May 14, 2017: Back In Van!

I am pleased to report we are back home following a thoroughly uneventful flight from Toronto.  A 4:50 a.m. wake-up, much fussing and fretting over the dogs, a seemingly endless walk from one end of Pearson airport (check-in) to the other (our boarding gate), five straight hours of Preacher, and a slew of Vancouver errands, I am thoroughly exhausted.  And it isn’t even dinner time yet.

May 14, 2017: Back In Van!

I think I might take it easy tonight.  Finish unpacking.  Do some laundry.  Take the dogs out for a walk.  Read.  And then tomorrow, it begins!  In the lead-up to the June 12th commencement of the Dark Matter season 4 writers’ room (with special guest star Carl Binder!), I’m going to try to spin an episode day.  That way, when it comes time to convene, I can just hand everyone the beat sheets and we can spend the better part of the day concentrating on what really matters: lunch!

Also, have a dentist appointment on Tuesday, need to make an appointment to go check out an achy spleen (at least I think that’s what’s aching) and then on Thursday, a Skype conversation with a producer in the U.K. regarding a classic SF series (one of my favorites growing up) that I feel is ripe for a return to the small screen.  And, of course, I’m on the program starting tomorrow: weights, running, eating well.  My triple cream puff and thin crust pizza days are behind me (or, really, way ahead of me as I’m hoping to be back in Toronto to resume my diehard eating ways in October).

To those of you asking – the Dark Matter season 3 trailer should be landing late this week or next.  But, in the meantime, here’s a little screen cap to tide you over…

May 14, 2017: Back In Van!

19 thoughts on “May 14, 2017: Back in Van!

  1. Glad to hear all made it home well!

    Once again when you mention U.K. and classic sci-fi series in the same thought, my mind immediately goes to Space: 1999. Which, if it happened, I might die of happiness. I mean LITERALLY. DIE. (not literally) I would love to see the Eagle fly again!

  2. Welcome home. Glad all went well. Is this Suji’s first time in Vancouver? I can’t remember if lucky girl came to live with you in Toronto or Vancouver.

  3. Glad all made it safely! I also have a dentist appointment on Tuesday to repair a chipped bottom tooth. Woe is us.

    @gforce…I agree about Space:1999. Speaking of Space:1999..Martin Landau will be a guest at the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention on Sept 14-16, 2017 at the Hunt Valley Marriott, Hunt Valley, MD. I will be there instead of going to Dragon Con earlier in Sept.

  4. So glad you made it safely! You, Akemi & the pups survived the flight and are safely tucked in back home!

    Slow down, take a deep breath and repeat. Honestly, this should be cruising time until say mid-week then hit it hard. I don’t think you have an off button!

  5. Ooo a skype conversation with a Producer from the UK?
    Does that mean you may be popping over here to taste some of our culinary delights? Black pudding n ketchup, white pudding with runny fried eggs, non EU sausages? … with a dessert crawl of our world famous puddings … Apple crumble, spotted dick and, yes, jam Roly-poly with lumpy custard. Ooow yeah!
    Betcha can’t wait!

  6. Good to hear you all made it back ok.This is new for Suji. How is she settling in?

    Great news about Carl. Looking forward to his episodes.

    Cheers Chev

  7. TheOtherOne: Some of that sounds good!

    Mr. M.: Sounds like all good news! I hope you and the ladies get to take it easy today.

  8. Healthy eatin’ can be tasty, I’m back to cooking again and realized I have lost my paprika. It has rolled behind or being tucked away some odd place, which told me it has been too long since I did some serious healthy home meals.
    This week I will attempt to roast sweet potato wedges on parchment paper to get ’em really crisp and spicy without oil. I’m thinking brushing them with lemon, vinegar before adding spices.

    Btw the new Netflix Anne of Green Gables? Yikes. It made me long for the 80’s version.

  9. @gforce With you all the way with Space:1999
    (and there are quite a few actors I’d love to see in it!)

    Now you’re back in Vancouver, Joe I need to get used to the time difference for when you post your blog entry 😉

    My daughter and son-in-law’s wedding was awesome on Saturday 👍

  10. Happy to hear Suji made the journey ok and you all made it home without incident.
    As far as the dentist goes …
    Unless there have been advances I’ve not yet heard about,
    don’t let them convince you to get a bite splint.

    Splints are often terribly uncomfortable and most folks end up simply not using it once they have it. Just get a night guard and improvise an item to keep the jaw from clenching. Sometimes a sugarless gumdrop or gummy bear vitamin made for kids, placed in the far right back corner of the mouth, does the trick.
    Just cut it down small enough so you don’t choke in the event of accidental swallowing and place a protective cloth over the pillowcase while sleeping.

  11. Was at my archery club tonight – there was real buzz/excitement at the possibility of ‘Space 1999’ being revived.
    Would be great if that’s the classic series you’re talking about.

  12. Glad everything went uneventfully.

    As far as the guess as to which show, I’m thinking Space 1999 (of course maybe Space 2199 or Space 2099 and my second guess would be Lost in Space although I don’t recall if that was among your favorites.

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