March 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 79 Of 91!

Well, looks who’s back to close out the year.  Yes, it’s director Ron Murphy, here to book-end Dark Matter’s third season with a season finale that will, well, blow your minds.

March 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 79 Of 91!

Today, I traveled to capitol of Zairon for the big Ishida Palace dinner scene.  Who are the invited guests?  Well, you’ll have to wait until episode 312 to find out, but here’s a sneak peek at one of the table pieces compliments of Set Key Props Lisa Amaral Wright.

March 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 79 Of 91!

And while they were eating fruits and vegetables at the Ishida Palace, Ivon, Kerrington, Elliot and I were two minutes away enjoying a decidedly different meal…

March 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 79 Of 91!

Hey!  Who feels like choosing our next episode title?   Your choices are…

What, pray tell, could this episode be about?

15 thoughts on “March 29, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 79 of 91!

  1. You always manage to make me hungry, though to be fair it’s not that hard to do. Today, I’m craving mirlitons and pink cauliflower so I guess at least it’s a healthy craving.

    What’s for dessert?

  2. Since I have been so bad this year at picking titles, I went with gforce’s pick. If I lose, I’m coming after him!

    Um, it’s not looking good for gforce.

  3. I had to vote for Paradox. Will Boxxie star in this episode?

    That BBQ looks good but where’s the slaw?

    The food artist for DM is very good!

  4. 😳 About Boxxie, although it would be nice to see him again. I need a drink…

  5. That’s BBQ up there?? I thought it was a dessert plate…. small piece of lemon cake, shredded chocolate kale chips, fried donut rings, and caramel incrusted bars.

    You got me thinking dessert first these days.

    @ Tam – In place of slaw, upon further review, I think that is turnip greens.

  6. On the BBQ plate:

    Is that a corn-bread ‘cube’? I like the iron skillet corn bread as it tends to be softer on the bottom (which it looks like that yours may have been). And I’m guessing the greens were liquored, but it’s hard to tell.

    Now I’m hungry for BBQ…maybe I’ll make a brisket on Friday.


    I agree; turnip greens. Mustard greens would have a broader leaf and kale would have more ‘wrinkles’.

  7. Ribs, onion rings, greens & cornbread! Yum! If you served that to the House of Ishida, they might be a happier lot (though you’d have to serve tofu to Alex).

    Wonderful table piece designs. Creative!

    It’s “only a matter of time” before S3 begins! I’m spreading the word and trying to get my peeps at work to watch.

  8. Noooo @Ponytail!
    I’ve only just forgotten about THAT donut and now you’ve gone and reminded me..

  9. @gforce and @Ponytail my title choice too is Only A Matter Of Time!
    My little brain cell (singular!) or should that be grey matter was thinking about Dark Matter/Matter and maybe an intentional play on words? lol

    Cool table piece design and…
    …your food looks nomnom 👍

  10. I know I just missed the last mailbox, but I would like to know who is responsible for choosing a director and why does a show choose different directors for different episodes instead of sticking with one person. They do this for movies, why not for shows?
    Thank you!

    That colored cauliflower is such a nice trick to make it look like corals. Cool idea!
    Thanks for posting as always.

  11. Yes, it could be turnip greens. In Memphis, they usually serve BBQ with something to cool the palate along side. Deviled eggs, salad but most of time, slaw. Greens are served with beans, fried potatoes, corn bread, okra, green onions and corn bread. That’s a good looking meal too!

  12. Beautiful colors in that food display. I would have been torn between the first place and second place choices.

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