Today has been a very, very, very weird day.

Very weird.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

But in the meantime, let’s continue our look at Dark Matter Episode 304, “All The Time In The World”.  First there was the loops.  Then, there was phasing assassin. Finally, there were the Android flash-forwards…

June 28, 2017: Dark Matter “all The Time In The World” – Teasers And Theories!

Android flashes forward to her on the bridge of The Raza.  THREE enters and stuns her. (Why is THREE shooting her?  Is something wrong with THREE?  Or is it the Android who’s the threat?)

Android flashes forward to her, in civvies, confused by the tears she is shedding. TWO consoles her, informs her she is experiencing grief. (Well, this is ominous.  Who is she grieving over?)

Android flashes forward to her in a laboratory under the direction of Electus Corp. A scientist accuses her of being in league with the Android Liberation Front.  It is revealed that she has been partially disassembled. (Is there an android rebellion brewing?  And what role will our Android play in the suggested uprising?)

Android flashes forward to her in a strange black uniform, sporting a retinal upgrade.  She is on The Raza, but it’s a darker version of the home she’s come to know and love.  She encounters a future version of FIVE who informs her of an even darker future that awaits, then proceeds to list the following foreboding hints:

Dwarf Star’s Conspiracy (It appears we’ve received clues about this in preceding seasons)

The Doubled Deception (Clones?  Alternate selves?  Something else entirely?)

Kryden (Who is he?)

Carina (Who is she?)

The Accelerated (Oh, now this sounds all kinds of cool.  But what does it mean?)

The fall of the House of Ishida (Well, no explanation required here.  The question is not if but when?)

A meeting with you creator (Finally!  The Android backstory!)

The Black ships (Oh, another ominous teaser)

June 28, 2017: Dark Matter “all The Time In The World” – Teasers And Theories!

What does it all mean?  Well, like everything on Dark Matter, it’s all part of a greater plan.  You’ll be getting answers to roughly half of these before season’s end.  And answers to the rest before series’ end.

So, do you have any theories?  The WorkPrint’s Jen Stayrook sure does.   I’d love to read your takes on what it all means.

26 thoughts on “June 28, 2017: Dark Matter “All The Time In The World” – Teasers and Theories!

  1. Hi Joe
    What does it all mean?
    It means we’re in for a hell of a ride!
    The only thought that comes to mind is, the Black Ships will be carrying the black goo that took over Three…


  2. We better get a season 4, cause I want answers to all of the questions! LOL

    Hope tomorrow is less “weird” for you.

  3. Just a hunch based on the information that I’ve collected, what can I say I like to research things I’m into, but if I were to venture an educated guess I’d say that the following things will be explored in detail this season:

    Dwarf Star’s Conspiracy – I believe that episode 11 of this season is entitled this, so that is a huge hint that it will touch on what is is. Obviously it will involve 2 and her backstory. Please don’t kill off Rook yet this year! I want him to survive until a possible 5th season, an important villain like him deserves to play a part in the show until the final arc.

    The Doubled Deception – I’m intrigued by this, but I’m not sure where it would fit in this season. I could totally see it as a way to bring One/Derrick Moss back into the fold.

    The fall of the House of Ishida – I feel that the likelihood of Ryo losing the throne this year could be 50/50. My hope is that Ishida will actually win his battle with the Raza crew this season and take the ship and them prisoner. And then he will lose his crown in season 4 to his mentor Teku who was actually plotting against him under his nose. Then it will be about the path to finding a new purpose in his life for Ryo as he tries to redeem himself to his friends. I really don’t want Alex to leave the show at the end of this season, his portrayal of four/ryo is excellent and integral to the show’s success, and it would suck if he died or was written out this season.

    A meeting with you creator – If I’m not mistaken, I think that episode 10 (built not born) for this season will explore this.

  4. The flash forwards were my favourite part of the episode.

    Alien Liberation Front? Is that what was said and I missed it? Or was it Android Liberation Front? Your promise of aliens hasn’t come to fruition yet.

    Kryden? Are you sure it’s not Kryten? Perhaps a Red Dwarf crossover with a love interest for the Android? That would be cool!

    I can’t keep up with all these corporations. Electus? Dwarf Star? Mikkei? Troglodyte? Not to mention the GA and Zairon. I’ve only got a little brain and it can’t encompass all these factions!

  5. Hope your day is less “weird” tomorrow.

    Regarding the “clues” to future events. Might I ponder a guess that The Black Ships are perhaps “plague” ships as in the Black Death or an Alien race (thinking of The Shadows from Babylon 5) that will fill the void in power during the “corporation wars” squeezing out Zairon and ultimately causing The Fall of the House of Ishida.

