August 1, 2017: The Stargate/dark Matter Connection!

A little while ago, a buddy of mine forwarded me an old article he came across while clearing out his place.  Titled “Winning the Space Race”, it was a piece on Stargate: SG-1.  The article intros: “It’s slammed by critics and sci-fi diehards, but Stargate: SG-1 has become the little show that could, staying on the air even longer than the X-Files or any of the Star Trek series.”

Reading the article took me back to those glory days – and, strangely, made me realize that, after all these years, my situation hasn’t really changed.  Specifically, I refer to the parallels between my old show, Stargate: SG-1, and my new one, Dark Matter.  Sure there are the obvious similarities – the fact that Paul Mullie and I played a significant role in the creative of both, the underlying humor and sense of fun shared by SG-1 and Dark Matter, the fact that at the heart of both shows is the family unit and the bonds forged by loyalty, love, and camaraderie.

And then, there is another comparison to be drawn, neatly summed up in that article’s leading: “the little show that could”.  The sad truth is that Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe) faced long odds throughout its impressive run.  It was never a media darling.  It didn’t have the cachet of other shows.  It didn’t have the money of splashier SF productions.  Every season looked to be its last and yet, amazingly, it came back, again and again, defying those long odds.  What was initially supposed to be a two year gig when I joined SG-1’s fourth season turned into a glorious twelve year ride.  And why?  Well, the fans spoke.  Loudly.  And the network listened.

Fast-forward to now and I find myself in a surprisingly similar position – anxiously awaiting word on a pick-up for a show that isn’t a media darling, doesn’t have the cachet of other shows or the money of splashier SF productions.  They’re long odds, but we defied them to get seasons 2 and 3, and now we need our fandom to to help us secure season 4 because season 4…well, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the season 3 finale opens a new chapter in the Dark Matter pentalogy, one that will reward the scifiest of scifi fans.

If Season 1 was Secrets and Surprises.

And Season 2 was Risks and Redemption.

And Season 3 is Victories and Vengeance.

Then Season 4 is A… and A…

Care to hazard a guess?  I promise you, it’s going to be HUGE.

Then, as always, it all comes down to you.  Help Dark Matter get that fourth season.  MAKE SOME NOISE!

35 thoughts on “August 1, 2017: The Stargate/Dark Matter Connection!

  1. Season 4 is Androids and Anchovies! Sorry. I’m drawing a blank. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to draw a blank? Just think about it. Any lines that are drawn would have to be erased.

  2. I’m trying to be creative, but alas my brain is tired and I’m ready for bed. All I can come up with is “Asked and Answered.”

  3. SciFi diehards don’t like Stargate? News to me. I know so many scifi fans and they all have a soft spot for Stargate at the very least. Most are fans.

    So, I made a video for the #RenewDarkMatter campaign, titled I Am The Raza Crew.

    Hope to be able to make some GIFs too, in between job hunting.

    I haven’t been able to do much since Saturday because of a sore back, but it feels better today.

    Cheers, Chev

  4. I am a die hard Stargate fan from the theatrical original through SGU… I truly loved SGU… and I truly love Dark Matter. The reason I even gave Dark Matter a try is because of your and Paul’s involvement. There’s an intelligence in the way you handle complex world building that makes the story easy to digest, and what’s more, is your characters become to feel like very familiar friends and family members. This show has me by gut! I look forward to both the fun story telling that moves along at a great pace and the camaraderie each week. Keep up the great work. The Sci-fi world is better for it.

  5. I’m tempted to say Season 4 is
    Awesome and Action packed
    … but then all the Seasons so far, have been… 😁

  6. Baterista9: Sending prayers that the surgery makes a huge positive difference!

    Drea: I’ll post pictures when the shower is finished. It might be a while. 😉 Glad you had a break!

    I’m making noise down South!

  7. Dark matter is one of my favorite shows. The crew of The Raza is very important to the sci-fi world. I have my favorites on the show. Porsche is top tier to me. Once I came across season one and watched the first few shows., I was hooked. Long live Dark Matter and the crew of the Raza.

  8. I want Season 4 and 5 and maybe 6 of Dark Matter but I don’t see it happening unfortunately. If Syfy really wants their shows to be a success, they could work together with Netflix. Try Mr. Mallozzi to convince Syfy to work with Netflix. Netflix could stream the Syfy series outside the US and US citizens would watch them on Syfy cable. We want to watch Dark Matter here in Europe but can’t because Syfy isn’t available in every country, but netflix is. And to watch something on netflix we have to wait for a whole year. CBS worked it out just fine with Netflix about Star Trek Discovery.

  9. To be fair the Stargate shows more than earned their renewals with great ratings. It didn’t really matter what critics thought, what mattered was the fans who turned up week in week out to support the shows and get them renewed.

  10. The logical progression is: Alliances and Adversaries

    Albeit …. hmmmm? I’m also kinda sorta leaning toward you coming up with some clever variation of ‘Androids n Anchovies’ and ‘Androids n Allman Brothers’.

    Maybe? “Androids” & “Alternate Universes”
    Where androids have natural cravings for anchovies instead of hot chocolate and are created with a default base line code that forces them to break out in dance and sing along whenever Rambling Man is Played?.

    @Chev Love the video! <3 Great Job!

  11. I have LOVED Dark Matter from the very first show. The plotlines are convoluted interesting and make you think. My favourite character is the Android; please can she have a proper name.

  12. Can someone please do an SG-1, Atlantis, and universe Next Generation people love those shows and we would love to know what went on after they went off the air with their kids with the Next Generation

    1. Exactly. We have S01 of Killjoys on Netflix in Hungary. How does that help with ratings considered for a next season renewal?

  13. Dark Matter needs to continue on it’s mission to save the universe. There is no sci-fi channel without Dark Matter or Killjoys.

  14. SyFy needs to upgrade its streaming coverage to the 21. century. Some shows make it to Netflix with a significant delay, rendering international viewers completely irrelevant. We can onl!y hope that American and Canadian viewers are sufficient for keeping a show alive, and left voiceless if a show gets cancelled.
    Yes, I know its the world of royalties and distribution rights. Those need to be upgraded too. Streaming is taking over network television. We are not watching shows in front of our TVs anymore. Deal with it.

  15. From season 4? So that is why SG1 started becoming mindblowing awesome from there on, because honestly season 2 and 3 were a bit “OK” but everything afterwards was amazing, especially season 4.

    Dude you rock.

  16. Alliances & Ass-Kicking

    Chev: That video is AMAZING!!!! I think we have our hashtag for this evening #IAmTheRazaCrew It will only work if we don’t use any other hashtags (although you can still write out DarkMatter without the hashtag).

    This sort of reminds me of the Farscape campaign after the abrupt cancellation of the show. The I Am Farscape campaign. I have the video of that on a DVD somewhere.

    Everyone should go quiet until 1 hr before the show. Then start tweeting. Finish up 1 hr after the show. ONE HASHTAG or it won’t count. I gave up on this. Unless they’ve changed their algorithm since Fringe ended.

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