As promised in yesterday’s blog entry, here are your choices for the Episode 304 titles.  Select one…

February 21, 2017: Vote For A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Do you notice a, uh, recurring theme?

Vote!  Polls close in 24 hours!

I’ve started compiling my Best of 2016 lists in preparation for the the third annual Rogue Star Awards.  Over the course of the next week or so, I’ll offer up my favorites in the following genre categories:

Best Short Story (31 shortlisted)

Best Novelette (7 shortlisted)

Best Novel (16 shortlisted)

Best Comic Book (13 shortlisted)

*Best Horror Film (contenders still under review)  *denotes a new category this year

February 21, 2017: Vote For A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Big day for Bubba.  This morning, he was the opening act in our family trip to the vet.  Dr. Batruch at the Front Street Animal Clinic is truly amazing and took us through the recent test results, our options, and the pros and cons of the Palladia treatment we’d been considering.  Following the visit, we decided to proceed with the Palladia and carefully monitor our boy.  We’ve also made an appointment to visit a homeopathic vet.

February 21, 2017: Vote For A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Suji rode shotgun on this one.  She was mainly there for moral support.

February 21, 2017: Vote For A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

We swung by the bank today so I could pick up my replacement VISA card after the last one was compromised (No, I did NOT use my card to try to purchase gas in Phoenix the other day).  I’m a creature of habit, often frequenting the same restaurants and retailers, so when something like this happens, I tend to zero in on the out-of-the-norm places I recently used my card – and come up with two possibilities: a local restaurant and a pay-parking machine at a local lot.  My suspicions lean toward the lot.  I’m almost tempted to use another card to test my theory.

February 21, 2017: Vote For A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Apparently, Bubba’s life expectancy is 2-3 months but, aside from his hacking old man’s cough, you wouldn’t even know he’s sick.  He walked a good ten blocks today, his appetite is healthy, and he seems in great spirits.

February 21, 2017: Vote For A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

Bubba’s Bucket List begins and ends with food.  Today, we took him to a place he’s been wanting to try for months – Bang Bang Ice Cream – where he shared some purple yam ice cream and a waffle cone with Akemi.  I had a toasted hazelnut ice cream and chocolate chip cookie sandwich.  That was some fine ice cream.

20 thoughts on “February 21, 2017: Vote for a new Dark Matter episode title!

  1. Haha to the Phoenix comment. Prayers for Bubba. What kind of tumors does Bubba have? You had mentioned them awhile back but not the location. I’m sure there are homeopathic/naturopathic meds that can be used for Bubba.

  2. Ohhh, those suggestions scream time travel episode…:).

    Voted for the third one, because it made me smile, but i’m pretty sure the first will win.

  3. Hi to cutie pie Suji and warmest hugs to Bubba. That Hazelnut ice cream sounds delicious! <3

    How's sweetie pie Lulu doing today? I would imagine she prefers being indoors more often these days due to the mobility issues but hope she's keeping her spirits up?

  4. The parking lot machine may have a skimmer on it. I would alert the lot owner (if there is one) to the possibility.

    All my best to Bubba! *hugs*


  5. I chose “All the time in the world” and think Six says it.

    Gee, only 2-3 months… how long would this chemo med extend that? Are there expected side effects for Bubba?
    Praying for the best possible outcome for all.
    Love fiercely, fight valiantly, never give up.
    We’re with you.2cats

  6. *hugs to Bubba* His apparent still vigourous condition reminds me again of what I always try to keep in mind when presented with things like this. Take it one day at a time. Good days are to be celebrated. And bad days are reminders of how good the good days are, and to be appreciated all the more. It’s what got me through the decline in health of both my Dad and my step-Mom in the last few years.

    I picked “All the Time in the World” for the episode title. (That’s the time travel ep, right?) The phrase reminds me of that great song by Louis Armstrong that was the theme song for the James Bond movie, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” And as the last scene in that movie showed, we never really have it. Sadly.

  7. I agree with Das, they might have a skimmer. You could use a pre-paid “visa/mastercard” for that kind of use. We’ve been doing that for gas stations here.

    That’s great that Bubba is feeling good now. I’d say, enjoy the time you have with him but I can see y’all are. Good luck at the voodoo vet. 😉

    I voted for: All the time in the world.

