November 27, 2016: Sunday Monkeys, Pugs, And Ghostly Images!

Holy Macaroni!  Is this possible?  Could this be?  The faintest glimmer of hope on my fantasy football horizon?  Could my cellar-dwelling Snow Monkeys actually win this week and, alongside Ivon Bartok’s Running Dead, be in a position to sneak into the playoffs next week with a win (coupled with a win by the Running Dead, and losses by the Landsharks, Clueless, and Desean’s Dedouche)?  Let’s stay positive people!!!

November 27, 2016: Sunday Monkeys, Pugs, And Ghostly Images!

Today, Akemi and I hit Kensington Market for lunch at Rasta Pasta.  Last week, it was the jerk chicken panini.  This week, it was the oxtail with broadbeans and cole slaw.   Then, we came across a tiny coffee shop – Little Pebbles – where we sat down to lattes and matcha-themed desserts.

November 27, 2016: Sunday Monkeys, Pugs, And Ghostly Images!

November 27, 2016: Sunday Monkeys, Pugs, And Ghostly Images!

This afternoon, we packed up our two dogs and our one Jodelle and headed over to Trinity Bellwood Park for the monthly pug meet-up.  Lulu spent most of her time sucking up to the various dog owners and lagging three feet behind any dog with a ball while Bubba simply wandered about, bewildered, until Akemi picked him up.

November 27, 2016: Sunday Monkeys, Pugs, And Ghostly Images!

Whoa, spooky!  Jodelle sent me this old 1970’s-circa photo of a girl and her dog who look exactly like Akemi and Bubba!

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  1. Well Joe, tribute month is just about at an end. I hope you have enjoyed reading (and watching and drinking in) the love from your faithful blog followers. I saved this tribute for last, as it really captures how many of us feel. Sharing the love today from Zoe, aka @TheOtherOne.

    “Hi Joe,

    Just to let you know what a big part of my life you have unknowingly become, over this past year and I wish to thank you so much for that!

    I have always been a scifi fan – books, radio, film and tv . I enjoyed the usual things Star Trek, Star Wars, BladeRunner, Hitchhikers Guide etc. I was also a watcher of Stargate, particularly Atlantis. So when I heard of a new series, Dark Matter, starting up I was interested straight away.

    I wasn’t disappointed…. I loved the look straight away. The storyline had me hooked even before the first episode aired. The characters played by unknowns (to me) were brilliant. I couldn’t wait for the next installment and would scour the internet for any info on upcoming episodes.

    It wasn’t until Dark Matter had finished that I came across your blog… and a whole new universe opened up! Behind the scenes stuff, storyline teases(!) competitions, Q&A sessions! I really don’t know how you manage to fit in your daily work schedule, your ‘private life’ AND write a blog like this one … plus the other social media stuff you do! I can only just keep up with your blog and sometimes your tweets.

    You have introduced me to your own family, flaunted your wardrobe (!), shared with me your highs and lows, taken me to the most amazing restaurants and showed me the most stunning food. This year I even went to Japan for the first time!

    Because of you I have come to know my blog siblings – an amazing bunch of people from all over the world (Hi everyone!).

    I don’t know what I can, say as ‘Thank you for giving and sharing so much’ doesn’t really cut it. To know you’ve been doing this for ten years without missing a day is absolutely remarkable!

    On a really personal level too, I would also like to express again how much it meant to me when out of the blue you sent me that comforting email, when I’d lost my Starsky. I was totally blown away with that and will never forget it!

    I hope that with this tribute and other things, set up by the amazing Drea, with the help of others, we are in some small way showing you how much we really appreciate all you’ve done for us!

    Thank you Joe and congratulations on an amazing achievement!


  2. Sounds like a fun day! Lulu looks pretty perky now.

    Maybe Akemi and Bubba got stuck in some kind of time loop or something. That would explain their appearance in an old photograph. Or maybe Instagram.

  3. That photo is definitely a spooky resemblance! I wonder where Jodelle found it?

    Okay Guys! Here we go!

    Last clue before the big grand finale mystery gift reveal!

    WHO? -> Joseph Mallozzi ( that writer guy you’ve been hearing about)
    WHAT? -> 10 yr blog anniversary final mystery gift reveal.
    WHERE? -> Right here on the blog, of course!
    WHEN? -> Wednesday November 30th
    HOW? -> Delivery of the gift will be via the readers comments section.
    WHY? -> Because we love Joe so very much. <3


    Clue #10 This gift may possibly cause fierce competition among those who aspire to break into professional writing. Albeit, on the upside, Joe None of your readers will ever again be able to say you didn't give them anything for Christmas! 🙂

    Clue #1:

    Clue #2:

    Clue #3:

    Clue #4: A teasing echo of clue #2

    Clue #5:

    Clue #6:

    Clue #7

    Clue #8


  4. So much love & thanks to all our amazing committee members! <3

    *Kathy @KathyC
    *Gary @GForce
    *Hilda @PbMom
    *Jeff @JeffW
    *Tam @TamDixon
    *Jan @Ceresis64
    ^Zoe @TheOtherOne
    @Das ( who contributed via separate email)

    And to all in our beautiful blog family who contributed tributes
    to help celebrate this glorious month! <3

  5. And a big Thanks to you Drea!

    Did PG15 invent a time machine? The proof is in the picture. 😉 I miss him. 🙁

  6. @ceresis64 Checked out your sun on the ocean photo. Gorgeous! Well, if we can find a few more people into landscape photography in our blog family, we might have enough contest submissions for a fair, fun, triptych photo competition after all, eh!?

    Whatt’ya think Joe?????

  7. Hey Joe, did you see the news? Lelouch didn’t die. Code Geass Lelouch of the Resurrection was recently announced. Set to take place several years after the end of R2(Zero requiem).

    Cautiously optimistic but wondering where the story can go from here. But come on, you just knew that perfect peace wasn’t going to last(And it didn’t ha). Many people suspected Lelouch was the one driving the cart at the end of R2, you know that scene where C2 is talking with someone, but you don’t see the driver. It kinda confirms that he most likely got the immortality code thing from Charles and faked his death?.

  8. @TheOtherOne Lovely tribute 👍

    @Drea Thanks 😊 I’m positive there are more people in our blog family who enjoy landscape photography, and I’m sure the contest will also attract others too. I reckon there will be a great selection of photos to choose from.
    So, as you say……whatt’ya think, Joe? 😉

    Also, I can’t believe November is almost over! Thanks, @Drea for the awesome tribute preparations and getting it all organised, and I’m looking forward to hearing what your gift is 👍

  9. Go Snow Monkeys!! May the odds be ever in your favor! There’s nothing like a good latte. Doggies! How fun!!

    @KathyC: nice tribute!

  10. Great pic of Akemi and Bubba, I can’t blame Bubba for being bewildered; did you see what that other pug was wearing?! Bubba’s horror at seeing a pug wearing pink after labor day is palpable.

  11. Yay for the Snow Monkeys. Bubba loves his momma.

    @TheOtherOne That was so awesome to read.

    Yes @Drea I know how completely stressed it was for you and you were still trying to pull this together. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the fun to everyone who was a part of this, both those who did it in a group and those who wrote just lovely things individually.

    As far as PG15, you’ll be happy to hear that Peter just got married. 🙂 I told him to stop by sometime because we’d love to hear from him from time to time on the blog. He’s working at NASA in California.

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