Today’s unwieldy dialogue dump:

“One of the anti-matter transducer feeds was compromised by an impairment in one of the particle accelerators.”

And you’ll never guess who delivers the line.

November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92!

In a show’s first season, the cast walks on eggshells, eager to please.  In a show’s second season, they become more relaxed and eager to collaborate.  In a show’s third season, you end up with situations like the one pictured above – cast members rolling out of bed and coming to set in their jammies, bathrobe, and slippers.

Next thing you know, they’ll be demanding we have breakfast ready for them on their arrival –

November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92!

Oh.  Right.

November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92!

Which one’s the control crystal?

November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92!

Look at what came my way via the Art Department.  Why, it’s a preliminary concept for the abandoned factory.  I’m leaning towards A.  You?

November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92!

Hey, guess who wants to hear from you?  None other than Dark Matter’s SIX, Roger Cross, who’ll be dropping by this blog to answer YOUR questions.  If you got ’em, ask ’em – in the comments section.
November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92!

The other day, I mentioned that former 1st Assistant A.D. – and present Production Manager – Brandon Tataryn and his wife had opened a bed and breakfast in picturesque Niagara on the Lake.  So, when he isn’t on set, or lending his name to a harrowing disease of the future (see Tataryn’s Disease, Episode 107), Brandon is cooking for his guests using organic, locally-sourced ingredients.  Apparently, he makes a fantastic Eggs Benedict while Amanda offers up a killer bread pudding.  Mention you’re a Dark Matter fan and get a deal on your stay!

Book now!  Queen Regent Bed & Breakfast

Check out the pics!

Today’s ensemble…

November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92! November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92! November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92! November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92! November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 Of 92!

32 thoughts on “November 21, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 2 of 92!

  1. First I would like to say “Thank You” to You and to Roger Cross for doing this, it is really amazing of you for creating this platform and giving us fans a chance to know the characters a bit more. I hope you could do another round of this after season 3 please. I just want to ask Roger, if you could swap with another character on the Raza crew, who would you like it to be and why? Again Thank you.

  2. Ha-ha-ha! Fried egg socks! But seriously, they do go with the French fry cufflinks.
    I also prefer factory concept A. The other looks like a bunch of pick up sticks fell on it.

    That was certainly a challenging geeky line all right.

    Since this week is only 3 days long, before the Thanksgiving holidays, I expected some calm. Not so.

    More pup photos please?

  3. Hey everyone. Huge fan of the show, I’ve supported it by watching live each week since Season 1 and bought the Season 1 DVD to loan out to friends. Here’s hoping that Wil Wheaton makes a return in S3, his character is such a douche. Anyway, enough of the praise and onto my very important question…

    Roger, if you could switch roles with any character (doesn’t have to be main cast) on the show, who would you switch with?

  4. Happy 10 year anniversary! Today is the official day everyone!

    To honor you (and your pups) today Joe, we have some pup-related tributes.

    First, a short video by Boomer, pup to @PBmom:

    Secondly, three of your faithful followers have made donations to local dog rescue groups.

    “Hi Mr. M.,

    This is Tammy Dixon from Olive Branch, MS. In celebration of your blog’s 10 year anniversary, I donated $100 to our local Pug Rescue, Every year, MidSouth Pug is there to support the Pug breed in their time of need by rescuing Pugs from dirty, unhealthy or dangerous conditions and finding them “forever” homes where they can live out their lives in a happy, healthy and safe environment.”

    “Hi Joe! PBMom here from The Woodlands, TX. For your 10 year blog anniversary I made a donation to Green Mountain Pug Rescue to help with Scrappy.”

    “Hello Joe,
    This is Ponytail (Leslie) in Fort Worth, Texas. In honor of your 10 year Blog anniversary, I have made a donation to the French Bulldog Rescue Network. Congratulations on 10 years!”