  8. Hugs to Bubba. Ice cream is a fine thing indeed. How is Akemi doing?

    I had my card taken at a local restaurant, just plain forgot it as we left. Picked it up the next business day, but it was used for several Zazzle orders, floral arrangements, and shoes in those 36 hours. I got all the charges reversed and a new card. I “know” it was the owner’s wife, but I didn’t press charges. Never eat at the Fuji Dragon in Riverdale. Honestly, you’re not missing a thing, except perhaps your credit card …

  9. @gforce I love that song.
    Its even better in this version.
    Of course, it’s pretty much a given with me.
    As much as I will always be a rocker chick at heart,
    having spent 5 years of my youth around Eubie
    I tend to love all things Louie Armstrong too. <3

  10. Glad that you’ve decided on the course or action and are past that agony. Bubba’s bucket list is perfection. Ice cream! Love the picture of Suji! She is wonderful support!

  11. Good luck Bubba. We’ll be with you every step 🐾 xxx
    Came across this the other day, and thought of you
    Actually, a friend of mine has a collie on a clinical trial and was given one of these to use. I googled it and yep, you can buy them now….

    Looking forward to Rogue Star award nominees, esp short stories. There were some crackers last time!

    Great title choices for DM. Can’t wait to see what this episode has in store for us!

    @gforce. I loved that scene in the film, so unJames Bond like but so human. It was the only time I really connected with the character. Always a bit of an untouchable otherwise…

  12. These titles are making me think of Groundhog Day and Window of Opportunity. Do you now think of catchy phrases to add into a show just so it can be considered for a title? We all know how much you love naming episodes. I might have finally picked the winner this time.

    I’m pretty jaded when it comes to ice cream. I worked one summer at a Baskin-Robbins. Free 2 scoop sundaes or a milkshake each break and of course great discounts on tubs. I hardly eat any ice cream now. My favorites to this day are still World Class Chocolate, Jamocia Almond Fudge, Pralines & Cream and Lemon Custard.

    To echo 2cats: love fiercely, fight valiantly, never give up

  13. Sending positive vibes your way for Bubba

    And had to go with the Louis Armstrong choice 🙂

  14. anyone know when the answers from that Jodelle Ferland q&a are going to be on here/

  15. People can and do outlive their life expectancies. If there’s someone up there handing out miracles, let’s hope, and pray that Bubbas name is on at least one of them. I think the most important thing is to not give up and stay strong. It’s not over until it’s over.

  16. When you said Bubba’s bucket list, it reminds me of this beautiful commercial:

    Ice cream definitely is a great start. I’m not sure about the yam although it is a good dog choice. I had Trader Joe’s pumpkin ice cream and as much as I love pumpkin, it was disgusting. The hazelnut sounds delicious. When my best friend Patty and her husband were here we went up to her favorite ice cream place around here — Marble Slab. Her husband asked if it was like Cold Stone Creamery. I said, “Sort of, but much better ice cream.” He agreed. He is now a fan. I had my usual — amaretto with oreo cookie mix-in. If they hadn’t had that I saw they had a raspberry one. Yum.

    Glad whatever fears you had about the Palladia the doctor addressed them. Nothing worse than feeling stuck. At least you have a plan and are moving forward with it. You never know–two to three months might be actually more than that.

    I think my Puggle client is coming close to saying goodbye to this life. I’m to watch him in March and his owner let me know they found some type of a large mass but because he is about to turn 17 (wow!! 17!!!) they didn’t suggest anything be done about it. He did ask me not to walk him anymore though. They have him on a pain pill twice a day for his comfort. I had to sadly go over his end-of-life plan in case the unthinkable happens while he is away. I will likely feel like every time I leave it might be my last with him and make sure I take a lot of pictures.

    As far as your credit card stuff, it is so aggravating, isn’t it? When we had about $4000 put on our credit card within an hour’s period of time from 4 different Best Buy stores in Houston, we kind of had a feeling where the magnetic strip was duplicated — at a local restaurant in Houston that Jeff only goes to infrequently. He said it took an unusually long time for the wait staff to bring it back to the table and he had had some really bad service and was vocal about it. Can’t prove it, but it never happened again. Now if a regular charge (like the New York Times monthly subscription amount) goes up even $4.00 more than what it was the previous month, our credit card company alerts us to it. I don’t ever use a debit card linked to my checking account any more. I just put it all on the credit card (get some great air miles for it) and pay that card with our checking account, making sure we actually pay the entire bill off. The first month we don’t do that we’ll have to rethink everything. I hope it isn’t too much of a hassle to get it fixed and not have any other charges pop up.

    If I had gotten to the vote in time I would have picked “All The Time in the World.”

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