May 4, 2017: Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you!

Hey!  Guess what video has over 17,000 views on instagram?  THIS one –

Yes.  That’s Suji eating apple slices.

We have GOT to make her a series regular on Dark Matter.

Okay, in addition to all my reading, I’m finally going to catch up on some television as well.  On deck: Westworld, Preacher, and Fargo season 2.  I’m also going to check out Riverdale which sounds delightfully weird.  Between these shows and the new Twin Peaks, I think I’m good until 2018.

Today, the random Dark Matter season 3 sneak peek screen capture generator selects…

May 4, 2017: Happy Star Wars Day!

12 thoughts on “May 4, 2017: Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. I’m curious as to how many views it will have tomorrow, now that you shared it here. I’m sure we’ll all watch it one or three or five more times tonight.


  2. I thought it said Suji eats apple sauce. Took several minutes for the video to load on my computer. Awe. Apple slices. I can’t read anymore. My beagle loves apples too.

  3. well all day I have thought it was friday… So you post may 4th and I think no.. you missed yesterday. However, it appears I am the confused one. I was all ready to watch the Kentucky Derby tomorrow!

    Yes, Suji SHOULD be a regular on the show!

  4. I have yet to watch Westward, though it looks interesting. I’m betting it’s deep. I love Preacher. I love Ruth Negga – she knows how to deliver lines with that character. I’m going to recommend Leftovers – it can go deep, but it’s very very heavily character driven. The writers have infused so much irony – everyone thinks they have the answer.

  5. So the secret to success includes a cute dog with the proper head gear and apples…who knew?

    I have been repeatedly told that Westworld is awesome and a must see. I liked Preacher…interesting. American Gods looks promising. Read the book though it took me forever to finish.

    Hope Friday is smooth sailing into the weekend!

    May the 4th be with you! Do your androids speak Bocce?

  6. Suji! Do they have a name for one’s internet appeal?

    I watched a couple of West World. Not bad but it should be called Psychopath World.

    Tomorrow’s plain is “moving the kid home from college”.

  7. Gotta second Carrie’s shout out to Ruth Negga, her entrance on Preacher was spectacular and the show is so good. Loved Season 2 of Fargo and Westworld, the Westworld soundtrack is gorgeous. My fave thing about these shows is seeing a great cast and crew get a huge canvas to tell epic stories.

    Suji’s buns are stylin’, I too love a good apple!

  8. Preacher has one of the funniest scenes on television. Someone even captured the scene on YouTube, but I’ll refrain from posting until people have watched the season. I can’t imagine anyone not laughing when a certain thing happens to Clive in Preacher. Let’s just say Jesse is a great shot!

  9. That was adorable. Apples are good for humans and dogs.

    You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Westworld. The cast is phenomenal and the story is much better than the Westworld of old. I didn’t expect it to be so violent though. But I watch Game of Thrones so how much worse can it get than that (in the realm of things I watch).

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