April 6, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 85 Of 91!

I’d like to kick off this entry with a shout-out to this show’s biggest supporters. Well, next to the fans of course, there are no greater friends to Dark Matter than the folks at NBC Universal International/Syfy International.  They have gotten behind our little series in a big way, tirelessly promoting us from the very beginning, taking the time to come visit our sets, regularly complimenting the production.  The latter may seem like no big deal but I can assure you, as someone who has worked in this industry for many, many years, it is the exception not the rule.

They have been kind, complimentary, and very creative in their approach to not only getting the word out about the show, but producing extra content for the fans. This season, for instance, they’re spearheading a certain project I can’t talk about yet – but you’re all going to love.  But more on that in the coming months.  Right now, a big Dark Matter thank you to –

Steve Patscheck – EVP Programming NBC Universal Networks International, NBC Universal

Mehrad Noori – TV & VR Productions/Acquisitions, NBC Universal

Bipasha Gosh – VP International Marketing Syfy, NBC Universal

Ivano Leoncavallo – VP Creative, NBC Universal

Roger Woolery – VP Post and Operations, NBC Universal

Tony Molenda – Lead Creative, NBC Universal

Kristin Mente – Production Manager, NBC Universal

Catherine New – Head of PR, NBC Universal Networks International, NBC Universal

Andrea Reyes – Associate Producer, NBC Universal

Abby Plante – Researcher, NBC Universal

Janine Hogan – Researcher, NBC Universal

It continues to be a pleasure working with you all!

Now, help me name another Dark Matter episode, willya?

Cast your vote for one of the following:

Polls close in 24 hours!

April 6, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 85 Of 91!

Well, THIS…

April 6, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 85 Of 91!

…is coming along nicely!

19 thoughts on “April 6, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 85 of 91!

  1. Oh, it is funny how things come together (I am not liking this new form of Apple Safari as I loose the top cover again and type again). I was in my therapy today and the subject of Dark Matter and its creator came up. I went off on a diatribe of the history of its creator and the show. It was fun to talk about it in such a free wheeling manner. At which point she said she was familiar with the story. While I had mentioned the show earlier the reply was what caught me off guard. Another fan in a parcular place. Can’t wait to see what is new.

  2. Voted.

    Yep! Sure enough.
    My time finally did come! …

    I Finally managed a day off today!

    BOY! Did I need this!!! 😀

    Spent the day drifting in a row boat on a large semi private pond.
    No one around for miles
    save for a 10 foot sleeping crocodile
    who briefly opened his eyes
    and tossed me a certain glance as i passed,
    as if to say
    “you’re lucky that Mcdonalds delivery truck driver
    accidentally spilled a couple cases of Big Macs
    as he screeched on the brakes,
    (after i crawled out in front of him on a near by road),
    shortly before your rude intrusion.”

  3. Voted!

    Glad you finally got the day off @drea! Tax season is almost to a close, only 12 more days of long hours…can’t wait!

  4. I voted and glory be! So far so good! For a change.

    @ Drea – I know how you feel. I’ve had two days off this year. Two! 2! I’m about to drop. Congrats on your day off.

  5. Day 85 of 91!! Is the pic above with Bruce, Three & Five from today or from earlier in the season. Looks like Three is drowning his sorrows…

    I voted, unfortunately my choice is trailing and in second place. Hoping for a last minute rally.

    Thank you to all at NBC Universe International/SyFy International. We greatly appreciate your efforts in expanding the DM universe!

    Wishing all a relaxing, fun-filled weekend. I’m off for a 3 day weekend to see how functional my liver is. My bestie is turning 50 (well she turned 50 last Sunday) and she is having a hum dinger of a “blow it out all weekend long party”. Have friends coming in from all over. Her husband is grilling out, smoking cheeses and generally in charge of the festivities after he finishes overseeing his rotisserie baseball draft (we may be in trouble).

  6. Thanks @Kathy. xo
    By The Way:
    I finally caught up on those episodes of Super girl.
    And I am now in the middle of binge watching a couple new shows that are doing a pretty good job at sucking me into the story.

    1. “Imposters”
    Very clever, with lots of unpredictable twists n turns.
    Interesting characters, Perfect beats and highly surprising payoffs

    “The Good Place”
    with Ted Danson and Kristen Bell.
    Its a sharp witted, well written, comedy that
    Kinda reminds me of a slightly edgier
    version of the movie
    “Defending Your Life”

  7. Aside from being a fan of the EPL’s Tottenham Hotspur, Catherine New truly is terrific. That was fantastic junket she just hosted. Bravo to the rest of the folks at Syfy US and UK, too. They have some great shows!

  8. @ponytail You’re about 1/2 day up on me. I had a Sunday off about a few wks ago albeit half the day was spent getting my but whooped in scrabble by my co worker Bob Greenberg, who had unexpectedly dropped by. Afterwards we got caught up in a work discussion which somehow morphed into a 4.5 hour long planning session and a 45 minute long work related video conference call with 2 other team members!

    I cant recall the last time I had one full, truly lazy, peaceful, day off where it was all about pampering me, with no one else around to have to cater or answer to at all!
    Best I usually get is a stolen hour every now and again to enjoy a hot bubble bath by candlelight or to sneak off alone to a favorite bakery, deli or coffee shop to indulge a craving.

    Cheers Ladies! Here’s to us!
    May we all get more well deserved “me time” soon!

  9. Voted ✔️

    Loving the photo of Three and Five.

    @Drea Good to hear you’ve had a well-deserved day off.

    @MaggieL80 Have a fantastic weekend!

    The graphics look awesome!

    I saw your tweet about the Season 3 premiere date!

    But, I’m guessing the information on the website was not intended for public viewing as yet, as the link was quickly removed!
    However, social media is also quick to respond, and this was tweeted….


    So, the question is, is the Season 3 premiere date really 9 June?
    And, that is earlier than normal! 😎

    Hopefully by the time you upload your blog entry later today, the link will be restored and all will be known 👍 #bringiton

  10. @Drea: “Death by Florida?” Watch out for those gators! Glad you had a day off and I hope your mom is ok.

    @Maggie L80: Have fun!

    @Ponytail: Only two? You must be indispensable. Hope your parents are ok too! Anymore Dad stories? He’s the best! 😀

    I’m going with “Built not born”. Must be about Two.

    I bet Suji will Love Vancouver! It’s a long way from a barn.

    I pulled off the drywall from the shower wall (demo) yesterday. Yes, they had drywall in the shower! 😳

  11. I love voting. I should keep track of my success rate. Thanks for including us!

    Our fire group will be lighting up this weekend, if it doesn’t snow on us.

  12. It is always nice when the people who back you believe in your vision. And yes, finally I have voted for (hopefully) a winning title. Last year, most of mine won, But this year, not so much.

  13. @ceresis @Tam Thanks xo.

    @Tam That shower sounds like alot of work. Albeit, I’m sure the finished product will prove worth it and offer piece of mind. (no more internal wall mold worries).
    Hugs and much love today and always. Careful not to over work your back. xo

  14. What a lovely piece of scheduling for Season 3 Joe. June 9 is the premiere date. It will have a two hour premiere, before settling into its new 9pm timeslot the following week.

    Killjoys will air June 30, as its only ten episodes, it will move to 8pm.

    I like 9pm. What a nice time.

  15. Wow I’m like super slow mentioning that. I just noticed someone else did above. Don’t mind me!

  16. Grrr… my comment didn’t post. Got an error. I just can’t write it again….too tired. Too much to do.

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