Even though I remain busy with post duties on Dark Matter season 3 (cuts, music reviews, mixes, and VFX approvals), I have made it a point NOT to think about season 4.  Not yet.  I do have a game plan complete with story and character arcs for next year but, for now, I’m taking a little break.  I plan to get on it next month…which, I guess, is Monday.  The season 4 writers’ room fast approaches (we’re aiming for June 12th in Vancouver, three days after our double episode premiere on Syfy and Space Channel) so I need to be more ready!  When the time comes, I’ll be joined by a few DM regulars in addition to, hopefully, a Stargate veteran I’ve been wanting to re-team with for years.  Exciting announcement to come!

The free time has allowed me to catch up on my reading.  So far in 2016, I’ve blazed through 68 books which should put me on pace to obliterate my previous record of 108 books read back in 2014.  I’m presently putting together a list of my favorite genre novels and comic books of 2016 in advance of my annual Rogue Star Awards.  Check the right sidebar for past winners.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to cast votes for this season’s episode titles. Here is a rundown of what you selected:

Episode 27: Being Better Is So Much Harder

Episode 28: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

Episode 29: Welcome To The Revolution

Episode 30: All The Time In the World

Episode 31: Give It Up, Princess

Episode 32: One Last Card To Play

Episode 33: Wish I Could Believe You

Episode 34: Hot Chocolate

Episode 35: Isn’t That A Paradox?

Episode 36: Built, Not Born

Episode 37: The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

Episode 38: My Final Gift To You

Episode 39: Nowhere To Go

What do they all mean?  Any guesses?

April 29, 2017: Taking A Break.  Sort Of.  And Your Dark Matter Season 3 Titles!

Nurse Suji attends to Akemi on the mend.

18 thoughts on “April 29, 2017: Taking a break. Sort of. And your Dark Matter season 3 titles!

  1. Nurse Suji was clearly born with bags of bedside manner.

    When are you back in Vancouver?

  2. Wait… is it Martin Gero you’re teaming up with? It’s Martin Gero, isn’t it??!! :). Or, maybe not. Still, can’t wait to hear about it.

    That picture of Akemi and Suji is very sweet.

  3. What a sweet picture of Suki with Akemi. Hope she’s better soon.

    On stargate veteran.. no idea. But I did see they have cancelled Michael Shanks show… so hoping it’s him. 🙂

  4. All the season 3 episode titles in one handy list and a challenge to venture a guess?

    Reading them, I see season 3 going like this:

    Damn, this sucks.
    Fights galore!
    Barely made it out alive.
    Lies, cocoa, & time travel.
    Rook and Rebecca – Together again.
    Aw, man. We’re screwed!

  5. Love the title picks this season. <3

    @Ponytail: Too funny 😀
    Albeit its certainly not uncommon to crave only
    desert and comfort foods as we age.
    I have multiple days go by sometimes
    with absolutely no appetite at all – but –
    put a great big slice of tiramisu in front of me
    and I'll have almost effortlessly downed the whole thing
    and licked the plate clean inside of 5 minutes.

    @KathyC I definitely concur with that.
    Suji = adorableness at its finest xo
    And hope you too are enjoying some restful down time
    now that tax season is finally over.

  6. @Drea I too, love the title picks for this Season and I may even have a high percentage of them correct!

    @Thogar lol Nicely broken down. Can we add ‘Oh crap!’ in the mix too, you think?

    Season 4’s writer room pencilled in for Monday 12 June, which is also the actual double episode premiere date for the UK #bringiton

    A Stargate veteran…..so many fab writers to choose from, I’m going to go with Carl Binder 😎

  7. Ponytail: Loved your Dad story!

    Isn’t That A Paradox?: One is back? They went back into the past, stopped his murder and brought him back! It could work….

    How’s Akemi feeling? Are you ok? Once, when I was sick with a cold, I tried everything to keep my hubby from catching it. I stayed away from him, cleaned all counters, doorknobs, washed my hands until they were raw (you get the picture). I thought I’d covered all the bases and then, THEN hubby used my toothbrush by mistake! It must have worked like a vaccination because he didn’t get sick. It was funny though.

  8. It is exciting to read that you’re ‘not thinking of Season 4’, Joe … (but have a game plan … story and character arcs). Not even going to try and guess the Stargate veteran, seeing as my title choices that made it to the above list, numbers less than my big toes!

    Thanks for the UK premier date @ceresis64 – I was beginning to chew my fingers.

    And Akemi.
    I do hope little Suji (and I’m sure, Lulu n Joe’s) nursing is comforting you to a speedy recovery very soon 😊

  9. Episode 30: All The Time In the World – Is this the one where you say One will eventually come back?

    Episode 33: Wish I Could Believe You – Is this the one where you promise again to bring One back?

    Episode 38: My Final Gift To You – Is this the one where you actually do bring One back for the rest of the series?

    Episode 39: Nowhere To Go – Is this the one you realize One fans will not give up hounding you?

    Episode 31: Give It Up, Princess – Is this the one that you really meant to put my name…. Give It Up Ponytail….?

  10. Based on the titles alone, I think we are in for a humdinger of a season! Great choices, unfortunately most of them were not mine. I think @Thogar nailed the season in a single paragraph now all we have to do is watch it!

  11. @Ponytail I love it, love it, love it 😂

    Sorry Joe. We will NEVER give up on One!!!

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