Upon further consideration, I’ve elected to leave Montreal a day earlier than our planned Monday departure.  This will give me a full day to decompress before the start of our 7-day work week.  Yes, your math is correct.  A 7 day work week starting on Tuesday because Line Producer Norman Denver and Production Manager Brandon Tataryn don’t care about NFL Wildcard Weekend since their Denver Broncos were eliminated from playoff contention.  The expected late Saturday call should ensure we miss both games played that that day.

It’s hard to believe we’re already about to prep Episode 305.  The production machine is in full gear eating into that glorious head start of a month back.  I’ve got a script to work on but my progress hasn’t been somewhat…slow over these holidays.  If you count the opening tease, partial pages, and dialogue fragments, I’ve completed exactly nothing so far.  But I’m hopeful that when I DO get started, I’ll positively blaze through this one.

While I haven’t been doing doing much writing, I have, on the other hand, been doing a hell of a lot of reading, surpassing my annual goal –December 28, 2016: Reading And Writing!

Although, in all fairness, about 40 of them were graphic novels.  Still, I think I can polish off a few more before the New Year as I begin to compile my list of Best Reads of 2016.

So what were your fave reads of the year?  Do tell!



11 thoughts on “December 28, 2016: Reading and Writing!

  1. 2 of my favorite reads were recommended by Zoie. “The girl on the train” and “The man who wanted to be happy.” Unlike you, I will not be meeting my Goodreads challenge. Well, there’s always next year. I just know I can do better and read more.

  2. Congrats on making your goal!

    I read a book recently that was out of the norm for me…and I’m still not sure how I felt about it. It’s called Nutshell, and it’s by Ian McEwan. It’s the story of a murder, as told by the unborn child of the man murdered. It’s a new perspective for me…and very interesting in how the author thinks the fetal mind thinks. I can’t say I’d recommend it, but if you enjoy that type of story, maybe give it a shot.

    Now stop reading, and get writing!!!

  3. Wow. Your cool. I read 10 or 11 technical books, and apply it by coding. so my favorite is the Grammar of Graphics, Leland Wilkinson.
    I’m using the Mastering D3js, all my books are on safaribooksonline. If I can apply it then I know I get it, but wilkinson’s work countered most everything I thought I knew. So it will be a bit before I own it. Damn. the guys too smart.

  4. Favourite read? W. O. Mitchell’s “Jake and the Kid”. And Connie Willis’ “To Say Nothing Of The Dog”. I know I should be reading something Sci-Fi. I have one on my Kindle, but I can’t remember it’s name.

  5. Ditto what Ponytail said…My fav reads = your blog
    Thoroughly enjoyed Star Wars Rogue 1…chomping at bit for when I can go again. Probabally 3 viewings maybe more.

    Still counting down to S3 – 24 weeks…seems like an eternity.

    Stay warm, stay safe…and to all
    Hauoli Makahiki Hou

  6. I’ve been reading David Baldacci’s John Puller & Amos Decker series. Older releases but highly enjoyable. One of my favs of the year would have to be Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes and as @Ponytail stated earlier “your blog”.

    Safe travels back home. I find that at times you need a vacation from your vacation. A day to decompress is highly recommended. Can’t wait to hear about what the Raza crew will be up to next. Norman & Brandon are truly heartless. Unfortunately my Titans are out of the hunt as well.

    @sylvia: thanks for the continued countdown!

  7. My fave read this year was Princess Diarist, it really showed what it was like working on the Star Wars set, I love Hollywood memoirs.

  8. THAT is incredibly impressive. I think I might have read that many in my childhood when I was grounded in my room most of the year for no particular reason. I actually started loving it. I could escape the turmoil, curl up with a book, put on some headphones on my stereo system and be happy to be away from the drama.

    I’ll have to agree that the only thing I read consistently, although not daily as I would like, is your blog.

    Glad you guys are home and safe. It looks like you had a great time during your trip and Suji fit right into the whole pack.

    I finally got caught up on Designated Survivor and managed to see the episode Alex Mallari was on. He does look great as a Navy SEAL.

  9. Look forward to your best books of the year list. (Maybe you should do two: graphic novels vs. regular books, or whatever you’d call nongraphic novels.) I’m still sticking with Neal Stephenson’s 5,000 year epic Seveneves (although the first half was better than the second) as my book of the year. But then there’s the near perfect Norwegian By Night by Derek Miller and the nail-biting suspenseful You Will Never Find Me by Robert Wilson to remember. My surprise nonfiction pick of the year is The Lost Nuke by Dirk Septer. I had no idea Canada stored nuclear weapons for the U.S. or that it had lost any. Fascinating. Afraid I’m going to fall short of my Goodreads Challenge this year for the first time. I’ll chalk it up to being overly ambitious. Hope to see you back in BC soon.

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