The admission that I abhor kiwis is often met with outrage.  And when I clarify that I am, in fact, referring to the fruit, not the people of New Zealand, that outrage is often doubled.  Today, in an bid to further alienate blog readers scandalized by the aforementioned aversion, I present to you a list of universally beloved things that I, well, never really cared for…



Jimmy Fallon

Stephen Colbert

Jay Leno


The Foundation Trilogy

The Golden Compass

The Road



The Usual Suspects

The Dark Knight




Monty Python’s Flying Circus


The Olympics


Wimbledon Tennis


The Beatles





Lemon Meringue Pie

Creme Caramel

29 thoughts on “May 5, 2017: Courting Controversy!

  1. Hi Joe
    You didn’t like The Foundation Trilogy?!? Wow, it was one of my favorites growing up. Glad to NOT see Tolkien on your list. Whew…I can agree or slightly disagree with the rest.


  2. *RAGES*

    No, wait a minute. I actually agree with most of those. Except maybe U2, The Beatles, and trifle.


    So anyway, I went to the office retirement dinner tonight which was honouring current retirees, including our division supervisor who I have worked with for my entire time at the office (almost 32 years). We have been through thick and thin together and seen many changes. She is actually officially retiring in a couple of weeks and it feels very strange that she will no longer be at the office (though I’ll still stay in touch outside.) I am eligible for retirement myself come September, so it’s giving me a lot of food for thought, too.

  3. With the exception of QUEEN and a rousing and thunderous agreement with you over the overrated Colbert, man, I like you more Joe.

    And only because I’ve never had the chance to say it, thanks for all of your inspired input into one of the most underrated of science fiction series ever, Stargate Universe. I still enjoy it today. Peace.

  4. I seem to remember that popcorn used to be on this list… 😉

    I have a list of my own that partially agrees with some of yours, and disagrees on some others, but that’s part of the accounting in personal taste I suppose.

  5. I don’t like Friends either. However, in an attempt to escape the current political situation in the US, I have started watching their 20+ year old reruns. That and I really like Family Feud. I like to play the speed round but can’t understand the questions. I’m always yelling “what did he say!?”. “100 women surveyed want to what, what, what!!?”

  6. You don’t like Queen? With lyrics like these, I’d think you’d be all in:

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality
    Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…

  7. lol to each his own. If I told you things I didn’t care for you would probably ban me. 😛 Only one thing on your list I would fight you over, Lemon Meringue pie. My home made is the best!

  8. I truly hope you meant to say “you’re”, not “your”, Jackie May.

  9. Oh thank God, another person who isn’t part of the cult of the Foundation Trilogy. I can’t understand the rapturous way those books are treated—for example, it’s supposed to be a future history of the human race, but in the first book almost 50% of the human race is utterly absent, i.e. there are only two female characters even mentioned and only one has any dialogue, a few sentences establishing that women are petty and love shiny things. And I don’t think you can just chalk Asimov’s omission there to “the times” — compare it to E.E. Doc Smith’s Lensmen series, a space opera with a similar scope (but much more fun, and which inspired the creation of the modern command, control and communications center on warships) that was written around the same time. Sure, the woman of Lensmen tended to conform to certain gender roles (“nuturing” personalities happened a lot), but they had names and dialogue, were important characters, and had some agency, and one or two would even fit straight into, say, an episode of Alias or Nikita.

    I am also underwhelmed by The Golden Compass (or at least the 2nd two books in the series), The Usual Suspects, Entourage, and the NBA. (Does anybody still like Leno after the Conan debacle?) Perhaps here’s why I tend to like the sensibility of your shows so much…

  10. Jackie May pretty much summed up my thoughts. On the other hand, Sci-Fi Fanatic reminded us of your inspired work on SG-U. All is forgiven.

  11. Friends and the golden compass??? How can you not like these, Joe??? Haha just kidding. I usually don’t like any american comedy movie whatsoever. There are few exceptions.

    I personally really like friends because it helped me through a very bad period in my life and it was the only show that was funny and never really had a dark side to it. That helped me at the time.
    Btw I was a no show for a while because I just started my first job and had to move 650km away. Phew! But my new job is a lottery winner for sure and I really enjoy being in a new place as well, even though I miss friends and family.
    I’ve been stalking the blog frequently though and I have to say there are few days it doesn’t make me hungry. So many food pictures, one tastier looking than the other. Keep em coming!

    All the best to you, Akemi and the gang.

  12. Totally agree with Joseph’s list, although would have added `cheap’ to the shot list. Late night social blundatry is painful to watch. The only good thing they did was turn me on to `Alex Jones’ and `The Rebel Media’.
    As to the books, Asimov has something for everyone, `The Foundation’ series isn’t for all people. They might prefer the robot series? Or pass by this author entirely for Niven’s `Ringworld’ series?

  13. Kiwi fruit is evil, slimy, and gross indeed.

    I never made it through the Foundation Series, and I don’t think I ever read the Golden Compass. Fritz Leiber was more my speed, and Harlan Ellison.

    I do love Queen and the Beatles. Flash! Oooh-ooh, and We’re the Princes of the Universe, and Fat Bottomed Girls … good times. There is not much music I can’t bop along with, I’ve even come to appreciate disco. Too many years at Burning Man, with so much music in such variety, you just roll with it. EDM is a lullaby to me now, loud pounding rhythms lull me to sleep. About the only thing I loathe is dubstep, wub wub thump. No groove to it.

