April 2, 2017: A Walk In The Park!

“Is that Suji?”asked the woman in the bicycle helmet.

“Why yes,”I said.  “It is!”

We’d spent the better part of the beautiful afternoon in High Park, walking the dogs along the water, taking in the sights and the cantankerous swans, and were on our way back to the car.  Lulu and Suji were tuckered out, so I had the task of pushing them – and their stroller – up the winding incline toward the lot.  We’d just reached the nice little bench area at the top of the hill when we encountered the lovely cyclist couple.

“They’re exhausted,”I explained.  And then, by way of an explanation: “They’re old.”  Ironically, they looked quite comfortable in the stroller while I was the one fighting for breath.

They’d recognized Suji from a recent pug meet-up.  Initially, I’d assumed/hoped they’d recognized her from instagram where her NewOldPugSuji account has, in a mere three months, has more than doubled by follower count.  She’s on track to break 5k by mid-month.  At this rate, I’d be foolish NOT to stunt cast in season 4.

When I retire in about seven years from now, I’m going to just live off Suji’s various endorsements and public appearances.

But today, a lot of this:

April 2, 2017: A Walk In The Park! April 2, 2017: A Walk In The Park! April 2, 2017: A Walk In The Park! April 2, 2017: A Walk In The Park! April 2, 2017: A Walk In The Park! April 2, 2017: A Walk In The Park!

Hey, this takes me back.  Actors Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, and Jennifer Spence behind-the-scenes on Stargate: Universe

April 2, 2017: A Walk In The Park!

12 thoughts on “April 2, 2017: A Walk in the Park!

  1. I still miss Stargate Universe. One of my favorite shows ever. Must do a rewatch.

  2. Suji appears to be very alert even though she’s tired … unlike dear Lulu. What a luxury for the gals to be able to relax in the stroller – although it sounds like you could make use of it too!

  3. Those pictures of Suji and Lulu are awesome. They really look like they’re enjoying themselves!

    That SGU flashback is cool and yet kind of makes me sad as well.

  4. The second and the last puppy pics are my favorite. Just imagine the exposure Dark Matter could get if you strategically place Suji into the show. Living off her royalties would definitely free you up to go chase butterflies, eat lots of chocolate, visit Japan more than once a year & read 80 books in 6 months.

    Have a Happy Marauder Monday!

  5. Loving the pix of the puppies and of the entire family – you and Akemi.
    Got a ” acute dose” of the crud and not even at a convention..sigh.
    So doing the “I R sick” regimen…binge watching Dark Matter.
    I know you are at something like 84 of 91 days. BUT….waiting anxiously for the S3 premiere and the S4 green light.


  6. You’re a good dad!😀 Wait, does this fall under the “Coogan law”? 😉

  7. Suji will be internet famous in no time. You’ll see!

    She and Lulu are so photogenic! Especially together. They are some good looking pups who take a fine picture.

    Awww, the good ol’ Bridge Studios! How does the Dark Matter production location compare to Bridge? I mean besides the obvious comparison that Stargate productions was at Bridge for a long time, etc. And hey, it was raining that day. Go figure.

  8. See, all you do is just to provide Suji with her glamorous lifestyle. She’s so sweet and humble, though, no one would ever guess she rules the universe.

  9. What a great memory photo. I remember when you posted it. I’ve been able to watch Travelers which Patrick GIlmore is in. Jennifer was in Travelers and is now in a series called You Me Her and I think it just finally came to Directv on Audience channel and I need to see if I can watch it retroactively. Peter was in Beyond but it is on Amazon Video and I can’t watch that.

    I miss SGU. A lot.

    Love the pictures. I joined Instagram just because of Suji.

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