    Might Android be crying over not Victor but the loss of her creator. After finally meeting her creator, he/she/them meet an untimely death or perhaps they were already dying and she is the cumulation of a life time of work. A Swan Song so to speak…. And that’s why she’s “different”.

    Might The Accelerated be a race of highly evolved individuals/aliens (“evolve or die”), naturally or genetically enhanced in order to survive. Phasing technology anyone?

    My mind is officially blown! Looking forward to next week’s episode.

    Did anyone watch last week’s Doctor Who? “World Enough….And Time”. Black Holes. A temporal distortion field. Genesis of the Cybermen (smartly done). The end of XII is near! Evolve or die.

  6. Was the weird day related to the house inspection?

    “then I’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief and relax for another year.”… yeah, no mixed feelings there about selling! I soooo understand.

    I have to admit I didn’t realize how incredible the molding was! Wow! I need to freeze frame more (or wait for you to post spectacular shots 🙂 ).
    (yes, I am responding to yesterday and today because I read them now. )

    I loved the flash forwards except the torturous ones for the Android. Still sad. Hoping you fix her future. 🙁

  7. Well I’m hoping it wasn’t weird in a bad way…hopefully just a silly or confusing way.

    On the flash forward guesses, Joe you are just too good at keeping your powder dry and then throwing us for a loop (cliches yes, but I think they aptly describe your talents in this area). So I’m sure any thoughts I have on this will be pretty wide of the mark, and considering the number of projects I’m juggling right now, I think my time is better spent just sitting back an enjoying the wonderful stories you create this season.

    Thanks for all your hard work on season 3! I’m confident that I will be amazed.

  8. I don’t like weird days. I have to tread lightly on weird days because it means my psychic abilities are picking up on something and it’s usually not good. Like maybe an accident or something bad is going to happen. I have to try and keep the day as normal as possible. I can’t wait to get through those days.

  9. I feel like every day is a weird day. I’ve been job hunting and omg my Dark Matter fix is even more important to distract me from how soul sucking it is to field job possibilities AND work at the same time. Flail.

    I still think the “Black Ships” are Ferrous Corp’s ships they’re building in the shipyard, making them something we will see this season. 😀

  10. Black Ships remind me of those from Warhammer 40000, kidnapping psykers to power the Emperor’s throne.
    I wonder if it’s related to the weird guy in the weird chair installed in that Ishida ship.

  11. I’m wondering if Three’s calling Five “Fiver” has some sly Watership Down reference. Fiver was the one who had visions of impending doom and convinced Hazel and eight others to leave and seek a safer home. In the same episode that she’s referred to as Fiver, Five serves as something of an oracle to Android. Will she provide any other fore-warnings? Or maybe it was an off the cuff ad-lib by Lemke and a cigar is just a cigar.

  12. I think the Zobot is crying over her android boyfriend’s death. Maybe, that leads her into the “Android/alien Liberation Front. Hey, does the Zobot remember what happened in all the timelines? Which episode reveals her name?

    Yes, I agree with Ponytail, tread carefully on those weird days. Yesterday was jammed packed for me. I had to redo my allergy testing (last one was 15 years ago). All those allergy shots from long ago must have helped. I tested positive for everything BUT except for ragweed, all the reactions were lower. So, I qualify for the immunotherapy tablets instead of shots, Woot! They want me to pick up an epie pen though. 🙁

    Any progress on condo/house hunting? Drea had a good idea about renting so you don’t rush into anything. That would take some of the pressure off. If you don’t want to store your things, an auction house could do a lot of the work selling things.

  13. uh oh! you typed 5 “weirds”. That cant be good and we are all guessing it was was likely house related?
    (((Hugs))) Hope today goes much better.
    Remember your loving, loyal, blog family is always here to listen if you need to vent.

  14. I hate weird days, and have had a few too many this year. The good news is no surgery on my ongoing stuff. Whew. Still waiting to schedule the eyelid reduction stuff. Maybe I can just get a cool new cyber-eye. Blue, not red, though.

    I have no idea what all the clues mean, other than the obvious ones. The Black Ships sound ominous, pirate-y, and dangerous. Yummy.

  15. @Gary

    Thanks for posting the link to the nice house in New Brunswick.
    Such a beauty would set you back almost 10 times the amount in Vancouver!

    Lucky Joe & Akemi 😉

    Questions for the World Champion:

    Hello Miss Issa. Thanks for doing the Q&A with us.

    1: How did you start with jiu-jitsu in the first place? Matrix fan?

