A previous blog entry saw me use some baseball terminology to make a point about some of the challenges I was facing.  Specifically: “but then there are the unexpected curveballs that come at you from people who really should know fucking better”.

curveballa pitch thrown with a strong downward spin, causing the ball to drop suddenly and veer to the side as it approaches home plate.

North American informal: something which is unexpected, surprising, or disruptive.

In baseball, when a batter is on deck and is thrown a curveball, he must adjust to the pitch in order to hit the ball and put it in play.

In, let’s say film or television production, one could liken this to a drastic script or schedule change or, oh, say, an agent who, through sheer ineptitude, triggers the aforementioned.

Please note: The “curveball” is not to be mistaken for those pitches way outside the strike zone, balls, that end up being called strikes.

December 29, 2016: On Curveballs And Canines!

Awwww.  It’s baby Jelly.

December 29, 2016: On Curveballs And Canines!

And baby Maximus.

December 29, 2016: On Curveballs And Canines!

Pictured above: Me consoling Suji who went into hiding after being freaked out by the vacuum cleaner.

16 thoughts on “December 29, 2016: On Curveballs and Canines!

  1. oh oh – that nemesis is bugging you again.

    Awwwww such cool pics of Jelly and Max.

    Oh my stars….could not find you initially.
    Hope Suji survived.
    Hope you survive the nemisis attack.

    Just saw potential cool tweet or retweet by George Takei…

    I am staying awake til after midnight New Year’s Eve.
    I want to see 2016 (the word was die) – pass on into oblivion.
    Sure hope 2017 is better. 2016 took toooooook many from us.

    ok back to work.

  2. Aww poor Suji! She needs to be taken for a walk when someone cleans from now on. 😀

    Those baby pup pictures are so cute!!

    P.S. You’re posting very early today!!

  3. Aah. Thank you Joe for your ‘definition of a curveball’. Things are alot clearer now. Think an equivalent in cricketing terms is ‘being bowled a googly’ Glad ‘the pain in the butt’ is not who I thought it was!

    Sweet pictures of baby Jelly (eeee!) and baby Maximus (aaaah). I’ve read you talking of them but I think this is the first time I’ve been ‘introduced’ to them. Even in these pix their characters show through – cheeky Jelly n lovable Maximus. Am I wrong?

    Poor Suji. Hope she recovered quickly from her scary encounter. So sweet what you did for her…
    I discovered on Christmas Day that Puddle, heart of a Wookie, not scared of ANYTHING larger than he (best friends with a group of polo ponies!) is absolutely petrified of those party things that you blow, they unroll and makes a silly noise. Starsk’ my previous dog used to play with me for ages, with one. Puds, it seems is so scared I had to show him I’d torn it up and thrown it away before he’d come back down from my bedroom.

  4. There’s just something about puppies that make your heart melt. A walk down memory lane…great pics.

    Poor Suji! Run from that dust sucking beast! I agree with maggiemayday, vacuums are best hidden away until absolutely needed. Do I spy some Gudetama pj’s on the bed? A new infatuation thanks to you. I recently ordered a new Gudetama coffee mug: “Mornings Suck”. No explanation needed.

  5. If there was anyone that I would have complete confidence in handling any curve ball thrown, it would be you. Still, must be as annoying as heck.

    That photo of Maximus and Sis is just beautiful.

    Poor Suji! I hope she comes to terms with the dust monster!

  6. I posted earlier but it must haven eaten. Just as well.

    Let’s hope you can hit that curveball and get a home run. 😉

    Thanks for the wonderful pup pictures! I’d forgotten how cute pug puppies are. I wish we could find a spray to use on them and keep them that way forever.

    That picture of you and Suji is so sweet. Do storms freak her out too? Poor little girl. Makes me wonder what her history is.

    Maggiemayday: 😆

    Safe travels!

  7. @Maggiemayday… bahahahaha.

    That is the sweetest picture of comforting during vacuum. Try carrying her while doing it so she associates it with comfort.

  8. Cute babies Jelly and Maximus (I don’t remember Max without grey hair). Poor widdle Suji Q. I would have missed you Joe had I not read what @sylvia said and gone back and looked again.

    “Let’s hope you can hit that curveball and get a home run.”
    Awesome @Tam! Put Joe in coach, he’s ready to play!

  9. Love the baseball analogy, and it makes me ask myself, “I thought they were on my team?”

    If they believe it helps them achieve their goal, then they must be on the other team. Now I know. Since I may not be in a position to push them out of the game, my expectation is they will undermine, so then I’m surprised when they don’t. But I’m expecting they are going to try and trip me, and my goal is to gracefully succeed anyway.

  10. Hi Joe
    Great pic of Max and Sis. That must be an old pic.
    You’s got anything planned for New Years?


  11. So much cuteness on these pages, thanks for the pics of baby Max and Jelly! Poor Suji, I’m glad she has a wonderful family to protect her from the evil vacuum. I also dislike vacuums, especially mine that makes a lot of noise without doing anything.

    I’m sure I’m the last to check out Travelers on Netflix and I’m just loving seeing all the SGU faces popping up left and right on it; Patrick Gilmore, Louis Ferreira, Jennifer Spence (totally want Jennifer’s character to hook up with Jared Abrahamson’s old-soul jock). And Will Waring, Andy Mikita, Martin Wood, Brad Wright behind the camera; I’m nearly done with the season — and Bill Y.W. Butt popped up in the Helios ep! Sans handy briefcase which of course spelled trouble.

  12. Batter up!!!! Off with their heads!! (someone important said that) Schedule this conflict!! Hope you can get it sorted without too much bloodshed..
    ~~~~awwwww, cute puppies and a good pix of sis!!

  13. I’m in puppy love. Look at THEM!!!! So adorable. I would get absolutely nothing done because I’d want to play with them ALL DAY. Puppies always make it better. The pic of Sis and Maximus is beautiful. I hope looking at them made that curveball feel better and you’ve figured out how to adjust the pitch.

    Poor Suji. You’re a great doggy daddy for trying to comfort her. Maybe she had a bad experience with one in her past.

    @Sylvia — I am in 100% agreement with you. Personally I’ve had 7 people who were family or like family to me who died this past year; one friend who almost died; another friend whose son almost died. Not to mention everything that was going on in the world. Hearing stories of what was happening in Aleppo was tearing my heart up inside. I could really use a more quiet 2017, too.

    @TheOtherOne Poor Puddle. That’s funny he had to see it destroyed before he would come over to you.

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