February 20, 2017: Hot Sauce! Directors! And Our Android!

My third and final batch of hot sauce (habanero, shallots, garlic, salt, pepper, smoked Chilean merken pepper, organic apple puree, apple cider, honey, brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar) is a lip-smacking (in both senses of the word) masterpiece.  It’s a scorcher…but delicious as well.  A true culinary capsicum achievement.  I don’t know whether to eat it by the spoonful or smear into the eyes of my enemy.  It’s THAT good!

February 20, 2017: Hot Sauce! Directors! And Our Android!

Today, I had lunch with Dark Matter Episode 305 director (and Bitten Executive Producer) J.B. Sugar, a guy who’s as gracious and good-hearted as he is talented. It was a sit-down to review his experience on the show which, I’m happy to report, was nothing but great.  Like his episode, a manic adventure chock full of action, humor, bittersweet character moments, and the Android’s most bizarre undercover guise yet!

On our way, we happened across this familiar fellow adorning some sidewalk art in support of the local Canadian film scene…

February 20, 2017: Hot Sauce! Directors! And Our Android!

Why, yes, it’s none other than Cowboy Bruce McDonald, indie film auteur and occasional Dark Matter (Episode 107, 202, 206, 302, and 312 so far!) director.

February 20, 2017: Hot Sauce! Directors! And Our Android!

Speaking of the Android – she is also enjoying a well-deserved break from all the shipboard mayhem.  Pictured above in relaxed mode.

Hey, who feels like voting for another episode title?

14 thoughts on “February 20, 2017: Hot sauce! Directors! And our Android!

  1. The Android’s most bizarre undercover? Will she turn into (forgive, please) Donald Trump?

    Speaking of the Chief Exec., hot spice sounds like a perfect gift…heavy on the 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶.

  2. for voting….ME ME…whether I get the majority item or not, it is a fun exercise that I do enjoy. Really, who else ever let us help name episodes???

    I hope you find a more comfy pose for Zobot – that looks very uncomfy – like someone threw out a rag doll…NO not for our Android.

    Now can you start making ice cream again? all that hot sauce is making me sweat…whew!

  3. That third batch of hot sauce sounds really rather yummy. Trouble is I don’t like anything hotter than sweet chilli sauce so I guess I’ll never find out 😢

  4. God bless Suji for she know not what she is licking her lips for. Is it just me or has the Android gotten…. taller.

  5. Love voting.
    Your idea of edible things… what you make could be a weapon. I never enjoyed more than mild hot, but something happened with my tongue 2 yrs ago and sometimes even soda or toothpaste burns. So I’ll pass on your chemical warfare concoction !
    Love her boots! Relaxation indeed!

  6. Strangely that photo looks disproportionate to me, like poor Zobot has been stretched literally. Everyone is getting in on the relaxing!

    I agree with Sylvia, I vote ice cream is next on your culinary concoctions.

    Bruce is definitely “the man”.

    So excited to see what J.B. & Bruce have in store for us this season. And yes, it is time for another vote! I’m ready!

  7. “the Android’s most bizarre undercover guise yet!” Will she become….. boxy? That is so cool to come across a director who has done some of it on Dark Matter.

    Hot sauce is out for me. Even the mild hot sauce.

    No, no Suji. No hot sauce for you! I love voting for titles.

  8. I’m with Debra, sounds like chemical warfare! 🙂 My eyes would burn/water just from cooking that sauce!

    Thanks PBMom & Drea from yesterday! It’s all good. After seeing what Dr Jo is going through, I don’t feel like I can complain about anything!

    Dr Jo is in the hospitable this week but I think it’s a good thing. She wasn’t eating or drinking enough. Maybe, a hospital stay can get her back on track. If I was her family, I’d consider an assistant living facility but it’s not my decision. Poor kitties if they do though. 🙁

    How is Mr. Bubba today? Did you talk to Oncologist? We’re behind whatever you decide!

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