March 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 66 Of 91!

We have a brand new episode title!

Last night, before turning in for the night, approximately 300 votes had been cast and “I’ve Already Killed You Once” was running away with it.  When I woke up this morning, the tables had turned.  A new contender had taken the lead.  With a little under 8oo total votes cast, your winner…

March 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 66 Of 91!

“Episode 32: One More Card To Play”

March 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 66 Of 91!

Director John Stead shoots one of Dark Matter’s most epic throwdowns, coming your way in season 3.

19 thoughts on “March 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 66 of 91!

  1. Hi Joe
    I, like you, saw the poll before I went to bed sure in the knowledge I would be 5 for 6. But No, I slip one to 4 for 6 🙁

    Go Two!!!


  2. Oh, in other news, I’m hiking up to one of the huts in the White Mountains of NH tomorrow night. We moved this to March so that it would warmer weather, but the forecast calls for about -20c (under 0F) overnight, in an unheated bunk room. Fun!! I’ll report back if I survive.

  3. Yeah!!!! ,,,,another loss,,,, 🙁

    @ gforce – Be careful!! Don’t take any risks. We don’t want to lose ya!

  4. “I’ve Already Killed You Once” was my choice but the winner “One Last Card To Play” would have been my second choice. I’m just picturing Two with a gun pointed at Alt Jace Corso and uttering “I’ve already killed you once” before she pulls the trigger again.

    Epic showdown between Two and is that Four?
    This is gonna be good!

  5. I’m wondering why I can’t hit the period lately. I keep hitting that darn comma! Fat, old, fingers!

  6. Oow, take care @gforce! We need to see more of your amazing photos 😊

    Re my previous comment ‘Go 2’ I realise that should really be ‘Go Two’. Apologies but I’ve kinda got into the habit of writing numerically.
    In my archery club, our Treasurer has the nickname 2 (yep, a fan and you don’t mess with her either!) and our Chairman is 3. He also is in charge of the equipment, repairing and updating etc. However, our Secretary is KP (Kung Fu Panda) and our bowyer (he makes wonderful English/Welsh longbows) is Cheshire Cat!
    Me? I’m Zog. Go figure….

  7. re: vote
    No way!
    Someone probably hacked into poll daddy.
    I declare a do over!

    @gforce Stay warm and please be safe. Hike’s not worth it if its too cold or windy.

  8. Gforce: Hope the trip goes great!

    All the titles were good, so I don’t feel too bad losing.

  9. As an early supporter of ‘One Last Card To Play’, I’m rather happy. with that. That takes my total to 4/6 so far, already more than I managed last season.

  10. I see myself speaking a slow speed “Noooo”. While I slowly move my head back and further, side to side. But it is the people’s choice.
    @gforce good luck and enjoy (moments of the mind). I thought my walk to the bar for an anniversary party in 20F weather was cild. Not bad as I was well recognized by the staff as it has been a year since last I was there, before the accident.

  11. Do not ask me to choose between Two and Four. Yikes! That fight sequence is going to be F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

    @Gforce Hope you made out okay.

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