18 thoughts on “June 23, 2017: Tonight on Dark Matter – Our craziest episode yet!

  1. Pure awesomeness! I expect, like Window of Opportunity, this may become one of the fan favourites of Dark Matter.

  2. WOW<< I mean this episode,, so cool, so no spoilers, wow!! and there was ,,,,,three…., and then when Five looked like and Android did and rip,,. and the funny guy and the…. wow, glad I didn't miss a minute of it!

  3. Great episode! I will need to watch again tomorrow on computer. Yay! Since I don’t speak French, I missed some of the inside jokes, but darn, that was an awesome episode! Thanks to all for making this 😃

  4. Everyone was on their AAA+++ game. YOU guys rocked.
    Have to rewatch at least 3 more times.
    The few things that would be common to a time episode added to the bazillion things Baron Destructo introduced.
    As Android would say – wow!
    Very very enjoyable.
    THANKS to you all for a great episode.

  5. Awesome episode. I laughed, I didn’t cry, and Dominique sure takes me back in time a looooooong way!

  6. Excellent remodeling of Window of Opportunity. Highly entertaining and very interesting. Funny, fast paced, tender, imaginative, and spooky! And what a great title! Who picked that?! (hehe) Great job LeMonkey, Joe, and company.

  7. This episode was a nice throwback to SG-1’s groundhog day episode as well as “Babylon Squared” the latter especially so toward the end. Nice work. Dark Matter continues to impress!

  8. Excellent episode, Joe. A++. Seemed everyone was enjoying themselves immensely. Have to watch for the events Five tossed out there near the end.

    It’s a gorgeous day here so far. Going to go out and snap a few pictures with my new camera. Canon SX720 HS


  9. Wow ! Anthony, où a-t-il appris son français ? Un léger accent québécois…

  10. Joseph Mallozzi,

    Thanks to you and all of your writers for this episode. Ground Hog day is my fav. movie. This episode such a great/classy tribute to GD(I have observed connections between theme of GD and DM in the DNA of DM to begin with). Such clever ways of moving the progression forward with this device–giving 3 time to process his situation/feelings with Sarah, etc. Clever use of cast–learning fluent French like in GD. First of Ryo’s assassins–very cool. Loved the way the assassin was initially foiled by 3 repeating the same day again. Anthony Lemke rocked it out!! Progression of the new characters, and humor? Tight writing!! Best episode yet?? hmmmm 🙂

  11. Nice episode, well done!

    Curious to find out what “the double conspiracy” is.

    And what was up with the creation of the Android.

  12. best.episode ever.

    Seriously it was like a whole other show, where I got to see ALOT more natural performances by some of the guys. Really brilliant!

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