dark Matter fans 👍

    I’d like to see Paul McGillion, David Nykl, Kate Hewlett.

    To allow Joe to have more Stargate actors on the show, we need to get the message out there to #RenewDarkMatter so get onto social media and make ourselves heard! Go #RazaCrew 👍

  49. I forgot to add Colin Cunningham to my list above
    Ming Na Wen, Claudia Black, David Blue, Louis Ferrara
    I stop now

  50. “What former Stargate alum would YOU like to see make a guest appearance on Dark Matter?”

    Wish list:
    Don S. Davis
    Dom DeLuise
    Isaac Hayes

    Real list:
    Peter DeLuise (must be carrying an oversized wrench)
    Claudia Black (and her father on the show Fred Willard)
    Michael Shanks
    Amanda Tapping
    Richard Dean Anderson
    Cliff Simon (Ba’al, love that guy)
    Corin Nemec
    David Hewlett (we need more of him)
    Morena Baccarin (can you afford her anymore?)
    John de Lancie
    Paul McGillion (from SGA)
    Jewel Staite (from SGA)
    Connor Trinneer (from SGA)
    Christopher Heyerdahl (from SGA)

      1. Have you been watching “Twin Peaks: The Return”? You should. 😉

  51. Joe Flanigan and Michael Shanks would be awesome, preferably in a recurring role….

  52. I got the chance to meet Chris Judge at a con recently and he’s just the sweetest and it would be a delight to see him, whom played one of my favorite characters from childhood, play a character in one of my current favorite shows!

  53. Just do a cross-over episode where the blink drive sends them to another alternate universe which is ours (the one Stargate exists).

  54. Oh, there are several I’d like to see. Joe Flanigan, Paul McGillion, Cliff Simon, Jewel Staite, Gary Jones, Corin Nemec, Ben Browder. That are some and I’d love to see them all in Dark Matter. 😁

  55. So many replies !

    My single pick would be Cliff Simon, but any appearing would be a blast….

  56. G’day

    Would love to see Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson on DM. Finally get resolution for JackSam to be married. Plus they are teffific actors and beautiful people.

    Thank you so much for Dark Matter, Joe. Great sci-fi on tele again.

  57. Joe Flanigan, Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks… All of them …

  58. I’d like to see Peter Wingfield on Dark Matter, but not necessarily as the character he played on Stargate.

  59. Let’s jazz things up with Vanessa Angel – Anise/Freya aka Tok’ra Spice.

  60. Hi Joe
    I know this is off topic, but, I really like this reply button.


  61. I’d enter a name, but looks like everyone is covered multiple times, including the smaller character actors (that guys/gals).

  62. Ben Browder as actor and/or director. Ben debuted his directing skills in a science fiction horror movie called Bad Kids of Crestview Academy last year and it was funny, gory and very cinematic. He also reprised his role as the mysterious and dim Max Rainwater. He’s so versatile at comedy, drama, and knows the craft. Please bring him on the show.

  63. Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Paul McGillion and more of David Hewlett!

  64. Wow, that’s a lot of comments!

    I’d like to see RDA, Michael Shanks, Amanda or Chris Judge. Maybe Gary Jones?

    How about “The Big Guy”? Maybe Jason could find some time in his exploding career to make a guest spot. Ronon to Drogo to Aquaman back to Ronon? It could happen.

  65. Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks are two that I would love to see on Dark Matter

  66. I’d like to see David Blue on Dark Matter.
    He was one of the first people on Stargate Universe and the last one seen in the final episode. We’d love to see him again!!

  67. I know this is highly unlikely but he was the reason I became such an avid fan of SGA. (Still am and still miss it.) I’d give my right arm to see Joe Flanigan play a rogue or maybe even a bad guy on DM.

    1. Same here. Would love to see Joe Flanagan again. Miss his sarcasm and dramatic play.

  68. i would pick Claudia Black to play the mother of Five in flashbacks, ever since you mentioned on your blog that Jodelle Ferland was in sg-1 i thought it would be great if Claudia Black would play her mother in both series as an added wink to the fans without it being to obvious.

  69. Richard Dean Anderson! I’ve missed him immensely! Really though, ALL of the Stargate (s) cast members are wonderful and would make me happy!

  70. Robert Picardo if I can only pick one but I’d also love to see Willie Garson, Peter Billingsly, Kate Hewlett, Bill Dow, Tony Amendola, Christopher Judge, Robert Carlyle to name a few.

    I think you all do a phenomenally fantastic job in casting this show. All the characters have been spot on! Really looking forward to this week’s show.

