My phone started buzzing at approximately 7:30 a.m.  I was, of course, still sleeping off last night’s Dark Matter season 3 wrap party and in no mood to get up, much less answer – but something told me it, maybe, wasn’t a wrong number. I reached up, grabbed my cell, and checked the number on the call display.  Jodelle Ferland.

Jodelle?  Wasn’t she supposed to be on a flight to Denver?  What the heck was going on?

Well, it turned out she had gone to the airport to catch her flight, ended up in the wrong line, discovered she was in the wrong line, tried to find someone to help her but either a) couldn’t find anyone or b) was roundly ignored (coincidentally, by the very same Air Canada employee who was rude to her the last time she flew out of Toronto).  By the time she figured things out, she’d missed the cut off for boarding and so, was forced to reschedule to the next available flight – tomorrow morning!

Stranded at the airport, the production offices closed, unsure of what to do, she decided to throw a Hail Mary – and gave me a call.

“You’re like a homestay dad,”Akemi observed as  I jumped out of bed, got dressed and headed out the, while she got started on cleaning up the apartment, spurred at the prospect of having Jodelle crash in our guest room tonight.

On the way to the airport, I was able to book Jodelle the last available room at the hotel next door.

Toronto’s Pearson Airport is a maze and, unlike other airports, offers no real directions to an ARRIVALS section.  No signage or instructions on their website.  I attempted to call for information but was put on hold.  And so, instead, I pulled into Terminal 1, section A, called Jodelle, and waited for her to find her way.

When she finally found me, she was clearly exhausted.  “Welcome back to Toronto!”I said, greeting her with a big hug.  We popped her luggage in the back of the SUV and we were on our way!

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

Poor Jodelle.  I checked her into her room, then headed back up to my place where I watched Bruce McDonald’s director’s cut of Episode 312 (the recently titled “My Final Gift To You”).  A slew of secrets revealed in this one – and plenty of surprises to boot!

On the one hand, Jodelle had a miserable morning, missed her flight, and was operating on about an hour’s sleep.  On the bright side, she got to join Akemi, Ivon Bartok, Jason Priestley and I for dim sum!

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

If there’s one thing Jason loves, it’s dim sum.  And we made sure to cover all the bases: pork buns, spring rolls, daikon mocha, shrimp dumplings and even a vegetarian noodle dish for Jodelle that arrived after we’d all eaten way too much.

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

From there, it was a short walk over to a Daits, a little shop on the basement level of a nearby mall.  The specialty – dates!  Surprised?  They’re imported from Saudi Arabia and come in a variety of flavors – almond butter stuffed, pistachio-crusted, covered in dark chocolate and adorned with gold leaf.  There’s also Akemi’s favorite, the crispy florentine, she calls “Pachi Pachi” because, well, that’s what it feels like when you chew it.  We got a dozen to share and a mix – despite the woman’s attempts to hard-sell the pistachio and the ones with the candied ginger inside.

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

We parted ways with Jason and Ivon, then headed back to our place where Jodelle got to say hi to the dogs.  Lulu, for one, was glad she’d missed her morning flight and immediately staked claim to her lap.

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

We headed downstairs where we met up with my longtime friend and writer/story editor Anne-Marie Perrotta and her husband Jerome before heading over to SOMA Chocolates for ice cream and –

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

For Jodelle, an affogato (coconut sorbet and espresso).

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

By that time it was a little past 3 p.m. and those dinners plans we’d made seemed most unlikely.  We were all stuffed. We couldn’t eat another bite.  Until we walked by Starbucks and saw a sign for their limited Unicorn Frappuccino.

“Do you want one?”I asked Jodelle.

“No,”she said.  “But I WOULD try one.”

Close enough!

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

Jodelle samples the Unicorn.  And likes what she tastes.

April 22, 2017: Jodelle Is Back In Town!  Oh, Wait!  She Never Left!

In fact, both Akemi and Jodelle gave it the thumbs up.  I, on the other hand, didn’t like the frappuccino’s underlying sourness – no doubt a result of its unicorn milk component.

Tonight, we cap things off with tea and a screening of some Dark Matter production cuts!  And, tomorrow, Jodelle should be on her way.


27 thoughts on “April 22, 2017: Jodelle is back in town! Oh, wait! She never left!

  1. Awww, what a nice way for a crappy day to turn out! Except for that unicorn thing. I could not handle that amount of sugar.

    But wow, those dates sound fantastic. I love dates anyway, and those are so intriguing.

  2. You are such a good guy, Joe. I hope you realize that, even through the Evil League of Evil Trench coat you pretend to wear sometimes. It was very sweet of you to help Jodelle. I’m certain she felt relieved when you answered your phone.
    Hashtag GoodGuysRock

  3. So cool that Joelle’s day turned from disappointment into a fun excursion. And I completely agree about the YYZ’s arrivals area. It’s completely confusing, especially if you’re connecting from an international flight to a domestic one.

    Air Canada’s new motto: “Well, at least we don’t beat you!”