  5. I think I like A as well…B looks kindof, like a moon lander.

    We LOVE Niagara-on-the-Lake. We stayed at an inn on the main street last time we visited. It was lovely and would stay again, but we were traveling with ten of us in total and four were kids…so a bed & breakfast was out of the question. Next trip will be just the two of us, so will definitely check it out!

    Happy anniversary!

  6. Part time job for you – in fashion. You do know how to combine.

    B seems to look more like and abandoned factory.
    A – kinda looks like – Noah’s ark.

    This FTL friday will be – 28 weeks until season 3.
    agony waiting. THANKS for your blog insights to what is in store for us.

  7. Happy 10 year blog anniversary everyone! Thank you Joe for providing wonderful behind the scenes news, interviews, photos, sneak peeks, your “thoughts, tirades, rants and ruminations!” Huzzah!

    Let’s continue another 10 years!
    2cats (Carol)

  8. Happy anniversary! Wow! 10 years!

    What knot are you using for your tie? Thankfully I don’t have to wear a tie anymore but if I did I would use that knot.

  9. Gotta fly and doubt I’ll get anything else posted by tonight, but if this hasn’t been asked for Roger: What was your reaction when you found out you were the mole at the end of season 1? Did you suspect that perhaps you were?

    We have a preop physical tomorrow for Patrick. He is absolutely MISERABLE today. Need to call the dentist’s office to see about some kind of pain medication (maybe like tramadol or something) because I don’t know how either one of us are going to make it another week until his surgery. And I have to leave in exactly 2 minutes for pet sitting for tonight.

    Sorry I didn’t have time to think of anything else for Roger. I see Boomer’s video posted. I love this app. I send messages to my clients from their pets sometimes but for them I use a higher-pitch voice. I tried with Boomer, but his voice didn’t sound Boomer-esque. I pictured Boomer being very low-pitched. So much fun to use.

  10. Happy Official Blog Annivesary Day!

    I definitely like A better. It’s more 3-dimensional.

    That B&B looks really nice! Definitely on the list for a place to stay. I do wish I had known before my trip up, I could have stayed there the last night of my stay.

    I couldn’t help but wonder if the egg socks smell funny.

  11. Happy 10 Year Anniversary!! You are dressed for success! The socks are so fun! Love the fry cuffs. I think Mr. Lemke got into your sock drawer!

    Regarding the control crystal, are you sure there’s only one? Think it’s the second from the left and the first one from the right. Sort of a double jeopardy thing going there.

    That food tray says “Raza mess hall” and belongs to either Three or Five.

    Thanks for arranging the Q& A with Roger.

    The B&B looks quaint and awesome at the same time.

  12. Going against the grain here, but I prefer B. A looks a little too ‘conning tower’ for me.

  13. Snazzy outfit, love the socks!

    I also prefer concept A.

    Does Tabor Calchek aka David Hewlett know that Anthony has ‘borrowed’ his bathrobe? Is he competing with Calchek for the title of supreme fashionista? #gameon 😉

  14. Your outfit is positively yummy.

    I like the style of B, but A is more menacing with a better “industrial” look.

    Well, just sent hubby to the airport to see his family for Thanksgiving. I hope he doesn’t piss off TSA, and he remembers to give the aircrew the See’s candy I sent with him.

  15. Look, maybe I’m used to barely warmer climes, but I wouldn’t leave home in nothing but pajamas and bathrobe in the middle of November. I’m not suicidal.
    But then, I wonder: how hard is it to become an actor in Canada?


    Ok. We’re getting into the home stretchHERE to reveal your grand finale blogiversary gift
    so there will be 3 brand new final clues coming up this week.

    Clue #8 This gift allows you to be a true to life hero,
    while simultaneously bestowing your fans with an extra special holiday gift once each year.
    Its something many of your readers have been asking for over the years.

    Clue #1:

    Clue #2:

    Clue #3:

    Clue #4: A teasing echo of clue #2

    Clue #5:

    Clue #6:

    Clue #7

  17. @pbmom That Boomer vid still makes me bust out laughing every time I see it! 😀

    @2cats @Tam Beautiful tributes! xo <3

  18. I really liked the similar colors, but very different patterns of your tie and pocket square. The textured shirt looks very classy, it’s one of my favorite looks.

