This evening, Jodelle joined Akemi and I for a traditional Thai Good Friday feast…

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

…if, say, we’d been in Thailand dining somewhere that didn’t really celebrate Easter.

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

By the time we were finished, Jodelle was ready for bed.

Yesterday was originally slated to be our last day of production on Dark Matter’s third season but, gosh darn it, we had three extra days’ worth of solid material we couldn’t bear to not shoot (especially because it would mean a 14 minute season finale), so we went ahead and scheduled three extra days.

BUT – some crew members had already made plans to leave us on Friday and so, yesterday, we said an early goodbye to some members of our Dark Matter family…

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

Goodbye to 3rd Assistant Director Tal Aulbrook.  Hey, Tal, what’s with the weird pose…

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

…Oh.  Never mind.

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

And goodbye to stand-in Alyssa Pawlak and A Camera Operator Joe Turner.

And a goodbye to – not pictured – Assistant Hair Pamela Mills who bid us all a fond farewell last night as well.

Until we meet again.

At, say, next Friday night’s wrap party.

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

Lulu wishes you all a Happy Easter.

April 14, 2017: Thai And Goodbyes!

Suji too!

17 thoughts on “April 14, 2017: Thai and Goodbyes!

  1. (Almost) the last day of shooting. Unbelievable that it’s gone by so fast. Seems we just get started and before you know, comes the time you have to say, so long! I hope that those crew leaving are heading off to other work to fill in their time between their Dark Matter awesomeness.

    Love those dog pictures. Happy Easter to all you guys, too!

  2. Ah…. I see your doctors also prescribed you the popular
    C Food – Consume daily diet too, eh. 😀 😀 😀

  3. 93 days seems so long and flew by so fast. With that tight of scheduling, a few extra days seems minimal. Do you get in subs for those who had to leave?

    See… poor Jodelle, you have led her into eating herself into a coma! Try to remember that it takes a long time to build up to your eating ability!

  4. Dare, can’t write in Thai; it won’t show up in comments, not people could read it.

  5. Great set of photos, Joe – Jodelle and Akemi, and sleepy Jodelle. Aah.

    Happy Easter little Lulu, sweetie Suji, Akemi, yourself and to everyone else here. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  6. Parting is such sweet sorrow…hope to see these faces again. Say, next season? Lots of smiles!

    So a 14 minute finale? That means about 35 minutes of black screen unless….you extend shooting 3 more days….thank you!

    I love Thai! Yum!!

    Love Lulu’s hero pose. Suji is just so darn cute! She wears the rabbit ears well.

    Happy 🐣

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