    Starting to look forward to my trip to Vancouver! Well, except maybe the flying part.

  4. Wow. Loved reading that. Just a pure personal story, with great writing, great photos, well structured and none of the bitchin’ I see everywhere else in peeps’ personal stories. Thx. Refreshing & genius reading.

  5. I heard that when u stir the unicorn thing it gets sour,, hard to spend the money for sour,,haha, Glad you were there to help out Jodelle, that’s what families do..

  6. Sorry to hear of Jodelle’s troubles at the airport. I too had some issues although it was for an other reason. It Is a big airport in relation to its place. It does serve the largest population of Canada but I am thinking about Chicago. I love dim sam in the morning too. I am a fan of asian dumplings (bbq pork) and coffee. I made a first visit to Wowbao for breakfast and had their spicy dumplings. I will have to make another trip when I get the doc’s approval for work (coming soon).

  7. Soma chocolates, good choice. I have some of their mix in my cobert and I was wondering on getting more, but I haven’t heard you say anything about them, had me worried.

  8. Gfrorce: When are you going to Vancouver?

    Joe: I have to agree with you about Pearson. I was transferring there to a U.S flight and got lost right out of the gate. I nearly walked right out of the door and into Toronto. Fortunately, I’ve never run into any unpleasant staff. Maybe I remind them of their aunties or mothers. I’m not the sex symbol you are. heh heh

  9. Well, clearly you haven’t adequately exploited your show-runner position to intimidate all the cast and crew, or you’d have been the last one she’d have called. Now everyone will know what a softy you are for humans, as well as doggies. 🙂

    My very first business trip (eons ago) was with my boss’s boss, whom I barely knew. My checked luggage didn’t make it, so he insisted on taking me to a drugstore for a toothbrush, etc. You don’t forget those sort of kindnesses!

  10. You are such a nice guy, Joe. I’m sure Jodelle is so glad to have a friend like you. Sounds like Air Canada is turning into the next United. Can’t believe she had the same rude person two trips in a row.

  11. Sounds like all of you did great at turning a negative into a positive. A lesson to us all! Also, it’s good to have friends. 🙂

  12. Joe, you’re being a good production-dad. Good job!

    I’m a very experienced air traveler, and even I find Toronto Pearson’s airport signage confusing at best and down-right mis-leading at other times. There’s a few other airports that rival Toronto: Atlanta’s Hatsfield signage to their rental car depot (you take a train towards a hotel that is only incidentally mentions car rentals and of course halfway down the concourse to the train station, the car rental signs disappear), Milan’s Malpenza’s signage to their autonoleggio area (you’re guaranteed to get lost on elevators and arrival/departure halls if not in the garage itself), and LAX’s connecting flight signs and lack of security-side connections between terminals.

    Whatever happened to the idea of colored lighted “lanes” on the floor indicating the direction to common destinations? I know why GPS is not used in these instances (multipath), but you’d think that in the information age there would be a better solution.

    Okay, enough whinging…time to start my Sunday.

  13. Aww, poor Jodelle. She knew who to call though ….
    What a great boss/ friend you are!

    Never heard of flavoured dates before. Mmm, new food items to seek out and try …. 😊

  14. Aw! Poor Jodelle!

    Looks like it all worked out though. This will be a season she won’t forget that’s for sure. Maybe she’ll even think of staying an extra day after production ends anyway, just to make a tradition of this.

  15. As an attendee at the Denver Starfest yesterday, I was disappointed in missing Jodelle. However, I am glad that things worked out. Thanks Joe for saving the day.

  16. It’s the unexpected that makes for a really amazing day! Glad you were there for Jodelle. Look up into the sky…who’s here to save the day? Underdog!! Or better known as The Doggy Daddy!!

    Sounds like a jam packed adventurous day full of food, friends, and 🦄 Frappaccino. Nice seeing Ivon & Jason.

    B R U C E!! Director’s cut of Ep12: My Final Gift To You, with secrets and surprises!! I’m still giddy with anticipation! June 9 is not that far away anymore.

  17. @Patricia B.: I’m going in June! My first real vacation since last fall, if you don’t count the brutally cold trip to NH!

    Regarding the Toronto airport, the funny thing is they made a big deal before it opened of having a ton of regular folks volunteer to go through the airport as if they were arriving/departing/connecting flights, etc. This supposedly helped them developed signage and ways to make things flow better. I have friends that participated in it and said it was great fun. Good thing they at least had that, because the folks in charge didn’t seem to do anything about the issues.

  18. This story had a happy ending! What is it with airlines lately? I hope JF got some rest and caught her next flight. That coconut ice cream looked very good.

  19. This is a very sweet blog post. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Toronto, but I got trapped at an Ohio airport and there was literally nothing there. It was like a ghost town.

    I’m still so sad to see the show end. Definitely one of my favorite scifi shows of all time, incredible cast and great writing! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    Props to Jodelle for having a weird name like me 🙂

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