    2: Any plans for competing on an international level again in the future?

    3: Can you tell us more about 4PointsBJJ?

    4: How is it like working on the set of Dark Matter?

    5: Are you a Sci-Fi fan yourself?

  16. @Tam YAY, for lower allergy levels! At least its a wee bit of good news, eh
    Participating in a karate tournaments this summer?

    @MaggieMayDay Warmest Hugs and rum soaked congrats
    on recovery and not needing any more surgeries. xo
    Attending Burning Man this year?

  17. @Tam Guess Joe’s typo’s are contagious today. My bad. 😀
    Meant to ask if you are participating in any tournaments this summer?
    (but you probably knew what I meant, eh?) xo

  18. Joe, strike that. Just re-read it. It was three “very’s” and two “weirds”.

    E’er just the same, that’s still too many “weirds” to be anything good
    and in poker 3 of a kind + 2 of a kind = A Full House

    So let us hope whoever or whatever caused things to become so weird
    isn’t holding ‘a royal flush’.

  19. Que?! Are we really going to the End of Time to meet the Dark Android? In her cool Stilsuit? Very interesting indeed!

  20. Drea: Our sensei has a few events through the year, so probably one or two more.
    Spoke too soon on no shots. Those pills are very new, so insurance isn’t going to cover them (yet). Dr says I can shoot myself, so I can deal. Needles don’t bother me.

  21. My day yesterday was also very weird – in a good way! Hope yours was too?

    I’ve still not got my head around all the things Five said.
    However, these were the first thoughts that popped into my head when I heard:
    Kryden = Android’s creator (could be a person’s name or company’s name)
    Carina = Android’s name

  22. 4 random thoughts about E4. First, a great compliment to Joseph Mallozzi–the fact that my enjoyment of the episode has continued well after viewing it. Second, the time loop/groundhog day such an apropos story to do because the heart of DM is really in the same place as groundhog day. I loved the fact that the time loop started at about a couple dozen days into his loop–that introduction was done to perfection. Finally, I think that 3 is turning out to be a mensch–but the kind of mensch that would feel insulted to be called one;)

  23. Yikes Blood Drive(Another Syfy show for those who don’t know).. 444k viewers with a 0.13 demo rating yesterday.

    Making that Friday block look all the more better. With Killjoys to come. 🙂

  24. Could Carina be Five’s sister? Double deception probably refers to the alternate reality counterparts of our heroes. Dwarf Star conspiracy has something to do Two and the reason for her creation. Kryden is a mystery yet.

  25. Krydon is taking are of Carina per Two’s(Portia Lin’s) instructions. Carina is Two’s daughter created by combining her and Dr. Shaw’s DNA. The Black Ships refer to the aliens taking over the Simulants bodies. The space time anomaly that destroyed the Ferrous Corp shipyard allowed them to literally blow a hole in the universe causing a bridge to form from their universe to ours. Just their universe? Probably not. The Accelerated is either a detachment of humans that have “accelerated” themselves with android components, the people that the aliens (I’m going to call them body snatchers for now) took over that were full human. Their body’s age is accelerated due to the presence of an alien life form draining the hosts body of… well literally everything. In one scene we see a 23 year old male that looks over 100 due to the alien presence. Hence, “accelerated.” It could also refer to Simulants that resisted the alien’s takeover. They aren’t human exactly, more manufactured parts combined to form a whole, but they have nanaites which basically make them invincible barring old age. Rook made them age to protect them from scrutiny. They’d be discovered in a decade if they stayed the same, never aging, and the alien’s plan would never succeed. Plenty of theories to go around. The Android uprising. That’s a tricky one. We know that it’s already begun because of the conversation the Android had with the projection that was supposed to walk her through her new upgrade. And the fact that Sara woke up in her new form and the first thing Victor shows her is him killing an unarmed human. They say that she is more dangerous because she has a human consciousness with an android body. When she asks why, they tell her it’s because she’s going to help them. Whether Dr. Irena Shaw is fully on board with the uprising is yet to be seen. Three has been captured by Portia Lin (from the other reality) but he was rescued from the blast radius of the blink drive. Six initiated it near the shipyard to go critical and take out Ferrous Corp’s only chance at winning the war. He succeeded in not only destroying Ferrous, but himself in the process. The Android is down, Two is possessed by one of the aliens, Wexler is on the Raza, and Four and Five are the only two crew members left unharmed. Given Four goes by Rio Ishida these days, he’s still a former member of the “original” crew. And without his help, Five would not have been able to take down Two. Well, maybe, she’s pretty badass. Season 4 anyone?

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