December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

Following yesterday’s ice storm that created traffic chaos throughout the city and forced us to reschedule our planned outing, we elected to take things easy today. We dropped by a local coffee shop for some hot chocolate, interneting and, in Akemi’s case, so coloring, then took the dogs out for the slipperiest of walks. Akemi has already wiped out three times on this trip – and we still have another four days to go!

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

Suji enjoys(?) her first Christmas in Montreal.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs! December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

She actually falls somewhere in between the hardy up-for-anything Bubba and the “Hell with this!” Lulu who is ready to head back home the second she hits the end of the driveway.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

Pictured: My sister playing catch with her dog, Ralphie.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

Ralphie in the Christmas spirit.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

Mom and her #1 boy, Felix.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

They’re inseparable.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

Kona.  Again, I say – those eyes!

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

It’s like she’s daring you to say something.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

What did you say?!!

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

Mom’s other boy – Caramel.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

Fernando.  He’s blind but that doesn’t keep him from looking his best.

December 27, 2016: Home For The Holidogs!

 Even the cats got in on the holiday action.

26 thoughts on “December 27, 2016: Home for the Holidogs!

  1. Wonderful photos, thanks!

    I see Toronto is having lots of snow. Um-m… maybe I shouldn’t mention today it was 61’F by 12:30 here in New Jersey, East coast.

    So sad about Carrie Fisher. May her spirit know peace.

  2. bbbbrrrrrr sorry to hear about the bad weather. I had the a/c since Christmas Eve went for my walk mid day instead of in the morning just to change things up, and now I remember why I decided to walk in the morning…it’s much cooler.
    Always good to see your mom in your blog, she looks good. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your mom and Sis.

  3. You have such stunningly good-looking dogs in Montreal. Ralphie is so handsome! (Oo, so is Fernando, Caramel and Felix of course. And Kona – obs a beauty)
    Amazing to see your gals out in the ice and snow. Brave pups

    Have to say though, this time those felines steal the bloglight. They look as happy as …..

  4. @2cats – didn’t know about Carrie Fisher! Another part of my life has died.

    Also heard Richard Adams has gone, author of ‘Watership Downs’, amongst other books. Always felt Dark Matter’s Five reminded me of little Fiver.

    2016 has been a really crap year!

  5. Very festive furkids in your family. They all look thrilled to dress up for the holidays. 🙂 Be careful, Akemi! You, too, Joe! There will be no (more) falling down of either of you.

    Is this stupid year over yet? So much negativity and heartbreak for too many people. So many famous and not famous people who have left us too soon. Personally, I could use something positive and good, too, as I’m worried my job might disappear. This is a small town with few employment opportunities. Go away, 2016! Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.

  6. And sad about a George Michael too. So 8 dogs and 2 cats for the holidays?

    It was actually warm and nice over the weekend in Toronto but looks like tonight could get icy. It was a bit icy on Monday but melted quickly.

    Happy holidays too you, Akemi and the whole family, including furry members.

  7. 2016 has been such a brutal year for iconic people. So many brilliant people have sadly passed away. When you see a name trending on twitter that you recognize, and you’re thinking oh no, they’re not dead are they? Noooo. I hope at least 2016 ends with no more high profile people dying.

  8. @Akemi fell three times? 😮 Nothing broken, I hope!?

    Loved all the dog/cat pictures! Light eyes are so beautiful but they can be unnerving.

    I met up with @Ava from the blog and her two beautiful daughters this evening in Memphis. It was nice putting faces to the names. Wonderful family!

    I do love reading everyone’s posts here. Thanks, @Mr. M. for all you do!

  9. Merry Christmas week and Happy New Year to everyone! Saying prayers for a better year for all of us, and good health, too! I mostly lurk nowdays, but look forward to the blog family stories, in addition to Joe’s.

    Joe, thank you for the blog Christmas presents! The Dad stories, dog stories, the family portrait in Christmas sweaters (yes, frame it), human family pictures (Mamma does look great!) and all the family dogs. Love them. Kona’s eyes… in the overhead angle shot, remind me of one of Allie Brosh’s dogs from Hyperbole and a Half. Bet there is some husky lineage.

    @Narelle — Yes! I found your message, and responded tonight. Saying prayers for Jack, your Kelpie boy.

