What does an Executive Producer do?  Well, in the case of Jay Firestone, he sells a show, puts together the financing, then helps craft the creative.


Director Ron Murphy getting it done in the infirmary.


Jesse stands in for the upright stand and monitors.


Temperature control in the containment chamber.


Inoculation tool of the future.  Cool salt shaker of the present.


Ishida research station – textures and color.



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Um-m… actually it’s Nov 29th.
Really like the research station rendering.
Props are slick.
Hugs to Bubba, Lulu and Suji when she arrives.


I love the use of a salt shaker as a futuristic medical device. Nice nod to Star Trek.


Cool salt n pepper shaker.

Well Joe. This is it. Tomorrow’s the big reveal of your 10 year anniversary finale gift.
Are ya nervous?

Gee… I wonder what it could be??

Is it a baby?
A bay leaf?
Another puppy?
The donkey behind door #3
on Lets Make A Deal?


Oooo can’t wait! So we must be pretty close to episode naming time, huh?


@Kathy C Absolutely awesome job co hosting and coordinating the roll out! ❤
And so much love n thanks again to @gforce for all your help and amazing talents! XO
Hope you were able to finally catch some
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😴

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

A big shout out to all involved in celebrating Joe’s 10 yr anniversary!

I agree, that is a cool salt shaker, errr, inoculation tool. Liking the Ishida Research Station design but unfortunately I’m weary of anything Ishida. Ryo, what are you up to now?

All these teasers about how awesome Ep4 is are so unfair!

Margaret Clayton

Love the salt shaker.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

When you talked about Suji, you mentioned the house in Vancouver. Did you decide to keep it?

When is Suji arriving?

I loved Bubba’s new outfit yesterday.

I pray any blog people over in East Tennessee are ok. Terrible thing to happen. sad It rained here (Memphis area-west TN) yesterday. I’m hoping the system moves east and quenches that fire. There was a lot of wind/lightening though, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Das: You there? Narelle was asking about you.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Oh, forgot to add something about my mom at Thanksgiving. You know how some moms hate change right? Well, I made one of those cheesecakes that JeffW provided the recipe for and it turned out awesome! My mom hated it! sad She said she preferred “that cheesecake that comes in a box. You know, the kind you mix up and put a can of cherries on top.” Now that I’ve had real cheesecake, I’m not ever going to the box. Ever! You’re on your own, Mom. wink


Containment chamber and an inoculation tool – against what ?! 😱


Now I’m pumped for 304, can’t wait to see it. There are no salt shakers near me that look that cool!