17 thoughts on “April 28, 2017: Akemi’s Toronto Art, Graffiti, and Other Tour!

  1. Yay Akemi – Very cool.

    oh, what happened to the mask?
    Hope Akemi is feeling better…actually she looks great!

  2. Akemi knows how to pose. 😊 That graffiti is amazing. I love those bronze sculptures that show up everywhere.

    Tam Dixon Thanks. No change in eye colour yet. I read that brown eyes could change. Mine are green. Not currently looking for a job. Sticking with the one I have. As it turns out it pays better than most others around here. Oh, and my cousin phoned today. 😊

  3. Hi Joe
    I’ve been by a few of those locations and sat where Akemi sat beside Glenn Gould (4th pic from top). I’m glad she’s enjoying Canada and not pining for home.


  4. Shouldn’t she be resting in bed?

    Great pictures. Love the color.

    @Drea – I’m taking my 3rd and 4th day off this year. Yeah.

  5. @ Drea – My dad is doing very well. He will be 92 next Friday. I took him to his doctor today and she was very pleased. He has gained 10 pounds back that he lost last year when he was sick. He is not allowed to gain any more. I told her it was his fault because he eats ice cream everyday. He said it was his caregivers fault for fixing it for him. His doctor then said, “Who does the shopping?”. My eyes bulged out! I do! OMG, I’m an enabler! She said I need to shop for healthier alternatives like sherbert. Next time I’m blaming my mom. She keeps slowly loosing weight, and that’s why I make sure they have lots of desserts. That’s one thing she will not skip. (Me neither)

  6. What fun pictures! Akemi looks really happy enjoying these moments together.
    Hope she’s feeling a lot better today 😊

  7. Oy, this is her resting state,, well whatever works, and maybe the antibiotics are, good for her, feel better Akemi! I like the giant fish one, the pigeon in pic 3 is watching ,, the pics are all cool..

  8. Looks like someone is having fun!

    This does seem to be quite trendy. My cousin takes his daughter & her BFF to different mural sites in Nashville – they have a blast, posting lots of pics.

    In my day we used to wade in all the water fountains around Memphis, that’s b4 we realized that the homeless (& not homeless) fellows often peed in the water.

    Hope Akemi is feeling better!!

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