February 19, 2017: Spicy And Scary!

Another day, another hot sauce.  This one is a cascabel pepper and yellow bell pepper base with shallots, garlic, salt, apple cider vinegar, pear juice, honey, dehydrated organic Japanese pepper, and dijon mustard.  Surprisingly, a touch hotter than the cayenne pepper-based sauce I made yesterday.  But it will no doubt pale in comparison to tomorrow’s habanero-based hot sauce.

P.S. My new-found appreciation for things spicy comes from reading this book by Finnish author Johanna Sinisalo:

February 19, 2017: Spicy And Scary!

” Set in an alternative historical present, in a “eusistocracy”—an extreme welfare state—that holds public health and social stability above all else, it follows a young woman whose growing addiction to illegal chili peppers leads her on an adventure into a world where love, sex, and free will are all controlled by the state.”

My favorite read in recent memory.

February 19, 2017: Spicy And Scary! February 19, 2017: Spicy And Scary!

Today, we brought Suji in for her first training session.  I know, I know.  She’s 11.  But she has a few bad habits – like barking at other dogs, people, balloons, cars, carrier bags, the occasional light reflection, and poopy bags being blown about by the wind.  In all fairness, she WAS raised in a barn.

Two days into my horror-fest and I’m four movies deep.  Last night it was Hush, about a deaf woman being stalked by a deranged killer (well-directed but there were a suspect character motivations that gave me pause).  This afternoon, it was Under the Shadow, an Iranian movie about a mother and daughter living in an abandoned apartment complex that may be haunted by a djinn (interesting but a little slow).  And then, tonight, it was The Witch, about a 17th century New England family targeted by supernatural forces (eerie and unsettling; the best of the bunch so far).

Thanks to everyone who has sent us well-wishes for Bubba.  He remains in good spirits.  Today, he actually walked the three blocks to the pet shop!

February 19, 2017: Spicy And Scary!

Then he ran out of steam, so we ubered it back.

16 thoughts on “February 19, 2017: Spicy and scary!

  1. One thing about Bubba – he sure doesn’t look sick. Must be the attention to detail by his mama.

  2. I loved the witch, it stayed with me for a long time after. The acting was down right brilliant

  3. Isn’t there an adage about you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Good luck Suji. And your toenail fashion is amazing!

    Bubba, we love you babe. Keep strutting your stuff! That stroller is so cute, especially with those passengers.

    Gotta say Joe, that batch of hot sauce pictured above looks like nothing I would eat, the color is off putting. But enjoy!

  4. Well if any strange unwelcome balloons, people or dogs enter your home, Suji is your gal. She is so adorable! Hope you had a good day out. The pups are keeping you fit and trim…Uber Canine Carriers United!

    I know it’s an older film but have you seen The Haunting? I love the house! Or how about The House on Haunted Hill with Geoffery Rush? Cheesey but fun. I’m trying had to remember the last scary movie that really wigged me out. Probably one of the early Paranormal Activity movies. I’m more afraid of what you don’t see, my imagination is worse than anything on the screen.

  5. Ugh! Think I’ll stick with my old Alfred Hitchcock and Vincent Price classics. Cant do the modern horror flicks. Much too visually graphic.
    Albeit Hey! Yay! Bubba walked 3 whole blocks today!
    That is definitely encouraging news to hear and he and Suji look so adorable together.

    Since I found and fell in love with Mike Olbinski’s work the other day, I went looking for more of his creations.

    I think I like this one even more than that other Pulse vid.
    The lightning and music are much more dramatic!!



    [vimeo 185441790 w=640 h=360]
    Monsoon III (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

  6. @JeffyT Feels like a good week for finally catching up on all things, eh.

    Am gonna be taking a day off from work this Tuesday so be sure to check your yahoooos box before going to bed , 2/21. 😀

    @pbmom – sent the info i looked into this weekend directly to your email box.
    should be there now. Hope it helps. Sending hugs n much love to you and the family always. xo

  7. Joe, what do you think of this Stargate fan fic: http://aerkijyr.com/rota/ 30 episodes following SG1 and SGA.

    I just found out about it today so I haven’t started reading it yet, but it looks interesting. Has anyone else read it? Is it any good?

  8. I think my husband would love your hot sauces. He eats up anything hot. I like milder hot sauces with sweet bases such as carrots or pineapple.

  9. Loved reading all those sweet posts supporting you, Akemi and Bubba yesterday! The voices of experience there.

    Does Suji ever get hoarse from all that barking? Good luck with the classes!

    The hot sauces look good but way too hot for me. What are you going to use the sauces for? I would guess marinades, sandwiches or topping off meats/eggs?

    It was a productive weekend here too. I finished the taxes. (need mula to pay state taxes.) We booked a cruise to the Bahamas for next year. (Get passports) Booked an epidural for my back this Wednesday. (Hope it works) Had a great visit with our son. I forgot he parked behind me (it was dark) and I backed into his car. (thankfully, no damage 🙂 ) All in all, a good weekend!

    This is the first day in a week without a morning migraine!!!! 🙂

  10. I hope the classes help. Are these the type of classes where you go in too and then learn at the class how to stop it, or is it something where you let the trainer figure it out and then once it is under control she/he goes over what you need to do to continue those steps at home?

    Let Bubba know that it was not too long ago in November when walking 3 blocks was really hard for me too. I feel like I’m in good company as far as that. I’m glad you are letting him go and do things to keep his muscles strong until he lets you know that — hey — I need a break.

    We got lots of rain last night (still raining this morning) but not as bad as San Antonio or Austin did. I hope Gilder is okay. My yard is flooded in the typical places but my pool didn’t overflow and that is always a plus. Patrick is home today because it is President’s Day and school is closed. I don’t have any pet sitting today so it wound up being a quiet day and I’m hoping to get some things done–if the boy lets me. He’s quiet at this point.

    @TamDixon I am so glad you didn’t wake up with a migraine! I hope that continues. Good luck with the epidural. Yikes about the car. Hooray for the trip next year. And hooray for getting your taxes done.

    @Debra My trainer for Boomer could not get me to do the clicker training because I was too late or too early for the click. I never could get the correct timing so she just changed me over to “yes” training. I was getting too stressed out with the clicker because I wasn’t mastering it. The “yes” training was better for me.

  11. @Tam: Hugs. I’m so sorry you are having to endure that this wk.

    But I do hope it helps ease the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

    Remember to stock up on and have plenty of the hard liquor waiting for you at home afterwards.

  12. Gantz:O is on Netflix Joe. With Japanese audio/English subtitles, or English dub etc. It’s well worth watching, and it covers the Osaka arc from the Gantz manga.

    I always did hate how the Gantz anime had an anime original ending(Nothing after the Buddha temple stuff was in the manga).

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