Holy crap!  We’re over the halfway mark of the season 3 production schedule!  Do you know what this means?!

DO YOU?!!!

Uh, yes.  That’s correct.  It means we’re a little over halfway done shooting Dark Matter’s third season!

I await director J.B. Sugar’s cut of Episode 305 while director Gail Harvey heads into editing to work on her Episode 306 while director Paul Day oversees the action on Episode 307 while director John Stead preps Episode 308 while Paul and I scramble to get the script for Episode 309 written.

Tomorrow, YOU all get to vote on an new episode title!  Tentatively titled Episode 302, you’ll have the chance to select an official episode title from three glorious choices (and actual lines of dialogue from the episode in question).  This is going to be a tough one – for me as I have six pretty memorable lines that I’ll have to whittle down to three for the poll.  Wish me luck!

February 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 46 Of 91!

Your first glimpse at the structure for the Ferrous Corp lab.  And concept…

February 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 46 Of 91!

Would just like to say Production Designer Ian Brock and the Dark Matter Art and Construction departments have been delivering some truly amazing sets this season.  This has been their best year yet and there’s still more to come!

February 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 46 Of 91!

Super premium Dark Matter Android action figure in mint condition.  $1,955.99 (photo by Grant Boyle)

February 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 46 Of 91!

Slightly used Dark Matter Chris Toudy with Kung Fu (Key) Grip action figure in fair condition.  Best offer (photo by Grant Boyle)

Raza bridge spark test with SPFX Coordinator Dylan Hankinson

February 3, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 46 Of 91!

Suji carries her treats back from the dog shop in her backpack.

The Superbowl is only days away.  Weigh in with your prediction!

24 thoughts on “February 3, 2017: Dark Matter season 3 – Day 46 of 91!

  1. A dome? You’re prepping for Burning Man, aren’t you? Or do you have stealth burners on your design crew?

    Supersportsballbowl? Why are there no “Commercials will take the day” or “Lady Gaga steals the show” options?

  2. Well Joe, I always enjoy voting on your polls up until this one. I am proudly one of those pesky Patriot fans, since I was a wee little football fan(not one of the turn of the century band wagoners) I cannot choose any of the options sorry Go Pats!. I will just have to wait for the episode naming poll. On to the picture of everyone’s favorite Android (did you know you could vote for Zoie as fan favorite at the Canadian Screen Awards?) I would love to purchase the action figure, if the price was a little more reasonable.

  3. Love this show! Can’t wait to get back on board the Raza.

  4. I predict I’m going to watch the last 2 episodes of Westworld while the game is on. (Probably the first prediction I’ve made that’s remotely connected to Dark Matter that’ll be correct.)

  5. Buckminster Fuller would be proud of that lab!

    Is the Android action figure’s price a subtle hint at Ms. Palmer’s birth year or something? She’s aging well! 😉

    Suji is looking amazing. What a dog about town!

    Are those some kind of sports teams you’re referencing in that poll? Seriously though, I think I don’t like that Patriot team because that of that one guy who’s always so annoying. What’s his name, Ted Bundy or Tom Brady or something like that? Eh.

  6. This Rutgers fan will be happy no matter what the outcome, as we have the most players of any college on the two teams in the Super Bowl. Five on the two rosters, four actually playing (one injured reserve.) So whether it’s Sanu for the Falcons with a TD or one of the three Patriot defensive rock stars in McCourty, Ryan or Harmon grabbing those interceptions it’s all good in our house.

    Go RU and NFLKnights! Patriot fans, you’re welcome for all the talent we send you. 😀

    Didn’t vote in the poll.

  7. As a proud Atlanta resident, my kind of poll. Thanks Joe. And Suji just keeps getting cuter and cuter. She has quite the wardrobe.

  8. Super Bowl…that boring space between the real show, the ads!!!

    Plus that’s what my DVR is for while I watch the real game, Animal Planet’s PUPPY BOWL!!!


    Did I mention, one can never have enough PUPPIES?

  9. I am so tempted to climb to the top of that ferrous corp lab, hang upside down, then do a reverse aerial somersault to land on my feet as I did when I was in grade school.

    It’s absolutely frightening, sometimes,
    the insight one gains
    simply via reading the stuff that pops outta your head each day, Joe.

