This year, my Christmas haul was comprised of edibles and socks.  But mostly socks…

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

Sis got that roomba she wanted –

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

Mom got underwear –

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

While Suji got this fashionable new outfit –

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

And some Peanuts chewies compliments of sis –

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

Lulu immediately laid claim to Snoopy.

The gifts I ordered Akemi arrived just in time for Christmas…delivered to our Toronto address days after we’d left town.  So, she has something to look forward to when we get back.  She’s gonna LOVE ’em and, while I’d love to tell you what I got her, I don’t want to spoil the surprise as she monitors this blog like a hawk!

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

My sister’s dog, Kona, is all grown up.  Not exactly a lap dog anymore.

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

It’s like the eyes follow you!

Check out the matching family sweaters, compliments of sis!

December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

21 thoughts on “December 25, 2016: Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas Joe, Akemi & family and Merry Christmas to the blog family. Those first pair of socks scare me a little, but they are all wonderful. I love the matching sweaters. Great job sis!!!

    My Christmas was spread over two days. first at my friends, then Dad’s, followed by my sister’s place. All wonderful.

    I’m heading back to Dad’s house this morning to help him set up his Lenovo tablet. That will be a big hit I think.

    My gifts included jeans, perfume and Star Wars/Arrow related items.

    It’s really hot here in Melbourne… currently 28 degrees Celsius at 8:30am.

    Wishing you all health & happiness over the holiday season and into the new year.


    Cheers, Chev

  2. Merry Christmas to all!

    Love the socks haul and puppy sweaters!
    Kona is a beauty, mesmerizing eyes.
    🐺 🐱 🐾 🐶🌲🍦🍺

  3. Happy Christmas one and all! 😊
    Love the matching sweaters. Great idea, great present/s.
    Love Kona! Gorgeous eyes and hint of a smile? Was she ever in Stargate? There’s something familiar about her …

    Had a fun early morning walk with Puds this morning across woodland and what I assumed would be an empty golf course (it was 9am Christmas morning after all). Puds was running off lead like a Tasmanian devil, enjoying the little hills and bunkers, when he suddenly shot off, vanishing behind greenery. I followed the sound of voices and laughter to come across a group of 8 Santas (honest!) in various putting positions around a flag. And yep, there was my little pup running in between them … with one of their golf balls in his mouth! Embarrassing but quite funny (Luckily, they thought so too) They got their ball back – and I bundled a very happy pup on lead, away.

    Well, I hope everyone had a fun day and haven’t eaten or drunk too much. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Yay!

  4. Wow. Kona really did get big eh?! I’d almost forgotten about those unusual eyes! She seems to have grown to be quite the happy friendly sweetie though. Did Andria ever find out exactly what mix she is?

    Too funny seeing Pappa Joe and kids all wearing the same Christmas sweaters Most definitely an adorably fun family pic.

    Ok Joe so I’m dying to know who won the bet?? My guess was you would try laying down but wouldn’t be able to fall asleep for a nap in the afternoon this year.

  5. SO many socks. But they’re all so cool!!

    Looks like it was a great Christmas. But no pictures of food?? I can’t imagine there wasn’t some eating going on.

    The matching sweaters are perfect! So cool!!

    Do I see Felix on your Mom’s lap?

  6. I want a Roomba too!

    That is an awesome picture of you in your grey sweater with the dogs in their grey sweaters! You should get it enlarged and framed.

  7. It’s 12:20 pm on 12/26 so officially belated Merry Christmas. I hope everyone who celebrates it had a good day. It was a very long work day, about 11 hours. I got some sad news Saturday night after I finished working–my sister’s dog was going to be put to sleep. I’m worried about my sister; this is going to be a difficult one for her. Abby has been through so many things in my sister’s life. Abby has lived a very long life. In the past few months her renal status has declined. She really went downhill this past month. Her vet said her creatinine was so high on Saturday that it couldn’t be measured. She didn’t want to have to put her dog to sleep on Christmas so she took her home and planned it for Monday evening, hoping that Abby would make it. So far, so good. Abby is an awesome dog. My sister brought her with her when she came to visit. I enjoyed her company when I would visit my sister. I cried a lot while talking to her.

    Christmas otherwise was a nice day here (outside of working, the sadness of my sister’s dog, and my working). I enjoyed my presents — one that I thought Jeff would buy and another I was surprised about. Patrick loves the TV in his room so I would say that present was a hit. I did get Jeff one surprise gift — a pound of dark chocolate in this HUGE bar.

    Sending Happy Boxing Day wishes to all my Canadian friends.

    Loved all the socks. The matching sweaters are adorable. A Roomba is a cool gift. My client has one. I have to help it sometimes when I’m over there (dog hair or other type of clog) but for the most part it looks pretty good. The technology has definitely improved on that since it first came out.

    So curious people want to know — did you wind up having to take a nap?

  8. Oh I forgot to add I am sweating on tomorrow’s Dallas game for the NFL Fantasy Championship (I’m the reigning champion). I have a 26.4 point lead, but my opponent (my former personal trainer) has Ezekiel Elliott. I regret playing Jeremy Hill instead of Tyreek Hill. I’m hoping for a great game by Detroit.

    Who’s in your Championship, Joe?

    Cheers, Chev

  9. An 860 Roomba? Those are nice! My old Roomba is making grinding noises. I’m saving up for a new one.

    Her new dog, Kona is an unusual mix. A rottie head but the eyes…huskie or something. Didn’t she send off a DNA test on one of her babies? Well, Kona looks like a sweetie, no matter what the breeds are.

    Nice socks and sweaters!

    Thanks for the 😆 TheOtherOne!

    Condolences PBmom.

    Waves to Narelle! I hope Jack is feeling better?

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Drea!

  10. @Ceresis Oh no. Not you too. Guess its that time of year. Plenty of hot tea and soup eh! Sending warm gentle soothing hugs. Hope you are able to shake it off quickly.

    @PBmom Yes, that is kinda wild. There was no one in my family named Eva Marie and originally Her father and I had planned to give her my mothers middle name (Rose) but we still hadn’t decided on a first name. Albeit, the night before I went into labor back in 1984 I’d been watching the movie North By Northwest with actress Eva Marie Saint and realized Evamarie was perfect.

    So very sorry to hear your sisters dog is so ill. It is never easy to say goodbye to a loved one but what an awful thing to have to deal with at the holidays. Please tell your sis your blog family sends hugs and condolences and to please give Abby a final hug from all of us. If you have or can get a pic – maybe you can post it on twitter and share the link with us here to serve as a nice memorial?

    Thanks @Tam. Merry Christmas to you and your family


    Happy Boxing Day to all who celebrate it.

  11. A wonderland of socks! The sweaters are terrific too.

    Hubby and I just did stockings, mine was mostly filled with jewelry, from fun costume stuff to a really lovely little opal dragonfly. A good snowfall capped out rather low key day.

  12. Omgosh!, love the matching sweaters, that’s so neat sis! I hope the winter is not so bad they will need warm stuff, but they are prepared. thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see the outfits you will wear to match the socks! you trendsetter you! Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

  13. Love the socks! Samurai Sushi beware!

    Did your sister name her Roomba? Great pics of the family and pups. Kona’s eyes do seem to follow you. Very eerie.

    Love the matching sweaters!

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