  19. @gildermcc writes:

    “Guessing something to do with photography?”

    Youre vague guess is vaguely warm. 😀

    Keep workin it out! Its all already pretty much laid out in the clues!

  20. @pbmom Will definitely be shopping via Amazon Smile this holiday season. Albeit Are we permitted to also make donations directly to Patricks school this year? Or do they prefer this be the only vehicle for donation?

    1. Drea: Absolutely. They are doing a campaign on GivingTuesday Nov 29 they are pushing to raise $68,000 that day. I think all of it is going to the Capital Campaign. You can write in an amount if you don’t like the suggested amounts. I’m pretty sure. I committed to a monthly recurring donation for the capital campaign even after Patrick leaves the building in July 2018 because they will still be involved in his adult life training people at whatever group home he goes to. We’re gonna be like glue until we are dust. I’ll likely just give a small additional amount on GivingTuesday just to help them along because I’m about to making a large purchase (see note cards).

      Or, people can buy a puzzle piece for a minimum of $68 and up (depending on the location) and have their name permanently in the building when it is finished.

      OR on Monday, people can buy note cards for $10 for a package of I think 10 or 12 cards (can’t remember). They’ll even ship them (although I don’t know about international mailing–I’ll have to check with Lisa Brooks when school is back in session on Monday. Patrick made a dog, my pet sitting business sponsored it, in honor of Patrick and the teachers of his program, and of course I’m going to buy LOTS of them. They are blank note cards (the ones Patrick did) and his are #12 when you look on this link:

      I would say though if anyone had planned to buy any, wait until they come back to school on Monday just in case anything happens with the site and so there is little delay between ordering and getting them.

      As far as the app, it is called My Talking Pet. I think it was just 99 cents and I got the a few of the add-on features for additional 99 cents for whatever I got. It was like 4 years ago.

  21. I HATE it when my anti-matter transducer feed is compromised by an impairment in the particle accelerator. I go through more mops (and custodians) that way…

    I like “A” also. It just looks more like a building.

    Your “large fry” cuff links are bad-ass! And Bubba likes your pants.

  22. Everytime I see your sox I have to eat something! Fried eggs & skinny chips are my most favourite food EVER! …. with a nice puddle of tomato ketchup of course!
    Yeah – This is your BEST combo yet!

  23. Oo, forgot to comment on the Art Dept’s concept drawing of the abandoned factory.
    As much as I love the Art Dept’s work, ‘A’ screamed JAWA … reminding me of the Jawa Transport seen in ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ …. sorry.
    I much prefer ‘B’ (so in agreement with @Sylvia n @Desi here!) – depending what the abandoned factory once produced of course…

  24. I wonder how many donations pug rescue centers received from this tribute? Plus, a few of us donated to the late Scrappy. I hope that makes you feel good about what you do Mr. M.! Your blog has helped a few unfortunate pugs in this world AND a big thanks to Drea for heading this up!

    Fried egg socks?! Thank you, so much for the 😆 . Those cuff links are pretty cool too. Where these gifts or did you find them yourself?

  25. @Drea About Amazon Smile — I know a lot of people don’t have a lot of extra to be able to give, but things that don’t cost anything–like Amazon Smile if you are already buying something from Amazon anyway — or Boxtops for Education just requires some remembering to cut the thing off the packaging and the postage to mail it to me. Every little bit and every thoughtful thing is always appreciated. They saved Patrick’s life so there is no way I could ever repay that debt, you know?

  26. Oh and Thanks for the link for that beautiful B & B. I’ve always wanted to stay at one.

  27. For your 10-year anniversary Joe, I wanted to write another blog entry summarising the 10 years you’ve been blogging about TV, food, dogs and from what I can see of late, interesting socks.