    I adore lemon meringue pie, but I do agree it is easy to screw up and bad lemon meringue is just not worth it. I’m trying to translate “creme caramel” into American. I love caramel sauce and soft caramel candies, but not a massive fan of caramel pudding. So I’m just confused.

  14. If we’re sharing and even if we’re not, a few of my personal dislikes:
    Talk Show: Jay Leno, most definitely
    Books: Confederacy of Dunces, Passage To India, Bridges of Madison County
    Movies: Seven, Eyes Wide Shut, The English Patient
    Athletic events: Boxing, Wrestling, the NBA
    TV shows: Seinfeld – the soup nazi does get honorable mention
    Musicians: Bob Dylan – worst concert ever
    Food: grapefruit, buttermilk

    I absolutely love Queen, U2, and Lemon Meringue Pie.

    Hope you had a stress free Friday and the weekend is chillaxing!

  15. Alongside popcorn I seem to recall cantaloupe also being on that list.

    Definitely agree on kiwi. I never liked it. Albeit I do tolerate cantaloupe & I’m “take it or leave it” about popcorn.
    i.e. Don’t mind it – but personally, with the rare exception of something like “crunch n munch”, have never shopped for it.

    Agree on most of your list, except the music.
    That my maternal lineage includes a few highly talented, well accomplished, musicians, I grew up appreciating most genres of music, (Though i do still seem to have difficulty appreciating Rap and Death Metal for the most part).

    TV: While I never cared for Monty Pythons Flying Circus, I did find the Holy Grail movie contributed to the world some highly memorable comedic lines.
    I never did see Entourage – so cannot comment.

    @Ponytail: To me Friends is sort of like popcorn. Its one of those take it or leave it shows. Not something those in their 50s – 60’s would normally seek out to watch on their own – but not intolerable

    Actually …. now that I think of it… guess I could say that about most of Joe’s dislike list. Except maybe kiwi. I truly dislike its texture & taste.

  16. As the Human variation of the word, I’m glad you made the distinction between the two different kinds of Kiwi 🙂
    Most of those I agree with except Queen.


  17. No matter how similar our tastes,,,we will still find things to disagree about…loved the Foundation trilogy, Stephen Colbert, Monty Python and Lemon Meringue Pie,,,it’s just a good thing you didn’t list the Grateful Dead there,,,

  18. I don’t like lemon meringue pie either. Mostly because I don’t like meringue, but also because most lemon desserts are not nearly lemony enough for me. I’ve mostly stopped ordering any lemon desserts for that reason.

    Love the Beatles, though. I have since I was a pre-schooler and my ten-years-older brother had all their records. I’d sit on his lap while he listened to an album, so by the time I was four or five, I knew all the lyrics.

    Seven is just an awful movie. And I don’t understand people’s devotion to The Usual Suspects. Just because of the twist? Whatevs.

    I kinda liked the very first half of the first season of Friends. But after it became popular, it changed quite a bit, and the characters became intolerable. Never watched after that.

    As for Jay Leno, I never forgave him for his agent’s dirty dealings surrounding who would replace Johnny Carson. He was ultimately disloyal to the man to whom he owed his career, and I won’t give him a pass, even after all these years.

  19. OMG I love lemon meringue!!! I’m with you on the trifle though – I don’t like that the sponge goes soggy. Seems like a waste of jelly to me. I’d rather just plain jelly (aka jello). I like kiwi fruit.

    When I was a child I never liked pumpkin, however I’ve grown to like it as an adult. I also never used to like avocado (it was the texture) but I’ve had it more lately as it’s good for you and I now don’t mind it.

    I don’t like the taste of beer, oh and particularly Guinness. I don’t like the thought of oysters. Ewwww.

    I enjoyed reading The Road, but could only get a few pages into an Octavia Butler book you loved before giving up. I guess if we were all the same it would be boring.

  20. Lemon Meringue Pie! How can I possibly continue to follow you if you don’t like Lemon Meringue Pie? Hey, wait a minute. That means more Lemon Meringue Pie for me! OK – I am cool with it.

  21. Most of these I can totally understand, but for a few of them, well….I’ll just forget that I read this day’s entry. 😉

    -Mike A.

  22. I can respect that you didn’t care for Golden Compass, which I loved; the book, not the movie. I do love kiwis (and Kiwis!) but it’s hard to find firm ones lately at my grocer. My fave Kiwi thing is Moana with Pasifika Voices and the wonderful Temuera Morrison. Finally saw What We Do in the Shadows which I loved and had confused with Only Lovers Left Alive which I hated. I’m now pumped to see Thor Ragnarok.

  23. Wow — Really (on talk shows?) Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert? I’ll tell you which late night show I really love — James Corden. He steals a bit from Graham Norton, but its different. His carpool karokes, his “drop the mic” and his fun skits where they re-enact the highlighted career histories of such people like Tom Hanks. I also like when he goes to do a job of someone for a day and lets that person have the day off.

    I’m with you on Monty Python. I’ve watched it and I don’t get it. I don’t laugh. Same holds true — and people are going to groan about this one — Dr. Who. I don’t get it.

    The Beatles — Jeff has ever album they ever made and some of the ones that came out later of things never released before. I adore Queen and U2.

    I stopped watching the Olympics a long time ago. The only exception was when Laura Wilkinson (diving) competed. I know her and her coach (my ex-neighbor). Good people. They both live here.

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