March 18, 2017: Thank You’s!

(illustration by Juanita Nakamura)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to reach out via posts, texts, emails, phone, and personally to offer condolences on Bubba’s passing.  Akemi and I are truly touched by the kind words and gestures of friends, co-workers, and strangers alike. It’s been an exhausting week and it has meant a lot – to hear from you all and then, to get home late last night to find a lovely bouquet awaiting us compliments of Dark Matter Executive Producer Jay Firestone.

March 18, 2017: Thank You’s!

Akemi has been surprisingly strong – sad but strengthened by the fact his condition has deteriorated so much that we’d had little choice in the end.  She was telling me that her favorite memories of Bubba included the time he first learned to “shake” (She taught him when he was 10.  The next day, his arm was so sore he could barely lift it).  And his passion for art –

March 18, 2017: Thank You’s!

March 18, 2017: Thank You’s!

Also the way he would patiently sit down on the sidewalk after crossing a street in full expectation of the treat he would receive for the herculean effort.

For me, it was the time he ate a bag of chocolate-covered almonds sitting on the kitchen table and then had explosive diarrhea.  March 18, 2017: Thank You’s!Having Lulu and Suji around has certainly brightened our spirits.  Lulu clearly misses Bubba and has been quite reserved.  Suji, on the other hand, continues to be her lovable clownish self.

And finally tonight, a get-together with one of my favorite people ever.  Dinner with The Doctor –

March 18, 2017: Thank You’s!

Robert Picardo was in town for a con appearance, but nevertheless found time for a little get-together.  Love this guy.

First Star Trek, then Stargate.  And chances are you’ll be seeing him on Dark Matter.  Eventually.

22 thoughts on “March 18, 2017: Thank you’s!

  1. Robert Picardo would be great on Dark Matter.
    He is a stand out in just about every role that I have ever seen him perform.

    The question is….on Dark Matter….would he be a good guy..or a bad guy?
    ..and come to think of it…on Dark Matter…are there really any clean and clear
    bad guys or good guys?
    (…and yes…I am looking at you Bartok.)

    Really really really looking forward to viewing Season 3 of Dark Matter.

    RIP Bubba….everyone is going to miss you greatly.

  2. Hi Joe
    I know this is late, but I struggled to come up with the words. Still haven’t found any that don’t sound hokey. I lost my ‘boy’ a while back, Stryder was his name. I know exactly how you feel, he left a large hole in my heart,


  3. I’m glad you got together with Mr. Picardo. If I had gotten up to TO as planned, he would have been one of my reasons for attending the con.

  4. That drawing of the pug ascending to heaven being met by an angel always gets to me. So touching!

    Bubba was a true artist!

    If a visit from Mr Picardo doesn’t brighten your day I don’t know what will. Don’t tease unless you really mean it…Dr. Zimmerman/Mr. Woolsey/Robert P on DM!

  5. Damn. I know.. they can’t live forever, but it doesn’t get easier.It may even be harder. Yet we keep doing it because they give so much. We are getting a new puppy next week. The love is worth the hurt. But it hurts. Sending you and Akemi care and hugs. Bubba had a blessed life.

  6. Glad the other pups are handling their missing brother well. Lulu has lost so many now, glad she has Suji to keep her spirits up.

    Looking forward to seeing Robert on DM!

  7. I love reading about Bubba’s quirks! They are all so different. Each their own person.

    When you see them suffer, it does make the decision easier. Bubba had a great life and like you said, the trio’s together again. I’d like to say my trio are together but they kind of hated each other, so …..

    Glad you had a great time with Mr. Picardo. I saw him the first time in Gremlins but my favorite character was The Doctor. I agree with Winst, Picardo would be a great DM addition!

  8. I’m glad to hear that Akemi is okay. I was worried about how she would be handling things.

    Great to see you were able to get together with Bob P. He always seems like such an awesome guy. I can’t to see him on DM! I expect not this season (unless it’s a nice surprise) but surely you can work him in next year!

  9. My condolences to you and Akemi!
    Rest in Peace Bubba.
    That was a very beautiful obituary.

  10. I agree with @Tam Dixon, love reading about the quirks, the little idiosyncrasies that make each pet unique. Bubba the artist, the wallflower, the goof.

  11. I love Mr. Picardo too. I hope that some time, somewhere, we’ll be able to see this multi-talented man in a great show soon. I miss the old gang, but what can one do besides looking out for them on shows and watching reruns. You had gold in the Stargate series’. I’m looking forward now to Dark Matter. Can’t come soon enough.

  12. Beautiful bouquet. That was very sweet of Jay.
    Look forward to seeing the family portraits.

    Warmest comfort hugs to You Akemi Lulu n Suji.

  13. I love seeing Mr Picardo on the blog. Multi-talented would be a lovely addition to your show! They have been showing reruns of Voyager on our cable lately, enjoying watching Robert as the hologram Dr.,fun.

  14. I know it is so hard to come home and expect to see them and they are not there. But I like to think that maybe he is paying visits, coming to sit on Akemi’s lap and sitting next to Lulu and Suji in spirit form.

    Nice to hear Robert Picardo will be on DM. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I hope to some day. So many people saying lovely things about him.

    All of us will remember sweet Bubba with such great love. That was a beautiful bouquet from Jay. It’s always wonderful to work with such thoughtful people.

    It looks like Lulu’s bandage is gone. Is she all better now?

  15. Good to see The Cowboy still looking as dapper as ever! Would love to see him as an evil CEO or something on DM.

    -Mike A.

  16. I love Mr. Picardo! My heart is hurting for Lulu and Akemi to be without their amigo Bubba.

  17. This is a beautiful remembrance Joe. Sorry for your loss but glad his playful spirit will live on with Three’s big ass gun. May he wield it often.

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