Akemi says that her single big regret about adopting Suji is not getting her earlier in her life.

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

Bubba’s condition hasn’t really changed much.  His cough is unchanged and he has his good and bad days.  So, no discernible improvement but, on the other hand, no marked decline either.

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

Lulu, meanwhile, continues to sport her cone of shame as her paw heals.

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

She is miserable – and not at all shy about letting me know it.  Poor old gal.

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

Whew!  I am exhausted today and feeling old.  I actually napped this afternoon like some retired senior – or my longtime writing/producing partner Paul Mullie.  A late night in Hamilton last night saw us wrap a little before 11 p.m.  We are now officially over halfway through (my plan for) our series!  Six weeks left in the shooting schedule for season 3 and then…who knows what the future holds?  (Photo courtesy of Anthony Lemke).

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

Some impromptu purchases this afternoon.  Have heard about Few bourbon and have always wanted to sample.  Koval, hailing from Chicago, is one of my very favorites so when I saw it, I had to snap up a bottle – along with a bottle of the single barrel oat which I’ve yet to try.  And, finally, I elected to check out the Suntory Whisky Toki, a blend of grain and malt whiskies from Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Chita, because I have never had a Japanese whisky I didn’t like.  Could this one be the one to break tradition?!  Doubt it.

March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

I dedicated much of my weekend to sampling the local fare so that I can properly recommend standout items if any of YOU come to town.  After checking into your hotel, head down to Nadege on Queen Street West and order yourself a the Individual Donut (caramel chantilly, salted caramel cream, crisp praliné wafer and almond shortbread).
March 4, 2017: Finally, The Weekend!

Then swing by Nugateau Patisserie for some of the city’s best eclairs.  Today, I went pistachio (as is tradition) while Akemi tried the matcha-yuzu.

13 thoughts on “March 4, 2017: Finally, the weekend!

  1. After reading yesterday’s post, I completely understand why you’re tired! And, it’s not really old age it’s just… well, yeah, kinda old age. Sorry. 🙂

    It’s good to hear Bubba is at least holding his own. I’m sending my best thoughts his way.

    Why did I not know there was an awesome doughnut shop in the neighbourhood when I was there??

    Suji: “How many ^&% times do I have to cock my head from side to side to say YES!?” 🙂

    I had a couple of old friends from university posting some old photos of us on FB today from back in the ’80’s. Wow. What were people thinking with those eye glasses?? They were like the size of dinner plates!

  2. I like your including us in your Toronto. IMG_0015.jpg Enclosed are somethings I picked up on my stop-over in Narita. They helped in my understanding of the eastern mind. Next is a picture of my collection included is a selection of local whiskey that I found light and refreshing. And local fare from Thailand, not very Japanese and like white lightning. Regency is a delightful brandy and sold as a quality adult beverage. IMG_0015.jpg

  3. Poor abused Lulu with her cone of shame! Hope she heals soon. Glad Bubba is holding stable.
    I’d like half of each of the eclairs! Did you at least taste hers?

  4. Just woken up on this dim and rather rainy Sunday morning to see …

    Oooooow … (sounding & dribbling like Homer) …. D🍩NUT …. Want D🍩NUT!

    That’s just cruel, Joe!

  5. Suji’s bark, too cute!, better hurry and go outside now. Whisky and donuts, hmmm, could be good… need something salty for the win. Naps are not only for babies and retired seniors!! Rest up today and have a good one.

  6. Shall pray for a speedy recovery Bubba and Lulu’s full health.
    Lol, tv show making can be quite a grind, but at least you do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. One could name an Italian director who turned a 2 hour shoot into a 10 hour nightmare. That man was an excuse for drink.
    Why whiskey? How about blue sake or Ao vodka mixed in with Royce chocolates after work?

  7. Sounds like you need to recharge your batteries. Any three day weekends coming up?

    Thanks for giving us pup updates! Poor Lulu, Lucky Suji and Tough little Bubba are all hanging in there! Big applause to Akemi for being the support person of the family! While you’re off making the mula, she’s on the home front keeping it all together for all of you! 🙂

    Thanks Drea, ceresis64 & PBmom for the good luck wishes! I think it helped. Not one mistake and that’s with a bunch of curve balls lobbed at me (adding/deleting people to my charts). My brain is still tired from yesterday…

    PBmom: Sending {{{Hugs}}} and prayers that Patrick comes back to his old self soon!

    Donuts, yum!

  8. Nothing wrong with purposeful napping!

    Awww, Suji. Such a darling girl.

    Mmmm, now I want a donut and some eclairs for breakfast. Whiskey, not so much.

  9. Donut #nom Eclairs #doublenom How did I not know about these, and get to try them when I was there? I need to visit these places on my next visit to Toronto.

    Suji – cute!

    @Tam Dixon Awesome 👍

  10. March is rough; no cool holidays, no sun, gloom and pending taxes, all of which are conducive to long naps. Yesterday my bro claimed it was Daylight Savings time. It wasn’t, so I had the fun of setting all my clocks forward and then back once I realized it was a scam. How old is too old to prank your siblings?

  11. @TamDixon That is great news. You handled things very well it sounds like and things went smoothly despite the curve balls.

    OH MY GOD!!!! That video of Suji made me melt into a heaping pile of “awwwwwww.” It made me laugh and giggle. I needed that. Rough week.

    The doughnut and the eclairs look fabulous.

    Sweet pictures of the pups. I love that Suji is resting her head on Bubba. How much longer does Lulu have in the cone of shame?

    Nothing wrong with a nap but sorry it is because you are so exhausted. Here is some info about naps:

    “The length of your nap and the type of sleep you get help determine the brain-boosting benefits. The 20-minute power nap — sometimes called the stage 2 nap — is good for alertness and motor learning skills like typing and playing the piano.

    What happens if you nap for more than 20 minutes? Research shows longer naps help boost memory and enhance creativity. Slow-wave sleep — napping for approximately 30 to 60 minutes — is good for decision-making skills, such as memorizing vocabulary or recalling directions. Getting rapid eye movement or REM sleep, usually 60 to 90 minutes of napping, plays a key role in making new connections in the brain and solving creative problems.”

    So nap away!!

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