I’ve always hated coming up with episode titles, but this little exercise in fan democracy has turned out to be all sorts of fun.  Once again, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from among three possible candidates.  So far, this season, we have –

“Episode 27: Being Better Is So Much Harder”

What’s next?  You decide…

As promised, the answer to last episode’s Who Said It?

“Welcome Back” – The Android

“The Costs Are Always Personal” – Commander Truffault

“Being Better Is So Much Harder” – TWO

February 4, 2017: Vote For A New Dark Matter Episode Title!

So this blast-from-the-past pic adorned the triptych of The Raza mess the other morning, compliments of playback operator Greg Whiteside.  Ah, this takes me back.  There were rumors a few years ago of a planned a reimagining, tentatively titled Space 2099, but I haven’t heard anything since.  Hey, ITV Studios America, get in touch!

Hey, someone asked me about that military SF series I mentioned a few months back.  Well, there have been some very interesting developments on that front. Way too soon to early anything as these things have a way of doing a fast dissolve, but there are flickers of interest from some heavy hitters.

I am cautiously optimistic, reminiscent of my mood five years ago when I was trying to set up another project.  Remember? https://josephmallozzi.com/2011/12/14/december-14-2011-dark-matter-developments/

Suji in “Kisses Coming Your Way”

25 thoughts on “February 4, 2017: Vote for a new Dark Matter episode title!

  1. I am in the mood for, “Smash and grab – just my style”. I can imagine Three saying it too.

    I like solid, military sci-fi, so I would enjoy knowing more about your project but understand why you can’t yet elaborate.

  2. Hi Joe

    My guesses…
    It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This – Six
    Smash And Grab – Just My Style – Three
    There’s More To Holding An Empire Together Than Weapons And Ships – Five

    Suji is so cute!


  3. Exciting about your military SF series. Good luck on that. I’m sure it is an awesome idea. I’d watch! Guaranteed.

    The poll was an easy choice for me. Then I got to wondering how females voted compared to males. Seems like It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This is very girlie and Smash And Grab – Just My Style is boy all the way. I’m probably totally wrong.

    Has anyone stopped you on the street yet because they recognize Suji?

  4. I remember reading about that Space:2099 proposal a while back. Sad that nothing (that we know of) has come of it. I will say, if you can manage to get that Eagle (my favourite ship ever) some way into a DM episode, I will seriously buy you, like, a dozen cookies or something.

    I picked “It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This.” And it looks like that’s the early favourite! Yay!

    Great news on the military SF project – It might work out that it will get ready to go just as DM is winding up. Assuming there’s only 5 seasons, of course! Be great if there were more!

    Suji looks like she’s motoring along like nobody’s business! She’s coming along great!

  5. awwwwwe. Suji kisses – Always the thing to brighten any day! <3 And WOW! look at her go! She's come such a long way in such a short time!
    YAY! GO SUJI! – So proud of you!
    But – how are Bubba n Lulu doing?
    We definitely want to see them too. 🙂

    – "It doesnt have to be this way" gets my vote today

    Good luck with the new story. I've a very very good feeling it will receive a green light by summer. XO

  6. Suji can ROCK IT when she is ready!

    It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This – Five
    Smash And Grab – Just My Style – Three
    There’s More To Holding An Empire Together Than Weapons And Ships – Four

  7. Great title choices..looks too close to call at this time.

    Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

    My early choices for title/person:
    It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This: Six
    Smash and Grab – Just My Style: Three
    There’s More To Holding An Empire Together…: Four

  8. Aow, sweet Suji. She is such a happy (& lucky) girl. I agree with @gforce & @Drea, she’s come on so well. It’s really quite amazing!
    🐾 ‘Puddle hugs’ to all the pups!

  9. @Ponytail – I voted Smash and Grab as it sounded like Three and made me smile. “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This” sounds wishy-washy to me, out of context. The final one, while I did like it was ultimately too long.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. Don’t think my choice will win this time. Oh well. ^^

    I think:

    It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This – Six
    Smash And Grab – Just My Style – Three
    There’s More To Holding An Empire Together Than Weapons And Ships – Two

  11. Voted!

    I loved Space 1999!
    Looking forward to hearing what you’ve got in store for your military SF series.

    Round 2 of ‘Who Said It’ – #gameon
    It Doesn’t Have – Android
    Smash And Grab – Three
    There’s More – Two

  12. My guesses

    It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This – Five
    smash and Grab – Just My Style – Three
    There’s More To Holding an Empire Together Than Weapons and Ships – Two

    Cheers, Chev

  13. Forgot to put my suggestions on the table:

    It doesn’t have to be like this – Five
    Smash n grab, just my style – Three
    There’s more to holding an empire – Two

    Altho my first/gut response was
    It doesn’t have to be – One (I know! but it sounds like him)
    Smash n grab – Five
    There’s more – Android


    It’s good to see the Space 1999 Eagle there. Loved that series. There was also UFO about the same time (maybe a tad earlier?) with the SHADO organisation. It had those Delorean cars and, for some reason, all the female staff who worked on the moon had purple pageboy haircuts!
    Aah, those were the days ….

  14. I love this game! It Episode 1 is fallout, episode 2 is reprisal. So, in my head it plays out this way. The Raza crew, except for Five decides to move against Ryo to get the Blink drive back. Five doesn’t like the idea of moving against a former ally and friend:

    “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This!” — Five

    “Smash and Grab? Just My Style” — Three

    Because he’s Three and he has a history of liking easy Smash and Grab missions. Meanwhile, Four is comfortably safe since he set the bombs. One of his advisers tells him they can conquer the universe with this drive. Every world is in his fingertips. Four, after the finale last season and having to kill many, if not all, those closer to him responds:

    “There’s More To Holding An Empire Together Than Weapons And Ships” — Four

    Where do we go from here? We’ll see next Episode title voting!

  15. Hello! It’s me again
    I’ve arrived and already spent my first night here. It’s currently 4 am haha, everybody is still asleep.

    I’m terrribly sorry that I’ve brought you the German weather along. Wasn’t intended. This also hampens my urge to walk around and explore, but oh well.

    It’s really amazing what you’ve achived with Suji. So nice to see animals treated so well.

    Now I’m off making plans on all the things I wonna see.
    Taking it slow because, well it’s 4 am and all.
    Best wishes,

  16. Suji can really move, you weren’t kidding! Is her gait getting stronger with all the love, exercise and physical therapy?

  17. I obviously am extremely late for the poll but I would have chose the winner. I like the shorter words and probably it would have been between the first and second winners, but the first one would have won out of it

    Congratulations on the interested in the military SF series. That is truly exciting.

    I loved Space 1999 so 2099 is an interesting idea.

    Suji is adorable. She is walking really, really well. Do you actually get flat on the ground to get those videos?

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