Minor surgery for Suji.

Lunch with Zoie.

Dinner with some of the old Student Bodies gang.


Lunch with my favorite network exec, Gosia Kamela.

Dinner with Jay Firestone to discuss Dark Matter’s third and fourth seasons.


Catch an early flight out to Montreal.


Catch a late flight out of Montreal.


Sit in on the Episode 304 (“All The Time In The World”).

Dinner with Ellen Wong and Adam Azimov.


Visit aunt.

Last minute packing.



Okay!  Move out!

14 thoughts on “May 7, 2017: The Week Ahead!

  1. Hopefully your flight schedules won’t be affected by the Pearson airport delay/cancellation madness that’s been happening so frequent lately … due to their runway construction.

  2. Busy week!
    Good luck for little Suji with her op.
    Say hi to Zoie and Ellen from us lot. So looking forward to seeing their characters again very soon!
    … And after you’ve shared a few glasses of fine wine with JF, remind him of that Dark Matter character you both plan to reinstate … 😉

  3. Your busy week sounds like my busy day trying to remember-to-do-everything-at-my-mom’s-house-before-I-left-today. I just had to brag on everything I remember to do:

    Open the mini blinds while there.
    Turn down the air conditioning 2 degrees. They keep it so hot!
    Water my Dad’s weird mail order tomato plants.
    Get their coffee pot ready for in the morning.
    Make a menu of what they have to eat for next week (they forget things).
    Tell my mom to use a ruler so she don’t fall off the line while writing.
    Put my Dad’s evening pills in his little jar by his chair.
    Close the mini blinds – pointing them down, not up!
    Turn back up the air conditioning to their preferred sauna heat.
    I’m sure there was more… but I forgot. 😆

    Good luck Suji!! Enjoy all your special lunches and dinners Joe.

  4. Maybe your busy schedule will let you forget the aches and pains. Have you found an OTC that works well for you?

    I purged the attic a few weeks ago to make room for all my son’s apartment contents. Today, I spend the last hour with an ice pack on the couch BUT I have all of his stuff cleaned/organized/packed away! Well, until August, when we move him into his new apartment.

    Ponytail: I replied to your comment on yesterday’s blog. (can’t seem to get the timing right 😉 ) I also wanted to add that you are a great daughter! Loved your list. 🙂 Reminds me of my dad. He liked things a certain way and that was that.

    Good luck this week Mr. M. and I hope all your ladies feel better soon! Seriously, Nyquil rocks when you’re sick and can’t sleep.

  5. @ Tam – Wow, your son will be a senior in the fall. Good for him! I know you are glad to have him home for another summer. My parents are doing well. They have been blessed with an awesome caregiver that is there 10 hours a day Monday – Friday. Or maybe I’m the one who has been blessed. And yes, I plan to retire at year end. Tired of getting up at 5 am and that daily grind.

  6. Yikes, it’s been a while since my last post! Did you miss me because I’ve missed you all.
    So much to catch up on.

    You’ve got a busy week ahead, Joe.

    It’s been a busy few months here, getting everything ready for my daughter’s wedding on Saturday. All organised and looking forward to the big day 👍

  7. Good luck for Saturday @ceresis64
    Hope the sun shines for the bride 😊

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