March 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 72 Of 91!

Adorning the triptych on this day: Classic Battlestar!

March 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 72 Of 91!

Director Melanie Orr calls the shots on Janah-12.  Hmmm.  Jana-12.   That rings a bell…

March 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 72 Of 91!

Relaxing between set-ups.

March 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 72 Of 91!

Executive Producer Jay Firestone, keeping things light.  And kinda kooky.

March 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 72 Of 91!

Handicap International Charity winner (and blog regular!) Alisa Scott visits the set.  She got to hang with Anthony Lemke, took the full tour, AND, no doubt the highlight of her trip, had to field 101 questions from yours truly over lunch.  Welcome to Dark Matter, Alisa!

Well, I have John Stead’s director’s cut of Episode 308 downloaded and ready to watch.  I’m really looking forward to this one!

17 thoughts on “March 21, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 72 of 91!

  1. Congrats, Alisa! That must have been an amazing experience.

    Great BTS pics, though I’m really curious where the bumper cars come into play.

    After a big delay, here’s some of the pics from my weekend in NH about a week and a half ago, when I hiked up to a mountain hut and camped in -25F weather. Luckily the main building was heated by a wood stove and was quite comfortable, but the bunk room we slept in was NOT heated. I was pretty prepared though, and with my winter sleeping bag, lots of layers, and two 1l bottles of hot water to snuggle against, I was comfortably warm all night. Still, it was really %^&$& cold out!

    Me, geared up for the cold at the start. It was not enough and I had to change hats and add layers.

    Cold, but surviving!

    Our cold but merry(?) group on the trail.

    Part of my lunch. Luckily, the caretaker at the hut had prepared some nice homemade tomato soup and I left the ramen for later.

    The tasty taco fixin’s which would unfortunately come to make the rest of the evening, and night, and morning fairly unpleasant.

    The weather report from nearby Mt. Washington for the morning that we were there. -75F windchill. I can believe it.

    All said, I don’t *regret* doing it… but I don’t think I’d do it again!

  2. Alisa, what a wonderful experience! Yay!

    Can’t beat cheap ramen for filling the belly. I am always a little leery of DIY tacos, give me street cart tacos any day.

    Your eyelashes are fabulous.

  3. Congrats Alisa!

    Bumper cars. That definitely brings back some memories.

    @gforce Missy, ( the NH friend who called complaining about heavy patio furniture flying off the deck), lives in Littleton area, about 8 miles
    from Cannon mtn. That, of course, naturally got me concerned enough
    to check White Mountains weather report,
    which unfortunately,
    only served to throw me into motherly panic mode! .

    There were 53 mph wind gusts “at noon” on Mt Washington!!!

    While confident in your experience as a fellow mountain,
    forests & canyons hiker… Just the same,
    I am glad you’re not likely to ‘that!’ ever again.
    I’d miss my early morning chat bud way too much
    if something bad were to happen. <3

  4. Holy crap @Gforce! That’s freakin cold!! LOL

    Wondering if the bumper cars will be featured in the episode…

  5. Oh well, it’s sad to see Bubba go, but you did a fine job of keeping us informed and telling us of the relevant news. My mom was in Minneapolis for a timely therapy appointment. I then shared a link of your entry. The appointment was part of my rehab and while I am out of work for the next 6 months, it was not all negative. In reading the note I couldn’t help by feel sorry for Mom’s rescue dog. He is so shy and needy of attention that putting him in a kennel might have long term affects. He couldn’t make the trip here. While he never liked sleeping on my bed he is willing to share with Mom to the point of him going the her room when she says “it’s time.”

  6. I am not even going to ask about the skeleton outfit, lol.

    Congrats to Alisa on the set visit. I am confused about the “Handicap International winner” part. The charity is one I’ve never heard of but will certainly be sharing.

  7. Bumper cars and skeletons…it’s carnival time! Now all you need is cotton candy, caramel apples & chicken on a stick!

    I’m so jealous that you get to preview, review and then (I guess) edit the director’s cut of all these fine episodes. I’d gladly volunteer my services but other than watching and providing constructive feedback I’d be pretty useless.

    Only a month/4 weeks of principle filming left!!! It’s getting close my friends! It’s almost Raza time!

    @gforce: are you nuts! I can barely tolerate 20 degree weather. And the layers? I wouldn’t be able to move much less hike any distance. Glad you made it back safely!

  8. You’ve been upstaged by Gforce! 🙂 Love the pictures Gary but we have a saying in Memphis “You be crazy” . Glad you’re ok!

    Congrats to Alisa!

    Is Mr. Firestone celebrating some of Day of the Dead Canadian holiday?

  9. @Tam D. Yes, I think I am crazy. Also, and trust me on this, you do not want to have “tummy issues” when your only option is an composting outhouse in -25F (that’s -33C!) weather. I will say it focuses the mind on the task.

  10. Congrats, Alisa, you must have had an awesome day 👍

    Another triptych! Did you get my reply with the link, on your mailbag blog entry, Joe?

    @gforce Dang, that’s COLD!

  11. Congratulations Alisa and very well deserved!!

    Thanks for your pics and details of your holiday @gforce.

    Sorry, but abit upset about what’s happened at the doorstep of one of my places of work (- even though we were expecting it) Normally filled with hundreds of happy visitors and where the police, on duty at the gates of Parliament, are always smiling and friendly. Cannot find words to say the right thing

  12. so jealous of Alisa Scott. I want to be standing there with Anthony’s arm around me!

    @ gforce – there’s something wrong with you! 😉

  13. How cool, Alisa is so lucky to get to hang with Riddler Joe and the spirit of Jay F, because who doesn’t have a halloween costume in their desk these days? Now if you’ll excuse me I must get my Daredevil costume to the cleaners.

    Bumper cars! Please kiss whoever wrote this episode, bumper cars are the most fun you can have getting whiplash, outside of moshing of course.

  14. Congratulations Alisa!! That must have been a wonderful time. Your face says it all, I think.

    @gforce You live in a cold place, so I’m sure this was bad, but I live in a very warm place (it was 87 F today) and I think 50 qualifies for winter gear. I would NOT survive that.

    Ahhhhh. Classical Battlestar. Loved Richard Hatch. I got to meet him here in Houston a few years ago. I was a fan since his All My Children days when was probably about 8 years old. My grandmother had me hooked on her soaps, and that was one of them. It was also playing when we came home to eat lunch from school.

    Bumper cars and skeleton costumes — Halloween on the Dark Matter episode? The bumper cars could be part of a carnival?

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