    Instead, I was stuck at work having conversations such as the below. I’ve changed the names so I don’t get sued, fired or jailed, but you’ll get the general gist of why you will find me banging my head on the nearest flat surface rather than trolling your 10 years of blog for material.

    Key for names:
    BA That Gets It – The Business Analyst at client that knows what’s going on
    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them – Me
    Senior Developer Who Gets It – A senior software developer at our company implementing the work and also gets it.
    Client That Doesn’t Get It – A customer of ours that spends more time having meetings to discuss the last meeting than getting any actual decisions made.

    So here’s how the phone call went…

    BA That Gets It: Um, where to start?

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: Anywhere?

    BA That Gets It: **sigh** So I’ve just come out of the PM meeting….

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: Yeeeeeeeees?

    BA That Gets It: And they said to not proceed with the work for CR62 as it hasn’t been approved, but it’s fine you proceed with the work for the CAB that was approved last week.

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: But it’s the same piece of work. One fix fixes two problems. So the presumption would be that if the CAB is approved then the CR becomes redundant.

    Some background for you – a CAB issue is a fix for a problem occurring now, the CR is for us to write a change to the system for a future foreseen problem – just so happens the fix fixes both the issue in the CAB and the CR.

    BA That Gets It: I know that. You know that. I thought they would also understand that.

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: So we’re to stop work on anything to do with CR62 until it’s either approved or rejected in the Exec Comm meeting in a week?

    BA That Gets It: Yes

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: But continue work on implementing the fix for the CAB approved last week?

    BA That Gets It: Yes

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: Even though it’s the same piece of work?

    BA That Gets It: Yes

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: ** makes squinty eyes **

    BA That Gets It: Are you doing a dog head tilt?

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: No, squinty eyes. Ok, let me know if you need me on a call to discuss this with the powers that be. I’ll let Developer Who Gets It know.

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them to Developer Who Gets It via instant chat: Hey. Just an FYI, you can’t do any work on CR62 but can on the CAB approved last week for Client That Doesn’t Get It.

    Developer Who Gets It: But isn’t it the same piece of work?

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: Yes

    Developer Who Gets It: But if the CAB was approved then wouldn’t that make the CR either redundant or automatically approved?

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: You’d think

    Developer Who Gets It: I’m confused

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: So is BA That Gets It

    Developer Who Gets It: So this is just about bureaucratic bullshit and really we just keep on working on what we were working on but just don’t mention the phrase CR62?

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: Correctomondo

    Developer Who Gets It: Never use that word again please Fonzi.

    The Senior Consultant Thrown At Problems And Expected To Fix Them: No problemo

    Developer Who Gets It: **sigh** I’m going home.

    It would have been so much more fun to be writing a 10-year blog anniversary piece.

    I’d like to say thanks to you for much needed laughs on some rough days, your kind words when dealing with loss and illness of family and furries and for the people your blog has brought into my life. I talk about them no differently from friends I meet face-to-face. Plus, then there’s the few I have managed to meet face-to-face and particularly the friendship with an old regular Riley, who I try and catch up with for a lunch and a laugh as often as possible.

    Hopefully things will have calmed down by your 20-year anniversary so I can write something then.

    Until then, here’s to many years of blogging and fancy socks.

    PS: I sure hope HTML tags still work in your blog!

  28. Know I’m too late (had Thanksgiving stuff, followed by crazy stuff, and now I’m at this point, soon to be followed by more crazy stuff — Patrick’s surgery tomorrow, etc., etc., etc.). But I like “A” as well.

    Do love the fried eggs socks and French fry cufflinks and the shy Bubba hanging out behind you. I think Tim Gunn would approve of your fashion choices.

    Looks like a fantastic B&B. Some day. When I can travel again.

    @narelle When I was doing some research during this project for specific things, when I did the google search, it pointed me to a blog you wrote that was just so amazing. I just couldn’t imagine how long that took you to gather and so much love was put into it. I think it may have been for the 5th anniversary?

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