Our girl turned 12 today (even though she looks 20!).

Her other life.  This was the pic on the Pacific Pug Rescue adoption page.

We quickly discovered she was a little girl with a big personality.

Yo, Four-Eyes!

Handle with care!

On the bridge of The Raza, taking her to FTL.

Running The Raza corridors.

Next week on a new season of The Bachelorette…

We can do it!

French bulldog undercover.

She and Bubba were like an old married couple.  Pictured above, holding hands.

Working on her tan with Lulu.


Toting her snack-packed backpack.

Oh my!


Looking gangsta!

In her jammy-jams.

Here’s to another 12!

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Happy Birthday Suji!


Just face it…Suji is a clothes hound and very photogenic to boot! Happy Birthday baby girl! Hope you all survived the festivities! And yes, raise a glass to another 12!


Happy Birthday sweet girl!! She looks so much better than when you first got her. So much more healthier. Lucky little one.


Wow! Happy Birthday, 🎂 Suji!
Super model, Insta star, the pug about town, friends to the stars… She has it all 🐾 … Thanks to you and Akemi!


Goddammit, Joe! That is ridiculously cute. Happy birthday, Suji,


The Many Looks of Suji. Happy Birthday, little gal!!


What an adorable collection of photos for Miss Suji, Congrats and Happy Birthday adorable you!!


Happy birthday Suji!

She looked sad in the rescue pics. Now, happy and secure. The eyes show it.

Okay so the nails… not sure why the covers, but it appears her nails are very long. Getting them trimmed a little every few days will help push the quick back and get them short. Long nails (made longer with the covers) causes the feet to twist and pull. I can not only hurt, but cause damage.

I am the person who most hates doing dogs’ nails on earth, but I’ve learned to keep at it with rescues until they are short. I like using a dremel… zip zip zip and they are done.

Tam Dixon
Tam Dixon

Loved the pictures and the captions were cute too! Happy Birthday Suji! 🎂🌹🌸


Birthday blessings Suji! Absolutely adore these photos.
She may wear the outfits well, but her sweet face & personality are what stand out most.
I’m so glad you and Akemi were able to adopt her and give her a wonderful life.

Hope Akemi is feeling better…

Margaret Clayton

Happy Birthday to our furry superstar.💐


Happy Birthday, Suji, you fashion maven! 😍😙

Denise McInerney
Denise McInerney

Happy Birthday, Suji! You’re a beautiful girl and so fortunate to have landed with a great Mom and Dad to love and take care of you. Many blessings for a long and happy life!


Happy Birthday, Suji! Although it looks like EVERY day is Suji Day. smile <3


Just wondering…. Is this Suji’s REAL birth date or is she like the Queen and this is an Official Birthday?

I don’t know my two cats’ real Birthday (litter mates) so I worked out roughly when they were born et voilà – Official Birthday


Birthday hugs from NJ Suji!! Hope it was a great one!

Kristen G

Happy birthday, Suji! You’ve got it made, girl.

hank ronson
hank ronson

happy bday suji you rock


Happy Birthday Suji! I love those jammy jams!

Robin Simpson

Happy Belated Birthday wishes Suji. You remind me more of a black, smooth Griffon Bruxellois (Brussels Griffon) than a Pug. Whatever – that has obviously not gotten in the way of a great life. Here’s to many more.