  10. For some reason I relate Christmas with snow despite growing up in Tennessee. This year our temps were in the mid 70’s, partly sunny. While I was disappointed we didn’t get any snow, it did make traveling for the holidays easier. Thanks for all the pics of puppies & snow! How do you get the pups and kittys to pose so perfectly? Kona’s eyes are mesmerizing: “you will get me a thick steak”…

    Give Mama Mallozzi and Sis a big hello from the South.

  11. You likely heard of this news already… but Vera Rubin passed away (88?) . It would be awesome to work in a ship or reference to her for the work she contributed convincing others about the significance of Dark Matter. I saw a tweet about the Expanse working in a ship name… just a thought.

  12. G’day

    Looks like you and everybody else are having a grand time.
    Thanks for the “Dad stories”, they were very funny. Your Dad sounds like a character and a great father.

  13. I’m sorry to hear of Akemi’s falls. If you know of a good chiropractor at home in Toronto, she really needs to go when y’all get home.
    Thank you for all the great family pictures – humans, dogs and cats. Looks like Christmas at mom’s is a fur-for-all! 🙂 The stories of your dad were fun, too.

  14. @TamDixon That’s great you met Ava & her family. I got to have lunch with them, too when they were planning a trip south of Houston to NASA and what not. Terrific family.

    About Akemi — oh my gosh be careful! You don’t need to have an orthopedic adventure on this holiday too.

    Your mom looks fantastic. Love all the pictures of all the pets. It’s nice that Ralphie got a reprieve from the cone of shame for a bit.

    Carrie Fisher is now One with the Force. Vera Rubin, George Michael, even Zsa Zsa Gabor (sadly I didn’t know she was still alive prior to that), and then tragically her son died a few days later. John Glenn, Alan Thicke, Bernard Fox(Dr. Bombay in Bewitched), Greg Lake from Emerson, Lake and Palmer music group), Peter Vaughn (the guy who played Master Aemon in Game of Throne all passed just this month alone.

    Speaking of deaths, my sister put Abby to sleep on Monday. She tried to feed Abby some food Monday morning (the appointment was at 7:30 p.m.) and she had a surprising projectile vomit that scared my sister and Abby herself. She knew that Abby was close to dying naturally of kidney failure. It just reinforced for her that it was time. She had a friend come stay with her a few hours in the afternoon for emotional support and then another friend drove her there and took her home. She texted me after it was done and told me she really couldn’t talk at the moment so she and I talked last night before I went out pet sitting. I have some pictures I am scanning of Abby to create a card for her and I’ll try to post it into the blog somehow. I’m not sure I know how to do that.

    Patrick has been sick since Dec 20th and we got an appointment for him yesterday afternoon with the doctor. She said it was either a sinus infection or Strep throat (he was getting to the point where he was gagging on even water and apple juice). All the gains we had made in his weight gain (we got him up to 139 pounds from 131 pounds were undone by this as he was now back down to 139 pounds (all these weights obtained on the same scale at this doctor’s office so there is no scale-weight deviation because of different ones). I guess I may need one, too, because I’ve been sick as long as Patrick has. We came down with it together. He did eat a little today so that is a good sign, but he is still gagging and dry-heaving.

    Our temperatures are dropping tomorrow, but the last few days it’s been in the low 80’s with a “feels like” temperature as high as 85. That is just crazy. Our mean temperature is like 46-65 degrees Fahrenheit this time of year.

  15. So cold in your part of the world. I’m in Melbourne for a few days and yesterday’s temp was 38° celcius.

  16. Brrrrr. You need to get padding for Akemi so she doesn’t hurt herself! Wonderful holiday clothing for all the creatures. 🙂 Dang, not sure if I could handle your winters in most of Canada (or the mid north USA for that matter).

  17. Oow sorry Akemi. I didn’t understand the term ‘wiped out’. Hope you are OK 😊

  18. Joe don’t go out on the ice. Take it from me, who slipped and fell on ice a few years ago. Broke my leg in 2 places and screwed up my knee for life, tearing 2 ligaments and a tendon. If I could only take that day back. Now I only run in my dreams at night.

    Your mom is so sweet to welcome all the animals too over to her house. And they all get along… Wow!

  19. Oh god, now they’re reporting that Carrie Fishers mom, Debbie Reynolds has been taken to hospital. Hoping she makes a speedy recovery.

  20. @ DALLAS MARSHALL – That video is too cute! Joe needs to take his dogs for a massage.

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