Almost finished packing.  Almost finished my farewells.  Tomorrow, we’re up at the crack of pre-dawn (5:00 a.m. here, 2 a.m. for those of you on the west coast, and 11:00 p.m. today for those of you in Hawaii) to catch our early flight back to Vancouver.

As always, my big concern is the dogs – chunky little Lulu and cantankerous Suji. We took them to a pug meet-up today and ran (well, okay, strolled) them ragged, then plan to follow up with a post-dinner night walk to make sure they nice and tired.  Akemi gave them some gravol the other day to see how they would react. Lulu snoozed peacefully for four hours while an unusually alert Suji spent the afternoon barking at the ceiling lights and reflections.  Hmmmm.  No breakfast tomorrow so, hopefully, they’ll be nice and empty for the flight.  Just in case though, we’ve got the diapers on standby.

May 13, 2017: Final Day In Toronto Until….season Four?

Also on standby for me – episode 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale, season 2 of Fargo, and season 1 of both Preacher and Westworld.  And 20 to-read books in my iBooks library.  Given these crazy airport delays of late, better safe than sorry.

A farewell dinner last night with Ellen Wong (Dark Matter’s nefarious Misaki Han) and her not at all nefarious husband Adam.  Today, it’s not one but TWO farewell meals with Dark Matter Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok – but I’ll be seeing him in about three weeks when we start the writers’ room for the show’s fourth season (No pick up yet.  Just being positive).  This year, we’ll also be joined by the best writer I know – Stargate veteran Carl Binder.  Check out this reaction shot of Carl when I told him he’d once again be getting the chance to work with Paul, Ivon and I –

May 13, 2017: Final Day In Toronto Until….season Four?

Positively bursting with excitement.  THIS is the energy we need for next year!  That old Binder magic!

17 thoughts on “May 13, 2017: Final day in Toronto until….season four?

  1. Good luck on the trip home! And sending some calming vibes to Lulu and Suji for the flight. It’ll be over before you know it!

    Of course it will be picked up for S4! I can’t wait to see Carl’s work for DM, and be regaled with stories of his behind the scenes ebullience! I’d say effervescence, but that sounds, you know, gassy.

  2. Hi Joe
    Congrats Joe and Carl. Joe for hiring Carl, And Carl for accepting.


  3. Wishing you all a safe, happy journey home.
    Can’t wait for Season 4 if Carl’s reaction is anything to go by…. obviously gonna be a sleeper hit
    (well, we know that already 😉)

  4. Reminds me of Rodney in the opening episode of Atlantis “Rising” Part 1. “why I’ve never been more excited in my life”…lots of good things to come…Carl “good karma” Binder!

    Safe travels!! May there be no delays, layovers, crying children or fish!

  5. Oh wow, Carl is beside himself with excitement. (Or maybe he is jealous of your beard.) It will be awesome having him writing for Dark Matter. He is so good. Good luck on your flight home.

  6. ~Hope the journey home to Van was a good one, and you all get a nap.
    ~~Always nice to see Carl’s ‘smiling’ face!

  7. Hoping you had an uneventful trip. I’ll find out in a minute given that I’m 18 days behind now. Still haven’t caught up with April.

    So very happy to hear that Carl will be joining the team for S4 of Dark Matter (yes, I know nothing announced for that yet, but given that Syfy seems to be giving out the okay for shows in 2 season increments I’m looking forward to S4 and S5 announcements shortly after it starts next month.

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