March 20, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 71 Of 91!

Jodelle Ferland does Goth Chick chic.

March 20, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 71 Of 91!

Line Producer Norman Denver and Roger Cross strategize over the big screen.

March 20, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 71 Of 91!

The Ferrous Corp guns are red.  The Mikkei guards are blue.  So who have the green guns?

March 20, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 71 Of 91!

Blocking on the bridge with director Melanie Orr.

March 20, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 71 Of 91!

Dr. Shaw’s secret lab.

Wait.  Who’s Dr. Shaw?

March 20, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 71 Of 91!

What (or who?) resides within this storage unit.  The answer will surprise!

Only four weeks to go before wrap!  This week, Melanie Orr finishes up on Episode 310 while Steve DiMarco helms Episode 311 and Bruce McDonald preps Episode 312.  I’ll be receiving John Stead’s director’s cut of Episode 308 on Tuesday night, then Craig David Wallace’s director’s cut of 309 on Thursday.  Wrote an additional scene for Episode 311 today and received some as-always-wonderful input from Zoie Palmer, did a pass on the Episode 312 script, AND started putting together the game plan for season 4.  Ideally, I’d like to convene the writers’ room in June for  a few weeks.  An early pick-up sure would be great!

Hey!  I make this list twice (although, in all fairness, the all-inclusive “franchise” designation makes it more like four times)!

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14 thoughts on “March 20, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 71 of 91!

  1. As much as I love all sci-fi, there are definitely some shows that shine brighter than others. Naturally, Stargate will always be my number one favorite, in all versions. It was very well written with very believable characters. I also always felt that the fans were listened to. That, to me, is very important with a series. Dark Matter is the second in my favorite category for the same reasons. I’m sure that having both Mullie and Mallozzi at the helm is a strong reason why. As for the sci-fi show that didn’t thrill me, I’d say Falling Skies was it. They started out strong, then seemed to lose their way. By the forth season, they made the same mistake that Eureka did, in that they concentrated on the daughter of the hero(es) and made the whole season about her. Never do that, Joe. Never have one of your heroes have a baby and then make the show about the kid.

    And, that’s my 2 cents.

  2. Just four weeks to go to wrap?! Wow, time flies. And now talking about season 4. And the next thing you know, it will be season 5 and the last one! Ack! I’m panicking already. *takes deep breaths*

    I think it’s the weird oily/smoke creature that was using THREE as a host, that’s in the storage unit – kind of like a Ghostbusters containment unit thingy.

  3. The secret lab turned out pretty cool. Actually looks like a great place to throw a cocktail party, with the way that lighting is currently set up!

    Speaking of Ghost Busters ….

    Today’s blog entry comment is brought to you by:

    The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man

    (Sorry. – Couldn’t resist!
    -Also: i really need the sponsorship cash he promised me to pay for my upcoming lobotomy!)


    Ok – I lied. Truth is:

    @CloverBob made me do it!


  4. Nice guns!

    Wow, so close to wrap already? Amazing. Thank you for taking us along for the ride. I am so ready to see all this hard work come to fruition. Yay!

    Diamonds. I’m feeling very Bond villianesque this evening.

  5. OH MAN!!! DANG IT!!!! Them evil russian hackers are frick’in EVERYWHERE! these days, interfering and takin over stuff!!!!

    I said CloverBob! (Musician/poet Bob Dylans old nickame)

    – Not @”CLOVER BLOB!”

  6. Joe – please pass on to the person/people who designed Jodelle’s look this season that it’s FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see it on screen.

    Also, are we going to find out about the old guy in the hospital bed talking to Rook from Season 1?

    Cheers, Chev

  7. Goth Chick Chic looks great on Five! Mix it up!

    Good to see Roger on set!

    If Three has his way, all those weapons regardless of color would be his.

    Secret labs are never good!

    What or who resides in the storage unit? Perhaps someone’s consciousness?

  8. Oops, forgot to comment on the list you posted. Congrats on making the list multiple times! Some great shows here. Have seen all but two. Looks like I’m gonna have to catch up on The Expanse & The Clone Wars. I’m so glad that the Sci-Fi genre is still alive & kicking & stronger than ever thanks in part to you!

  9. Look at you, making the list with 4 different series! You’re like Sci-Fi royalty. Seriously!

    I’ve been thinking of checking out The Expanse and reconnecting with Falling Skies as soon as I’ve finished with Shameless.

    Speaking of, have you watched Shameless? It’s currently on Netflix. I’d be curious of Akemi’s opinion of the white trash trashiest American family on the planet. The writing is top notch. I’d offer it’s almost as perfect as Breaking Bad. William H. Macy is outstanding, as are Emmy Rossum and Joan Cusack.

    Patiently awaiting DM S3 here…

  10. Interesting arcticgoddess! I was trying to picture Two having a baby…no…. Don’t think so. 🙂 I would have liked a successful pregnancy on Stargate Universe. There could have been a episode on finding nappies. 😉

    Congrats on making the list!

    Four weeks will fly by!

    How’s Akemi and Lulu?

  11. Great photos.

    Congrats on making it on the list, on numerous entires.

    I like both of your suggestions @gforce and @Maggie L80 for the storage unit, or it contains rare single (or double) malt whisky!

  12. Oooh, I’m loving Dr. Shaw’s wavery space window, what is the rent on that cool office? I’m loving it even more than the Doc’s grass wall apartment in Lost Girl.

  13. Wow, just four weeks until wrap? I don’t know where time flies to but I hate it. Time flies for your wrap is good because then you can have a vacation. Time flies for me and I’m getting closer and closer to Patrick’s big move next year.

    As far as the list: I have not seen The Clone Wars (don’t ever know if I’ll have time; The Expanse (one I really wanted to see but I can’t even manage to see APB and 24:Legacy & because I’m running out of room on my DVR, had to delete all of those. I tried to watch Dr. Who, but I couldn’t get into it. I never watched Firefly (no hating please).

    All the others I love — BSG, Stargate, Star Trek, Falling Skies & Dark Matter.

    Love the goth look.

    Who’s in the storage unit? Jace Corso from another dimension. Or perhaps Jimmy Hoffa?

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