    All those years I spent as a kid
    having acrobatic fun playing
    on what I thought was
    a simple playground set of dome shaped monkey bars.


    All this time I wasted, in the STEM ed field, because I had no idea that I was really secretly being trained by my teachers and playground aides as A BAD ASS via scaling and escaping the awaiting perils of Ferrous corp!

    Be right back. I need to go turn in my resignation at NS101 so I can go sign up for League Of Assassins!

  10. ok. I’m back.

    Threw my back out trying to get up from my big recliner chair.
    Guess that resignation will have to keep for another day or two, eh?

    Now where the heck did I put that tube of ben gay?!

  11. oy! scratch that. … better make that a month or two.

    And does anyone have a spare heating pad I can borrow?

  12. Hey Joe!
    Very long time no read. I must admit that I’ve gone from commenting ages ago to… yes, stalking your blog every now and then. (Don’t call the cops)
    I love Dark Matter. It’s such a cool show. Sci-Fi all the way! The android is definitely my favourite character. I love how she learns and evolves every single episode.
    Also I enjoy looking at all the production photos. Design pictures most of all, because I’m always amazed at how creative the people are you work with and of course yourself.
    The reason why I write is because I’m coming to Vancouver! I’ve been there before, about… 11 years ago. I’m sooo excited to come and revisit all my fond memories and make new ones. But I also wanted to ask if there is anything I should see. I’ll be there for 2 whole months and I can’t wait to check everything out, new and old. I’d love to have come in summer/autumn and taste all the food trucks, which I have a foody crush on, ever since you mentioned them. (Thanks btw)
    So now I gotta compensate with say amazing restaurants??!
    I’m already jumping up and down. My flight goes tomorrow so hide everyone. Cuz I’m coming to town! ( I’m kidding, I’m kidding… I’ll have jetlag)

    Best wishes,

  13. The Ferrous Corp lab dome reminds me a little of that film ‘Silent Running’. Remember that? Great film. Great soundtrack.

    So who is this blokey on the bed then? Given up trying to guess storylines, as inevitably I’m way off course and no where near as imaginative
    eg in the concept drawing where the figure is dragging another to the abandoned mining vehicle. I reckon that’s AU Wexler dragging AU Tash (cos a man can’t really drag another man one handed like that over rocky/uneven terrain) but this is science fiction isn’t it …. so….. Ooow, this waiting lark is HARD!

    The Art Dept? Well, you know my views on their spectacularly, brilliant work … it’s OK 😂

    (And this Super Bowl? Does it come with porridge or muesli cos I’m really hungry!)

  14. Birdy: I hope you have a wonderful trip and please, please share it with us?!

    Chris Toudy with Kung Fu (Key) Grip action figure in fair condition. Best offer Best offer? Ouch!

    The poll options are cute. Not a New England fan, huh?

  15. Looks like a contraption you would find on the competition show American Ninja Warriors

  16. The Ferrous Corps lab structure is like a blast from the past, for me! lol I made this exact same structure as part of a primary school science challenge and the only materials the rules allowed for, were paper drinking straws and PVA glue!

    Six memorable lines down to three – good luck!
    Looking forward to seeing what these three title choices will be for Episode 2, and the answers to who said the choices from Episode 1 👍

  17. Welcome to Thunderdome! All I can think is “two men enter, one man leaves”.
    Can’t wait to see what happens in this lab…

    Stasis pod complete with action figure! Gotta get me one of these! Looks like the Raza crew are in for an explosive S3.

    Suji is stylin as always. Go Falcons!

  18. Nice sparkage Joe.

    I’m cheering on Julio & the Falcons. I’ll be celebrating with my nephew at TGI Fridays. Should be a great day.

    Are you hosting a party Joe? If so, what’s on the menu?

    Cheers, Chev

  19. Love your blog. I don’t usually comment but I do stalk your blog often. How does one go about procuring the Android Action figure 🙂

  20. @Drea Hope your back got better. I see those monkey bars domes around here still.

    The Super Bowl has come and gone but I would have voted for Falcons win in a close game.

    When considering the spark tests from the day before and this video, I like this spark test the best.

    You sure know how to pick superstars (Suji).

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