13 thoughts on “July 1, 2017: I feel like it was only three weeks ago…

  1. That lunch looks very tasty! Who is that guy smiling in the coffee shop with Ivon? I’d say it almost looks like Carl, but smiling! 🙂

    How’s the packing going??

  2. Just tried to watch After Dark from last night and I too see the big SyFy logo in the middle. So annoying! I rewatched last week’s and the video stopped with about 1-2 mins left, with an error “media could not be played.”

    So annoying.

  3. Isn’t Carl staying with us to help write S4?
    And when will you know of a pickup? How have ratings been so far? I don’t know where to look.
    Really enjoy this season so far. Appreciate everyone’s work and quality efforts. The clips on Syfy showing behind the scenes are wonderful (except for all the ads). This production has truly talented, amazing folks which explains the fabulous results.Thank you all so much!

  4. Oh, I thought you were going to mention, the day after. from a “whiskey tasting”?

  5. Hopefully you’ll hear very soon about renewal, so that should help in your plans.

    LOL @gforce and smiling Carl.

  6. Great work on dark matter Joseph! 🙂 Also wanted to thank you for making my favorite “movie” of all time, Stargate Universe. As a show it only had two seasons, but as a conclusive whole, when I rewatched it half a year ago with my gf, we found it to be an epic sized movie that we binge watched over four days and it left us with tears of joy and sorrow. We’ve since shown it off at beer and lan parties with coworkers and it’s been a massive hit each time. Thanks for helping create such an engaging show!

  7. We watched the new epie last night. It was really good! Loved the name too. I don’t remember if I voted for it but it was a zinger.

    Are you guys wearing coats?! PG needs to get working on that climate exchange machine.

    Down South, we call that malaise the “BBQ Coma”. You probably don’t want your glucose or BP taken then either.

    That picture with the cruise ship is beautiful. I don’t know how you can leave Vancouver. You have some tough decisions.

  8. @How have ratings been so far?

    I’ve been posting the ratings every Monday on here. They’ve been fine compared to everything else.

  9. Bonjour! (and I’ll stop right there😉)
    Writer’s room finished? You’ve sold your house? Possibility of Chip finding a wonderful home? That Alaskan cruise? I blink and everything is different. Am I still on that time loopy thing? Do I need to learn French? (cos I’m no good with languages)

    I hope I haven’t missed the opportunity of asking Ayisha a couple of questions.
    Hi Ayisha. Great to have you on board of the Raza 😊 May I ask

    What made you choose jui jitsu out of all the martial arts?
    What martial arts would you recommend for a mature person to try out and why? Would it be a different choice to a youngster starting out?

    Many thanks both to you Ayisha and Joe, for this opportunity 😊

  10. But the big question is…was the writer’s room successfull? Were you an effective team!

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