  71. Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) please! He was absolutely fantastic on Stargate: Universe, he’s one of the most underrated actors of all time, and when I think of him, Eli, Tamara, and the rest of the cast, I get sad that we’ll never see them together again.

    Carlyle would make an amazing guest actor for an episode or multi-episode arc!

  72. Honestly, you could pick from just about any of the shows and get someone who was and would be fantastic. But where they might be able to fit in the DM universe is tricky.

    I could see Joe Flanigan being a scruffy, down on his luck bounty hunter with a heart of gold that the crew convinces to sacrifice himself in a dire situation to save the lives of some colonists, finally doing something good.

    Shanksie could be the head of a rogue GA battalion that is defying the GA’s secret corporate control that ends up working with the Raza crew to help destroy another GA battalion hell-bent on destroying a mining colony.

    Chris Judge could be SIX’s brother who helped him get into the GA but has since turned bad and wants to collect the bounty on FIVE, using SIX as his way to get her.

    Picardo is a lock for a skeevy, tricky, head of one of the corporations. He’s never really played someone you love to hate, but I know he could nail that part.

    Bring Hewlett back as Tabor.

    Tony Amendola as just about anything: leader of a colony, board member of the League of Autonomous Worlds, head negotiator for one of the corporations. You name it, he’ll nail it.

    Oh yeah, I may not comment much anymore, but I still read the blog everyday and watch the show intently and could totally see these people in these roles.

    Can’t wait to see who it is!
    -Mike A.

    PS. Went to my first Obon Festival a few weeks ago. It was pretty fun. Definitely felt like a gaijin even though I live only a few miles from the place. Food was amazing, too. Mochi the size of softballs to a triangular shaped fried rice thing that I’ve never even seen before(it was fantastic!).

  73. Who else but The Man himself-RDA!! It would also be nice to see Amanda in front of the camera

  74. Firstly, Dark Matter is wonderful. My current fav is in Season 3 when they go back to present-day Earth and Android says “I got double-bonus points” Priceless. Secondly, how about Ben Browder for a cast member in Season 4?

  75. Chris Judge , Michael Shanks , Amanda Tapping and from #SGA – Joe Flanigan ❤💚💙

  76. Stargate always had a wealth of fantastic actors, but I love watching Patrick Gilmore act. If you need more butt-kicking prowess, we both know Sharon Taylor is a force to reckon with. Would also like to see Claudia Black on screen again.

  77. All would be wonderful of course, but I’d have to say Ben Browder and/or Claudia Black. Amazing actors that I think would add so much to the cast & show.

  78. Bill Y.W. Butt from Stargate Universe. He could be behind Four intently taking notes…

  79. Hey Joe!

    I was thinking about this one a bit.

    Of course the whole feel and visual of the show kind of brings Farscape to mind and hence Ben and Claudia.

    I think both Ben and Claudia would be cool, but so would Chris Judge suit your show very well. =)

  80. Rachel lutrell
    Claudia black
    jason momoa
    amanda tapping
    Michael Shanks
    Joe Flanigan
    christopher judge
    and jason momoa

  81. there is a few i would like to see ill list them ; Joe Flanigan (John Shepard SGA) , Christopher Heyerdahl (Todd SGA), Robert Carlyle (DR Rush SGU) , Louis Ferreira (Colonel Everett Young SGU) , Jewel Staite (DR Jennifer Keller SGA), Amanda Tapping ( Sam Cater SG1 )

  82. All of SG1, but since I only can pick one, it would have to be Amanda Tapping

  83. Gary Jones (Sgt Walter Harriman) as a Space Pirate! Or head of the GA secret police (that don’t exist… muahahaha).

  84. That is just WAY too hard to answer.

    SG-1: ANYONE!! Although it might run into the problem I saw with David Hewlett — all we could see was him channeling McKay. What would be fun is a Claudia/Ben Farscape crossover. I know it is 600 years in the future of current-day earth, but maybe they run into a time-travel thing on THEIR side. I know that would be difficult to get approval though.

    SGA: We already have Torri, but Rachel or Joe would be fun. I know Jason is out of the league of possibilities. Maybe Mark Dacascos? That would be cool too. Maybe part of the House of Ishida?

    SGU: I love them all. I know Robert Carlyle is otherwise engaged in OUAT. David Blue would be awesome. Brian Jacob Smith as well. And then Patrick Gilmore (I think Travelers just wrapped up S2), Jennifer Spence, Julia Benson, or Peter Kelamis would be cool too.

    I’m of ZERO help.

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